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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Coffin Rot: S/T Demo

March 31, 2018

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Bursting through their caskets and soon after, your chest, Coffin Rot supply gritty, grime, gore and bile filled offerings that are wonderfully bloodied and rotten. There are four tracks to the self titled release from these Oregonian monsters that are riddled with disease and entrails soaked death that lacerate and mutilate from beginning to end. No frills, no filler, no unwanted anything can be found within this release as you get an unhealthy dose of nothing but putrid stagnant death. Coffin Rot certainly doesn’t wait around too long for you to get comfortable in your tomb as they barrel straight out of your speakers with the opener Incubation of Madness, and from then on you are at their malicious mercy.

From Incubation of Madness on you are greeted with the three remaining tracks that are just as putrid and corpse defiling. Each of the four tracks within this demo have an irresistibly rotten sound. From beginning to end each of the four tracks pour through your speakers like blood spilling over an operating table. The overall sound of this offering is that of the ancient as this demo sounds as though it has been festering for twenty plus years only to grace our gnarled and chewed up ear drums now.

Coffin Rot rip, gnash and shred through your flesh from beginning to end with an unrelenting onslaught of pure death. These gore filled tracks are just as addicting as they are entrails ripping as they lacerate your flesh and pulverize you in to an early grave. Each track is potent as they blast forth ceaselessly to provide you with an ever wicked and vile listen. These perverse offerings of death are very well done and very well executed as Coffin Rot supplies you with some very sinister yet memorable tunes to sever your head from your neck to.

After the drop of the first note Coffin Rot charge forth with malevolence and murderous intent never looking back at who they have claimed as their next victim. This entire demo is done very well as you are greeted with four excellent death metal tunes. This is a great step forth for these crypt dwellers as they have put forth a very solid demo here.

Links to follow:

Rotted Life Bandcamp

TYR Announce North American Tour With Orphaned Land, Ghost Ship Octavius and Aeternam

March 31, 2018

Tour Dates Can Be Seen Below!

TYR w/ Orphaned Land, Ghost Ship Octavius, Aeternam:
5/05/2018 Knitting Factory – Brooklyn, NY
5/06/2018 Alchemy – Providence, RI
5/07/2018 Corona Theatre – Montreal, QC
5/08/2018 Salle Multi – Quebec City, QC
5/09/2018 Velvet Underground – Toronto, ON
5/10/2018 Al Rosa Villa – Columbus, OH
5/11/2018 The Forge – Joliet, IL
5/12/2018 The Riot Room – Kansas City, MO
5/13/2018 Marquis Theatre – Denver, CO
5/15/2018 Rickshaw Theatre – Vancouver, BC
5/16/2018 Studio Seven – Seattle, WA
5/17/2018 Hawthorne – Portland, OR
5/19/2018 Metro Opera House – Oakland, CA
5/20/2018 Echoplex – Los Angeles, CA
5/21/2018 Brick By Brick – San Diego, CA
5/22/2018 Joe’s Grotto – Phoenix, AZ
5/24/2018 Gas Monkey Bar & Grill – Dallas, TX
5/25/2018 Come And Take It Live! – Austin, TX
5/27/2018 Haven Lounge – Orlando, FL
5/28/2018 The Masquerade – Atlanta, GA

Cardiac Arrest: A Parallel Dimension of Despair

March 31, 2018

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Dwelling among the crypts of the long forgotten, remaining rotten and putrid, Cardiac Arrest have awakened to usher forth their sixth full length album A Parallel Dimension of Despair. Four years have passed since their last full length And Death Shall Set You Free, and now this year with their new opus of glorious death they return seemingly more fiendish and hungry for blood. Eleven tracks of suffocating and rotting death can be heard within A Parallel Dimension of Despair, and really through each track that is exactly what you get, rotting death. No filler, no unnecessary fluff, just pure unrelenting blood curdling death.

