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Æpoch: Awakening Inception

March 28, 2018


With great technical prowess, progressive adventurousness and musicianship wizardry, Æpoch present a complete mind bending and altering offering in the name of Awakening Inception. This release includes ten new tracks that deconstruct your mind only to keep it deconstructed, altered and forever melted. Each track within Awakening Inception is incredibly technical and melodious, yet brain splattering and ceaselessly savage and aggressive. Awakening Inception is an explosive juggernaut of technical death that relentlessly pulverizes and gnaws at your mind until you are nothing left but particles.

Through and through, Awakening Inception is a chaotic yet mesmerizing offering as you just can’t seem to pull yourself away from your speakers. Once you begin listening, that’s all she wrote as you become sucked in to the record never wanting to leave. Each track on this record is so well crafted and performed making it out to be one incredibly solid and incredibly addicting listen. Awakening Inception is a mind bending and captivating record that is not so easily forgotten.

Æpoch swiftly shift from track to track, never giving you proper time to recover from the technical brain melting onslaught that came before. From track to track, Æpoch suffocates you underneath droves of hyper speed blasting drumming as well as ever shifting, ever warping riffs that send your mind in to a never ending spin. As technical and head spinning as each of the ten tracks within Awakening Inception are, they never become too much and they never fly off the rails in to utter chaos. Each track is controlled and cohesive all while providing you with some incredibly intense and punishing technical death metal.

Awakening Inception is a record to behold. It is masterfully crafted and masterfully performed, providing you with one hell of an intense, mesmerizing and incredibly addicting listen. Through musicianship wizardry, intense vocals that are barked and screamed at you from all sides as well as the clean production, you are presented with a very well put together and masterful record. This blasting, head caving and space warping offering is simply incredible. Æpoch have created something here that will stand as a monolithic mark for technical progressive death metal.

Awakening Inception will be released April 13, 2018

Take a look at the official video for the first single off of Awakening Inception titled Tabula Rasa below!

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You can pre-order at Æpoch’s Bandcamp

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