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Lecherous Nocturne: Occultaclysmic

March 29, 2018

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With incredible technical proficiency and a knack for all things brutal and flesh flaying, Lecherous Nocturne offer up nine new brutalizing within their upcoming record Occultaclysmic. With a harsher, even more twisted and darkened edge than that of other tech death bands, Lecherous Nocturne provide a sinister, grim and deadly offering with Occultaclysmic. Never sacrificing technicality for brutality or the inverse, Lecherous Nocturne gift you with a head spinning and lobotomizing effort that leaves you in a pathetic state after all is said and done. There isn’t anything that grants you a moments solace within this record as Lecherous Nocturne suffocate you and bury you under droves of flesh gnashing death.

Occultaclysmic does a great job of picking you apart from beginning to end as it continuously ladles its nine, intense and ever unrelenting rituals of death upon you. Lecherous Nocturne swiftly move from track to track like a reaper moving gracefully on to its next victim, never giving you an opportunity to take a breath. This release is a suffocating offering, one that rumbles onward with the intent to maim and mutilate stopping at nothing until its conquest for blood is complete. Each track is a twisted chaotic mass of pure death that peels your face back off of your skull with each with malevolence and great violence.

This record is gnashing, twisting and ever in your face making you feel as uncomfortable as possible as Lecherous Nocturne spit out venomous track after venomous track at you. Occultaclysmic is utter savagery and blood curdling mayhem that aims for your throat right from the drop only to stop hacking and slashing when your head rolls lifeless on the ground. Each track is a punishing blow of mutilating death that comes storming through your speakers to cull the weak and torch the deceased.

Through this release, Lecherous Nocturne offer up some of the best brutal, raw, technical and sickening death metal. Occultaclysmic is one hell of an intense, fulfilling and brutalizing record; one that should not be passed up on or slept on. This blood draining record is a masterfully crafted effort to provide you with nothing but life threatening sounds that you just won’t be able to get enough of.

Occultaclysmic will be released April 6, 2018 through Willowtip Records.

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