With great murderous intent, Cardiac Arrest don’t wait around too long before getting you completely submerged in their vile and twisted brand of death. These corpse hoarders storm through your speakers first with their opener Immoral and Absurd cracking your skull to expose your brain early on only to chip away even more with the remaining ten tracks. Each offering on this release is a blasting yet groove filled onslaught aiming only to shed your blood and mangle you beyond identification. A Parallel Dimension of Despair is an ever pressing, ever charging and malicious record that guts and dismembers you incredibly effectively throughout its run time.

This gruesome aural assault is grimy, blood drenched and malicious as it supplies you with sickening death in heaping proportions. From beginning to end Cardiac Arrest bury you under scornful entrails ripping death that charges forth never having a second thought about who has been slaughtered and who the next victim is. Each of the eleven mutilating tracks within A Parallel Dimension of Despair is skull grinding, chaotic and pulverizing leaving you bloodied and picked apart by the end of it all.

A Parallel Dimension of Despair is a morbid and vile release that is wonderfully crafted and very addicting to listen to. Cardiac Arrest churns out track after track of sickening and perverse death that is hard to get out of your head once you have listened. In complete spine severing and remorseless fashion, Cardiac Arrest provide you with some top notch death metal that isn’t to be ignored. Each track is a wonderful slice of putrid death that you are surely not to forget as each track truly is as memorable as they are detrimental. Overall, A Parallel Dimension of Despair is a great record; one that is monstrous, memorable, entertaining and incredibly addicting.

A Parallel Dimension of Despair will be released April 23, 2018 through Memento Mori.

Check out the track It Takes Form from the upcoming release below!

Links To Follow:

Cardiac Arrest Facebook

Memento Mori Official Site


Nigredo: Flesh Torn-Spirit Pierced

March 30, 2018

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Piercing through the Netherworld with unrivaled intensity and savagery, Nigredo offers up deliciously wicked and light devouring blackened malignancy. Flesh Torn-Spirit Pierced is the title of the new effort in which you will find track after track that is steeped in madness and bitter darkness. Right from the beginning Nigredo make you feel as uncomfortable as they possibly can as they barrel right out of your speakers and plummet straight in to mind bending and shattering darkness. Once the opener Ten Repellent Antiforces begins, so does the descent in to the abyss as Nigredo plummets further and further in to ever blackening and blistering darkness.

Ever light defeating and ever soul devouring, Flesh Torn-Spirit Pierced rumbles on track to track suffocating you ever so relentlessly as each track rolls along. The eight hellish tracks charge forth with great demonic intensity never really giving you time to recover and take any more than half a breath. With the ending of one track, another immediately begins punishing and pummeling you until you are broken. Each track is a wonderfully crafted barrage of malevolent black metal that aims for your life and continues pressing until you become cold and lifeless.

Flesh Torn-Spirit Pierced is an unholy beast of a record. This twisting, ever blasting and sinister album is an unrelenting piece of soul shredding work. Through and through you will come to witness true blackened power in eight vile and oh so wonderfully crafted tunes. Flesh Torn-Spirit Pierced is a cold ever pressing record that will leave your neck perfectly snapped and your life undoubtedly drained. Flesh Torn-Spirit Pierced is an excellently crafted and perfectly executed record, one that you surely should not miss. For their debut full length, I don’t think it could get any better than this as Nigredo has hit the nail on the head.

This record steeped in demonic essence and turbo charged with pure malevolence is monolithic and something to certainly behold. The execution is perfect from the riffs to the vocals down to the production, this offering is one hell of a record. This perhaps could be one of the top black metal records this year.

Flesh Torn-Spirit Pierced will be released April 15, 2018 through Transcending Obscurity Records.

Links To Follow:

Nigredo Bandcamp

Nigredo Facebook

Frostland: Winterkult

March 29, 2018

With an affinity for bitter cold and bleak darkness, Frostland come slithering out of the damp shadows to grace you with six tracks of malevolent and ever oppressive black metal. Through Winterkult, Frostland greets you with rampages of furious blackened metal that are separated with bitter atmospheric passages only to be punctuated by the ever furious and poisonous torrents of mystifying blackened noise. Through this six track offering you come face to face with six tracks that are hellish yet mesmerizing and captivating never letting you leave its dark, cursed and frost filled soundscape that it has created.

