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Quantum Hierarchy: Neutron Breed

March 18, 2018

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Brooding in the ever expansive void of space waiting for their time to descend up on the masses is Quantum Hierarchy. With their debut EP Neutron Breed, Quantum Hierarchy offer up three full tracks-plus an intro-filled to the bursting point with technical, dark and twisting death metal majesty. Through this release you are to come face to face with ever darkening and ever life threatening blasting songs that aim for your throat from the onset. After the intro Frequency Disturbance Through Spheres Quantum Hierarchy hit you with the title track; a blasting and ever unforgiving offering that sets you up for the rest of the EP. What follows are two more skinning and flesh melting death laden tracks that pick your bones clean.

From Neutron Breed on you are treated to technical, atmospheric and darkened tracks that are devoid of all light. This blistering offering is a pure onslaught from beginning to end, and even as short as it is you feel broken and battered afterward. Each of the three tracks that appear after the intro explode with incredible intensity and blood lust creating a chaotic and head spinning sound that leaves you lifeless. For as short as it is, Neutron Breed packs a massive punch as it rips in to you one track right after another suffocating and crushing you in the ever expanding vacuum of death that they have created.

Never does Quantum Hierarchy relent from their all out savage assault as they swiftly shift from one deadly flesh ripping track to the next. Neutron Breed steadily barrels forth with gut ripping riffs and ever blasting bone picking drumming that is only to be accompanied by blood curdling vocals that howl out through the wall of sonic death. Quantum Hierarchy is relentless in their approach providing you with massively oppressive tracks one right after another treating you to an overall deadly and life expunging listen.

From the very beginning, Neutron Breed explodes with malevolent intent subjecting you to a well rounded brain bashing. Through three full tracks, Quantum Hierarchy provide you with nothing but technical and top notch death metal for you to twist your head off to. This is a solid EP and a solid debut outing for these cosmic death fiends as they present you with a very solid, technical and ultimately incredibly heavy and punishing release to absorb.

Neutron Breed will be released through Everlasting Spew March 30. 2018

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Take a listen to the track premiere for Mausoleum of Eternal Absence from the upcoming release Neutron Breed below!



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