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Killibrium: Purge

March 7, 2018


Hailing from India is one of death metal’s newest family members, Killibrium. Purge is the title of their debut offering in which you will find six tracks that are technical, pumped full of groove goodness and of course brutalizing. Killibrium start in on their bloodied path by introducing you first to their opening track Forewarned Is Forearmed, an immediate blasting track that hits your ears with ferocity and intensity. Through the next four tracks Killibrium offer up much of the same formula as they have in their opener. You are surely to expect each track to be riddled with groove, ever hyper blasting drumming and vocals that are blood thirsty and gritty, and that is what Killibrium deliver and more.

As mentioned, from the onset, Killibrium are intense and in your face never really to back down until the sixth and final track comes in to play. Each cut is a blasting amalgamation of technical death metal and brutal death. The combination of death that is thrown in to the already bloodied blender creates an overall sadistic and murderous sound that is easy to get sucked in to. From the beginning until the end, each track gnashes at you and confronts you at every corner and through every second. Purge is a fast paced groove filled onslaught that will undoubtedly get your head nodding.

Each menacing offering blasts forth with the intent to shred your face from your skull, and from track to track you can be sure that you are going to feel that intensity. Killibrium never lets off as they are seemingly only out for blood and to cull the herd.

While Purge doesn’t offer up anything that is ground breaking or incredibly new in terms of death metal, this six headed monster of a release is a good first effort and introduction in the ugly realm of death metal. Each track is solid, heavy, groovy, catchy at points and memorable.  Overall, this is a well rounded and solid first effort.

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