Never does Frostland let you get settled in to their new record as they pelt you nearly immediately with flesh tearing onslaughts of harsh and punishing demonic noise. It takes only about fifteen seconds in to the opening track for Frostland to find their groove and kick everything in to overdrive to provide you with an overall wicked and venomous sound. From the opening track Frostland marches onward to present five more devilish and atmospheric tracks that pull you in to their sinister world of bleak and bitter darkness.

Each of the tracks within this offering are steeped in malevolent and malignant darkness, making it out to be a venomous and soul stealing record. From the get go Frostland shrouds you in an uncomfortably bitter atmosphere. Frostland offers up atmospheric reveries that draw you further and further in to a never ending abyss. As chaotic and punishing as their sound can be, Frostland does a great job of incorporating enough atmosphere and ambiance to enchant and mesmerize you keeping you entertained never wanting you to leave the listen.

As winding, twisting and lengthy as this offering is, you never feel as though you lose interest. With Winterkult, Frostland has created something that is intriguing as they keep you listening and leave you wanting more at the end of it all. Winterkult is a great offering, one that supplies you with plenty of content, variety and overall just all around great black metal.

You can find Winterkult right on the Frostland Bandcamp

Check out the video for the opening track Jenseits der Mauer des Schlafes below!

More Links To Follow:

Frostland Facebook


Lecherous Nocturne: Occultaclysmic

March 29, 2018

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With incredible technical proficiency and a knack for all things brutal and flesh flaying, Lecherous Nocturne offer up nine new brutalizing within their upcoming record Occultaclysmic. With a harsher, even more twisted and darkened edge than that of other tech death bands, Lecherous Nocturne provide a sinister, grim and deadly offering with Occultaclysmic. Never sacrificing technicality for brutality or the inverse, Lecherous Nocturne gift you with a head spinning and lobotomizing effort that leaves you in a pathetic state after all is said and done. There isn’t anything that grants you a moments solace within this record as Lecherous Nocturne suffocate you and bury you under droves of flesh gnashing death.

Occultaclysmic does a great job of picking you apart from beginning to end as it continuously ladles its nine, intense and ever unrelenting rituals of death upon you. Lecherous Nocturne swiftly move from track to track like a reaper moving gracefully on to its next victim, never giving you an opportunity to take a breath. This release is a suffocating offering, one that rumbles onward with the intent to maim and mutilate stopping at nothing until its conquest for blood is complete. Each track is a twisted chaotic mass of pure death that peels your face back off of your skull with each with malevolence and great violence.

This record is gnashing, twisting and ever in your face making you feel as uncomfortable as possible as Lecherous Nocturne spit out venomous track after venomous track at you. Occultaclysmic is utter savagery and blood curdling mayhem that aims for your throat right from the drop only to stop hacking and slashing when your head rolls lifeless on the ground. Each track is a punishing blow of mutilating death that comes storming through your speakers to cull the weak and torch the deceased.

Through this release, Lecherous Nocturne offer up some of the best brutal, raw, technical and sickening death metal. Occultaclysmic is one hell of an intense, fulfilling and brutalizing record; one that should not be passed up on or slept on. This blood draining record is a masterfully crafted effort to provide you with nothing but life threatening sounds that you just won’t be able to get enough of.

Occultaclysmic will be released April 6, 2018 through Willowtip Records.

Links to follow:

Lecherous Nocturne Facebook

Lecherous Nocturne Bandcamp

Æpoch: Awakening Inception

March 28, 2018


With great technical prowess, progressive adventurousness and musicianship wizardry, Æpoch present a complete mind bending and altering offering in the name of Awakening Inception. This release includes ten new tracks that deconstruct your mind only to keep it deconstructed, altered and forever melted. Each track within Awakening Inception is incredibly technical and melodious, yet brain splattering and ceaselessly savage and aggressive. Awakening Inception is an explosive juggernaut of technical death that relentlessly pulverizes and gnaws at your mind until you are nothing left but particles.

