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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Sadistik Forest: Morbid Majesties

March 25, 2018

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Six years after their second full length record Death, Doom, Radiation, Sadistik Forest rise from their crypts to grace us with yet another barbaric slab of grizzly death titled Morbid Majesties. This eight track, thirty-five minute offering rumbles along from the first track to the last laying waste to mankind, stacking up even more cadavers than ever before. Morbid Majesties is as in your face and unrelenting as you would like it as Sadistik Forest unleashes their furious and blood letting assault from the onset never to back down. Each track that is presented here is just as decapitating as the others as these Finnish corpse hoarders provide you with savage and sickening offering after savage and sickening offering.

Sadistik Forest starts off the beginning of your end with Morbidly Majestic which immediately smashes your face in only to leave you alive for the seven tracks that are to follow. Morbidly Majestic sets a chaotic and relentless tone for the rest of the record, and that is surely what you get. From the opener on, Sadistik Forest rumble through your speakers with murderous intent and blood lusting intensity. Never are you provided with a moment of calm as Morbid Majesties flows from one track to the next systematically picking you a part as each track rolls by.

Each track here rolls smoothly together making this record out to be a comprehensive and sadistic beating. Morbid Majesties is an overall suffocating record as the hammering and brain scrambling just doesn’t cease as Sadistik Forest swiftly shifts from track to blood stained track. There is no light at the end of this and there certainly isn’t life either as Sadistik Forest leaves you massacred and mutilated at the end of it all. Morbid Majesties is a grueling and chaotic trek through the halls of death leaving you broken and scarred once you are done listening.

Covered in entrails and bloody blistery glory, Morbid Majesties presents eight very twisted and very well done tracks. This offering is incredibly heavy and life threatening as it has no intentions of leaving you breathing as it pulverizes you from beginning to end. Morbid Majesties is a very strong offering from these Finnish death merchants making this out to be a record that shouldn’t be passed up or slept on what so ever.

Morbid Majesties will be released May 25, 2018 through Transcending Obscurity Records.

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