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Godthrymm: A Grand Reclamation

February 27, 2018


Godthrymm may be a new name in the realm of doom, but the faces that make this band up sure are familiar. Godthrymm is made up of former members of My Dying Bride, Solstice, Anathema, Vallenfyre and Malediction, and through their upcoming EP A Grand Reclamation these doom wizards certainly provide you with grandiose, epic and ominous tunes that take your mind adrift through sonic darkness. Through A Grand Reclamation, Godthrymm gifts you with four tracks of dark magic doom that ultimately captivates you from the very beginning on. Once you lift your finger off of the play button you quickly realize that you won’t be stopping to take a break from listening any time soon.

A Grand Reclamation is a wonderfully crafted and performed EP that grabs a hold of you with a cold hand from the onset never to let you out of its grasp. Through and through this EP impresses and by the minute you get dragged deeper and deeper in to the doom laden world that Godthrymm creates. Each of the four tracks on this release are highly intoxicating, memorable and incredibly heavy. There isn’t a track that is stronger or more enticing than the others as each one is just as mystifying and bewitching as the others.

Through this new offering, Godthrymm packs each track with powerful riffs that are only to be complemented by wizard like fuzzed out riffs that get your head nodding whether you want it to or not. Through and through, the musicianship on this release is tight and heavy gifting you with nothing but punishing apocalyptic doom that rattles your brain around in your skull for some time to come. From track to track, Godthrymm ladles crushing black magic doom upon you in droves never relenting in their reverberating assault until the final track Forevermore has come to a close.

Each track heaves, twists and billows out of your speakers like a warlock reborn. These devilish tracks are sure to leave an imprint on your mind leaving you wanting more. A Grand Reclamation is an EP to behold as it enchants and sends your mind spiraling down darkened corridors. This debut opus from these doom merchants is impressive, epic, heavy and entirely wicked gifting you with an incredibly entertaining and magical listen. This review may or may not have done this release justice, but what I do know is that this will be a stand out release is the doom echelon this year in 2018.

A Grand Reclamation will be released March 16, 2018 through Transcending Records for CD and digital formats as well as Cosmic Key Creations for vinyl.


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