Through and through, Awakening Inception is a chaotic yet mesmerizing offering as you just can’t seem to pull yourself away from your speakers. Once you begin listening, that’s all she wrote as you become sucked in to the record never wanting to leave. Each track on this record is so well crafted and performed making it out to be one incredibly solid and incredibly addicting listen. Awakening Inception is a mind bending and captivating record that is not so easily forgotten.

Æpoch swiftly shift from track to track, never giving you proper time to recover from the technical brain melting onslaught that came before. From track to track, Æpoch suffocates you underneath droves of hyper speed blasting drumming as well as ever shifting, ever warping riffs that send your mind in to a never ending spin. As technical and head spinning as each of the ten tracks within Awakening Inception are, they never become too much and they never fly off the rails in to utter chaos. Each track is controlled and cohesive all while providing you with some incredibly intense and punishing technical death metal.

Awakening Inception is a record to behold. It is masterfully crafted and masterfully performed, providing you with one hell of an intense, mesmerizing and incredibly addicting listen. Through musicianship wizardry, intense vocals that are barked and screamed at you from all sides as well as the clean production, you are presented with a very well put together and masterful record. This blasting, head caving and space warping offering is simply incredible. Æpoch have created something here that will stand as a monolithic mark for technical progressive death metal.

Awakening Inception will be released April 13, 2018

Take a look at the official video for the first single off of Awakening Inception titled Tabula Rasa below!

Links to follow:

You can pre-order at Æpoch’s Bandcamp

And their Big Cartel

Throw them a like right on their Facebook


Mangler: Dimensions of Terror

March 28, 2018

Taking a thrashing mad approach and riddling it with the ever nasty stylings of death metal, Mangler treat you to eight new tracks through their debut full length Dimensions of Terror. Through and through, Mangler offer up a throw back sound yet they make it all their own. Dimensions of Terror throw eight wonderfully terrorizing and skin ripping tracks your way making your head bang and neck snap with fervor as you listen. Each track is undeniably memorable and catchy as they work their way under your skin to manifest like an (un)welcome disease.

Right out of the gate Mangler hit you with Switchblade Homicide which immediately comes barreling through your speakers with malevolence. This blasting and gritty offering is what you can come to expect from the rest of the seven tracks. Switchblade Homicide perfectly captures the murderous rampage that you are about to witness once this offering comes to a close. This track much like the following seven are relentless and hit you square in the jaw repeatedly until Mangler decides that you have had enough. Each track offers up a gritty thrashing mad sound that is sewn nicely together with gut ripping death metal to create an overall furious and ceaseless barrage of face melting metal.

Each of the eight tracks on Dimensions of Terror are well done and well executed. The musicianship throughout is tight and on point and the raspy gritty vocals bring home the overall grimy, raw and gritty sound. As a whole, Dimensions of Terror is a delightfully wicked listen as it is memorable, addicting to listen to and of course heavy. This release will get your head banging in absolutely no time at all. Each track is a ripper, flaying your flesh like its nothing and getting your neck to snap before you know it. These heavy and malicious offerings do a great job of rattling around in your head for some time to come.

Dimensions of Terror is a highly entertaining and highly addictive record. This is the type of release that is easy to get in to and easy to sit and want to listen to for hours without tiring of it. As mentioned above, each of the eight tracks on this release are incredibly memorable as they will have you doing air guitar along with them and chanting the lyrics right along with the vocalist before you know it. Overall, Dimensions of Terror is a very solid debut outing for these thrash maniacs.

You can find Dimensions of Terror right on Mangler’s Bandcamp.


