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Galvanizer: Sanguine Vigil

January 29, 2018


After two demo tapes and an EP, Finnish death grinders Galvanizer grace us this year with their debut full length record titled Sanguine Vigil. Through ten tracks Galvanizer perfectly mixes their old-school style of death metal with grind to create a turbulent, skin blistering and violent listen. Sanguine Vigil is a raw and punishing release that never releases you from its clutches even for a second as it blasts and chips away at your skull only to continuously peel your face back as each minute passes. This offering is a tempest of nothing but brutalizing metal that terrorizes you from beginning to end.

Galvanizer begins their new offering with Mood For The Blade, which begins with a spoken word intro where a man is describing how a particular serial killer was born. Once the intro concludes, Galvanizer blasts off hammering you to death with incredibly savage drum blasts and rotted riffs. The sound is primitive, raw and unfiltered leaving you feeling disgusting and grimy after a listen. Each track is purely putrid and filled with enough viscera and rot to last you a life time and then some. All ten of the tracks that make their grisly appearance on this slaughtering record are barbaric and unrelenting as they come at you much like a killer pursuing his prey.

These Finnish fiends roll from track to track lopping the heads off of anyone that dare listen or stand in their way, and they move on to the next shattering bones and tearing apart their next victim mercilessly. Sanguine Vigil is a brutal and relentlessly twisted record that grabs a hold of your throat from the drop of the first note only to hold you hostage for the entirety of the record. Once you begin listening you become trapped in Galvanizer’s madhouse of bloated corpses and unimaginable horrors. Through and through, Sanguine Vigil blasts away chipping away at your skull only to drain your brain leading you to your (un)fortunate demise.

Sanguine Vigil is a menacing and down right repugnant record that keeps you coming back for more and more twisted vile goodness. From the very beginning you get a tepid whiff of rotting death and that stench and the deadly atmosphere that Galvanizer provides follows you throughout the entire release. This is one barbaric, primitive and flesh shredding release that will have you digging your own shallow grave before you know it. Sanguine Vigil is a great debut album for these Finnish monsters and an overall great death grind record period.

Sanguine Vigil will be out through Everlasting Spew Records February 28, 2018.

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