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Skognatt: Ancient Wisdom (Full Length)

March 3, 2018

Skognatt is no stranger to the Cadaver Garden website as their Ancient Wisdom EP, Stargazer and Landscape of Ice releases have been reviewed here. Last September, Skognatt released their aforementioned Ancient Wisdom EP which consisted of only two tracks, and now this year they return with a full length of the same name, but this time this release comes complete with six total tracks. Skognatt’s MO through each of their releases is to present you with damning atmospheric black metal for you to brood and stew in, and with this full length they continue on that path. Through Ancient Wisdom’s six tracks you are greeted with ice cold, hypnotic black metal that draws you in to the side where there is no light.

Skognatt lures you in with the title track which begins with acoustic picking coupled with some atmospheric background before the track breaks in to heavy ominous riffing and raspy hellish vocals. This opening track trudges along at a slower menacing pace giving you just a taste of the darkness that lies within. Through Ancient Wisdom, you are sure to expect more of the same sound as Skognatt doesn’t necessarily blast away at sonic speeds at all times only to bring that element out when called for. Instead Skognatt seems to focus more on the atmospheric and ambient qualities that they have to offer.

Each of the six tracks that belong to this title are riddled with cold mystifying atmosphere that wraps you in an ever darkening fog. This atmosphere that Skognatt provides is heavy and always looming, lurking right around the corner. With the presence of the atmospheric qualities, each track is enchanting in a way and captivating. This release draws you in with its serene yet menacing atmosphere, welcoming you in to the dark world that it has created.

More than just the atmospheric tendencies, the musicianship on this record is spot on as well. Each track is tightly knit together with serpentine riffs, a solid drum performance, an ever present rumbling bass and vocals that shred and tear through the thick darkness. Ancient Wisdom is a release that is also filled with plenty of melody never to fly off the rails always keeping everything contained and tightly woven together. With superb musicianship that is married with the ever present atmosphere you are gifted with a great, melodic, enchanting yet heavy and damning listen that you aren’t soon to forget.

Ancient Wisdom is a cohesive and well strung together record that is oh so devilish and pleasing to listen to. For their very first full length, these black metal heathens hit the nail on the head.

You can find Ancient Wisdom on Skognatt’s Bandcamp

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