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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

VoidCeremony: Foul Origins of Humanity

January 31, 2018

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Ever twisting and contorting like a serpent squeezing the life out of its prey is VoidCeremony with their upcoming offering Foul Origins of Humanity. This three track release is a foul and degrading beast of nothing but poisonous rabid blackened death metal. Through this three track offering, VoidCeremony present you with technical, ever shifting serpentine blackened death metal that dizzies your mind and befouls your soul. With three sprawling tracks of malice and malevolence, VoidCeremony take you through winding passageways of pure darkness that shroud you in utter darkness and chaos.

VoidCeremony begin their new aural assault with Through the Woe of Dismal Pandemonium, which is a roaring four minute track that sets the pace and the tone for what is left to come. From this track you come face to face with diabolical, technical riffs that peel your flesh from bone as well as hellish blood thirsty vocals that seem to be howled out through the void. From Through the Woe of Dismal Pandemonium on through to the next two tracks you hear more of VoidCeremony’s expansive, chaotic blackened mayhem.

Through the Woe of Dismal Pandemonium rolls straight in to Epoch_Noxious Primal Birth which is another ripping soul demoralizing track that snaps your head clean back from the drop of the first note. Much like the first track, Epoch_Noxious Primal Birth provides you with nothing but ripping malevolence as it eats away at your soul leaving you feeling defeated. Through the first two tracks, VoidCeremony creates a head spinning hurricane of blistering miasma. Never once does VoidCeremony give you a break as they keep on shoveling cold, mold infested dirt over your damp and dark coffin.

The third and final-and longest-track of Foul Origins of Humanity immediately follows Epoch_Noxious Primal Birth never providing you with a breather before yet another storm of blackened death fury reigns down upon you. This final track-Time Sorceries-picks up right where Epoch left off, gifting you with even more soul devouring metal to consume. This track is an expansive one, taking your mind through dark corridors leading you to nothing but death and despair. Unlike the other two tracks that came before it, Time Sorceries is purely an instrumental track that bends your mind and takes you on plenty of twists and turns before it finally concludes. This final track is just as sinister and brain bashing as the other two and is a great way to conclude what is an overall great listen.

Foul Origins of Humanity is a solid release through and through providing you with three excellent tracks that are sure to buzz around in your head. This release is dark, grim, serpentine, venomous, technical and of course down right heavy. Let VoidCeremony take your mind through darkened passages devoid of light with Foul Origins of Humanity.

Foul Origins of Humanity will be released through Blood Harvest February 16, 2018

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Pre-order for Foul Origins of Humanity can be found here

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