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Cryptivore: Unseen Divinity

February 1, 2018

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Regurgitating vile, sickening offerings through your speakers one healthy dosing of death grind after another is Cryptivore with their release Unseen Divinity. This unholy offering provides you with seven tracks of nothing but terrorizing and bludgeoning death grind that sheers your face off within minutes leaving you there to rot. Each of the seven tracks on this release are short and of course incredibly aggressive as they come at you in furious waves. Unseen Divinity is a twisted blood soaked listen that holds a blade to your tender throat right from the get go never to let you go until the waves of grinding debauchery have ceased.

From beginning to end, Unseen Divinity is an unrelenting metallic onslaught, and through seven tracks you become caught in the devastating cyclone of vicious metal. Each track is like a battering ram cracking your chest open little by little minute after passing minute. Cryptivore lays the hammer down early, quickly and often throughout this seven track offering. Never once do they let up giving you any sort of reprieve or breather as they reign scalding metal down upon you with malice.

Unseen Divinity comes at you with plenty of blood drenched riffs that pair nicely with the ever present and ever skull blasting drumming. Shoving their way to the forefront of all of the metallic grinding madness are vile guttural growls that seep through the walls of terrorizing death grind. “Unseen Divinity” is a chaotic, ceaseless record that bulldozes over you and any victim that stand in its way without any remorse.

With as brutalizing and face deforming as these seven tracks are, each of them are just as memorable and catchy as well. After listening you will have these tracks bouncing around in your skull for some time to come. Not only are they memorable, but they are addicting to listen to as well as they come at you in short bursts of murderous intent and once you are done listening you feel compelled to press play over again.

As mentioned above, Unseen Divinity is a memorable and catchy record just as much as it is a bludgeoning and flesh tearing one. Each of the seven tracks that are present on this release are as good as the others gifting you with a very solid and very heavy record overall.

The cassette version of this release will be unleashed February 16, 2018 through Blood Harvest.

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Pre-orders can be found here

Cryptivore Facebook

Cryptivore Bandcamp

Blood Harvest Official Website

Check out Unseen Divinity below!


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