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Isgalder: To The Hall Of The Stars

February 25, 2018

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Brewed in atmospheric enchantments and mystifying ambiance, Isgalder storms forth with their new six track offering To the Hall of the Stars. Through each of the six tracks that make an appearance on this release, Isgalder provides you with something that captures your mind and has it wander through the wondrous story that they provide and unfold right before your eyes. To the Hall of the Stars is an easy offering to get in to and an easy offering to sink in to and get lost in as well. As mentioned, each track is mystical and has an enchanting quality about them that pulls you in to the world that Isgalder creates.

From beginning to end, To the Hall of the Stars is a mystical release that shrouds you in its alluring and all together captivating atmospheric tendencies. Through and through, it really feels as though Isgalder takes you on the wild journey that they have created just as it is unfurling minute after minute. To the Hall of the Stars does a great job of nabbing your attention never to let it waver or wander what so ever. Through six tracks you are presented with an overall sound that is intriguing and grandiose and because of that you become stuck to your speakers without wanting to leave.

Not only does Isgalder gift you with intense amounts of atmosphere as they still pour on their own brand of blasting venomous black metal as well. Throughout To the Hall of the Stars, Isgalder does a great job of balancing their more near serene and mystical atmospheric qualities with their more ripping and face melting black metal tendencies utilizing each to their fullest potential. Never once does either quality get lost in the wash as they work together in harmony to create an overall great sound that is entirely difficult to not want to listen to.

Through and through, Isgalder has created something with their debut EP that is wholly entertaining and difficult to put down. “To the Hall of the Stars” is heavy, yet melodic and atmospheric and all together captivating and mystifying. From the drop of the first note, you very easily get sucked in to this offering and very willingly stay throughout until the last song has played out. To the Hall of the Stars is a very solid debut outing for Isgalder as you are fronted with six tracks that are crafted very well to provide you with an ever entertaining and ever unforgettable listen.

To the Hall of the Stars will be released March 9, 2018 through Hellthrasher Productions.

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