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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Crypt Rot/Cringe: Nocturnal Deterioration x Memento Mori Split EP

January 29, 2018

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Intensity, grime and pure spine severing tracks is what you get with Crypt Rot and Cringe’s upcoming split. Through five total tracks both Crypt Rot and Cringe gift you with brain numbing and face peeling tunes that immediately grab you by the jaw never to let you go until the whole life deteriorating listen is over. Each band mash together death metal, some elements of thrash as well as elements of punk/hardcore to present to you a ferocious, furious and malevolent release that is sure to cave your skull in. Both bands bring an energetic and frenzied style to the table that whips you around beating you senseless.

The first two tracks on this split belong to Crypt Rot who begins the entire release with Butchered Slumber, a skin bubbling, flesh gnashing and incredibly bombastic offering. Butchered Slumber sets the tone for what is left to come, and what is left to come is even more debauchery and malevolence. This first track is one that kicks your teeth down your throat from the very first minute and keeps on stomping until you no longer can breathe. Crypt Rot blasts away on this offering leaving no punches pulled and leaving nothing on the table. Crypt Rot comes barreling out of your speakers with ill intent as they slash at you with grim filled riffs that are only to be paired with chest caving drumming and throat shredding screams that ring through your head for days to come. More of this dehumanizing onslaught is to be heard with their second and final track of the split titled Serpentine Atonement. This track tops seven minutes, and for each of those seven minutes you are greeted with even more tempestuous, sharp and gritty metal that does its best to bury you beneath the soil. Serpentine Atonement is a blistering, dark and ever twisting track that leaves your head spinning. The thing that stuck out to me with this track is the implementation of clean vocals. With a track such as this and with the sound that Crypt Rot produces, one may think that cleanly sung vocals may not fit, but they definitely do. These vocals don’t appear incredibly often throughout Serpentine Atonement, but when they do they add a haunting kind of atmosphere to the track gifting you with something surprising and incredibly welcomed. Both tracks that Crypt Rot offer up on this split are well done and well crafted gifting you with nothing but an outstanding listen.

The final three track of this split belong to Cringe. Stylistically Cringe is similar to Crypt Rot but with their sound firmly rooted in the thrash genre. Much like Crypt Rot, Cringe implements elements of death metal as well as punk/hardcore to create a mayhem filled storm of metallic fury. Cringe begin their side of the split with Searing Sin, a blasting thrash filled offering that gets your head banging almost immediately. With furious riffs that are paired with ever blasting drumming and vocals that are yelled at you from all angles, you are gifted with nothing but head banging goodness that you aren’t soon to forget. The overall sound of not only Searing Sin but the other two tracks are bombastic, fiery and filled with plenty of neck breaking and whiplash inducing energy. From Searing Sin, Cringe rolls straight in to Tribulation that begins with a little intro before heading in to more mayhem. Tribulation is a considerably slower track than Searing Sin but still offers up plenty of heavy stomping madness for you to consume. From Tribulation comes Flesh Famine, which is another madhouse of thrashing hardcore madness that is easy to get in to and easy to bang your head to. Flesh Famine is the second blistering track that Cringe offers up. This track is filled with plenty of flesh flaying riffs that are coupled with flying solos as well as more mashing drumming and manic vocals. Flesh Famine is a short track, but one that packs plenty a punch.

Both sides of this split are great and each band brings plenty of furiosity, grit and pure metallic fury to the table. You can’t go wrong here if you are a fan of thrash, death metal, punk/hardcore. This is a well done split that will leave you feeling as though you have been fed straight through a wood chipper.

Nocturnal Deterioration x Memento Mori Split EP will be released February 8, 2018 through Redefining Darkness and Seeing Red Records.

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