Sadistik Forest: Morbid Majesties

March 25, 2018

morbid majesties.jpg

Six years after their second full length record Death, Doom, Radiation, Sadistik Forest rise from their crypts to grace us with yet another barbaric slab of grizzly death titled Morbid Majesties. This eight track, thirty-five minute offering rumbles along from the first track to the last laying waste to mankind, stacking up even more cadavers than ever before. Morbid Majesties is as in your face and unrelenting as you would like it as Sadistik Forest unleashes their furious and blood letting assault from the onset never to back down. Each track that is presented here is just as decapitating as the others as these Finnish corpse hoarders provide you with savage and sickening offering after savage and sickening offering.

Sadistik Forest starts off the beginning of your end with Morbidly Majestic which immediately smashes your face in only to leave you alive for the seven tracks that are to follow. Morbidly Majestic sets a chaotic and relentless tone for the rest of the record, and that is surely what you get. From the opener on, Sadistik Forest rumble through your speakers with murderous intent and blood lusting intensity. Never are you provided with a moment of calm as Morbid Majesties flows from one track to the next systematically picking you a part as each track rolls by.

Each track here rolls smoothly together making this record out to be a comprehensive and sadistic beating. Morbid Majesties is an overall suffocating record as the hammering and brain scrambling just doesn’t cease as Sadistik Forest swiftly shifts from track to blood stained track. There is no light at the end of this and there certainly isn’t life either as Sadistik Forest leaves you massacred and mutilated at the end of it all. Morbid Majesties is a grueling and chaotic trek through the halls of death leaving you broken and scarred once you are done listening.

Covered in entrails and bloody blistery glory, Morbid Majesties presents eight very twisted and very well done tracks. This offering is incredibly heavy and life threatening as it has no intentions of leaving you breathing as it pulverizes you from beginning to end. Morbid Majesties is a very strong offering from these Finnish death merchants making this out to be a record that shouldn’t be passed up or slept on what so ever.

Morbid Majesties will be released May 25, 2018 through Transcending Obscurity Records.

Links to follow:

Sadistik Forest Facebook

Sadistik Forest Bandcamp

Autokrator: Hammer of Heretics

March 24, 2018


Autokrator, a word that is applied to a singular person who displays absolute and unrestrained power. I would have to say that Autokrator is a fitting name for these French death metal heathens as they certainly do display absolute and unrestrained power within their new five track offering Hammer of Heretics. Pure vehement savagery and mutilating destruction is what can be found within Hammer of Heretics as Autokrator unleash five brand new devilish and flesh peeling tracks. Only when the interlude comes through your speakers are you gifted with any sort of breathing room, and even then that is being generous.

Hammer of Heretics is an incredibly suffocating release that relinquishes your life from you nearly immediately. Never is there time to rest as Autokrator unleash their furious and malignant brand of death. For four incredibly gruesome tracks you come face to face with an incredibly barbaric, unrelenting and existence erasing sound. From one track to the next Autokrator bury you under an impressive amount of death and disease leaving you to rot next to their already growing pile of corpses and strewn limbs. Hammer of Heretics is an unearthly and inhuman record, one that aims to pick you clean apart before it has concluded.

Within each track, Autokrator so viciously maim and mutilate with lobotomizing offerings of death that are only to be punctuated by reaping life expunging doom. This entire record is a sonic bloodied madhouse aiming to pulverize and claim your flesh as its own. From the first track Against Flesh and Blood onward you become under siege by a massively oppressive sound that never ceases until you have finally gasped for your last breath of stale air. Hammer of Heretics is an ever twisted and dark record that leaves you fraught with thoughts of fear as well as images of death and putrid decay.

Though only containing five tracks, Hammer of Heretics sports a pretty sizable run time giving Autokrator plenty enough time to torture and dehumanize you. This is a monstrous and noxious offering that provides you with sickening death and really nothing but. Each track is wonderfully grim, macabre and morbid making this entire record out to be incredibly deadly and vicious. This is certainly a record to keep an eye out for as it is one impressive offering.

Hammer of Heretics will be released April 10, 2018 through Krucyator Productions 

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You can pre-order Hammer of Heretics here and here.

Autokrator Facebook

Autokrator Bandcamp


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