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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Aseitas: S/T

April 29, 2018

There isn’t a single genre that can claim the sound of Aseitas. Combining sludge, death metal and elements of doom, Aseitas usher forth their self titled debut record filled with nine tracks of devastation and desolation. Clocking in at around one hour, this self titled release is fucking monstrous in run time and in sound. The unique combination of the numerous genres in which Aseitas deploys work in sinister harmony to create an overall sound that is dark, oppressive, discordant and at times isolating. From the onset, Aseitas see to it that you become buried under droves of punishing riffs and bone crumbling drumming, leaving you lifeless at the end of it all.

This release isn’t one to be taken lightly and upon pressing play you can understand why. Like billowing clouds of death, each track oozes from your speakers gracing you with a sound of madness and depravity. No matter whether you come across an instrumental-which there are a pair of-or whether you come face to face with ever oppressive and ever blasphemous tracks filled with throat tearing screams, ever shifting riffs and pummeling drumming, you can be sure that your bones will start to crumble. Aseitas offer up a sound that is jarring and spine rattling, and yet as punishing as it is you keep on coming back for more.

Once you get through three tracks, Aseitas offer a little bit of a reprieve once you come across the track The Orchard, only for it to fade out to make way for the ever skull caving track Covenant. Covenant rages on right from the get go as the drums blast away along with murky yet bone cutting riffs that are met with gnashing vocals from the abyss. This is one of the shorter tracks on this record clocking in at just under four minutes, but those four minutes are some of the most barbaric and lethal four minutes within this offering. The second breathe of air that you are allowed to come up for is when the sixth track The Obelisk appears from the murky depths, only to provide you with an isolating and overall grim atmosphere before the monstrous track City of Stone comes barreling through your speakers. City of Stone is a ripping and oppressive force that is entirely unapologetic in approach as it buries you under droves of sickening gut bursting riffs.

Only a few tracks were named above, but for each and every track much of the same can be said. Each of the nine tracks within this offering are massive, impressive and incredibly heavy, leaving you skull crushed in. Each track is riddled with monstrous riffs, venomous vocals and drumming that is out of this world. This self titled release is well rounded, well put together and executed to provide you with some sickening and massively heavy tunes to snap your vertebrae to. As lengthy as this record is you never feel as though you have been listening for near an hour as it has an incredible ability to suck you in and keep you entertained and intrigued. Never do you know where a song will end up and never do you know how one will begin. Each track sounds massively different from one another and it keeps you guessing and on the edge of your seat for its entirety.

This certainly is an outstanding record, as it truly is unique, addicting and entirely bone shatteringly heavy. One of my favorites this year.

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Unflesh: Savior

April 26, 2018

Unflesh - Savior art (small).jpg

With all of the wickedness of black metal and with all of the bone splintering madness of technical death metal, Unflesh unleash a sonic terror not to be trifled with titled Savior. Light eating darkness meets neck breaking technicality within Savior’s eight tracks treating you to a wonderfully brutal, heavy and entirely addicting listen. Unflesh begin their record with the title track which opens up with a wonderfully bone chilling orchestral number supplemented by operatic vocals only for Unflesh to dive straight in to madness one minute later. Right after the orchestral intro, Unflesh greet you with great technical expertise as well as great mid-range growls from the vocalist Ryan Beevers.

After the opening track once you think that your head has stopped spinning, Unflesh buries and suffocates you underneath more flesh gnashing blackened technical death metal. With the passing of each track, Unflesh descends you further and further in to madness as they continue to press forth with an all out aural assault. Never do you really get a chance to catch your breath as Unflesh rattle off track after track of nothing but pure devastation and darkness. Each of the eight tracks on this release are bludgeoning, powerful and skull crushing, setting you up to look like nothing more than a husk once the final venomous note crosses your ear drums.

Each track within Savior is intricate and expertly woven together creating an overall cohesive and well rounded sound that is hard to get enough of. The musicianship wizardry is on full display throughout Savior as you are treated to intricate guitar work and ever pressing, ever skull blasting drumming that is only to be supplemented by great guitar work and wonderfully delivered vocals that shred through the sonic wall. Each of the eight tracks here are as solid and well performed as the others making this entire record out to be an incredibly entertaining record that you will keep coming back to.

While Savior certainly is face melting and head spinning, it isn’t without melody or atmosphere. Each track is as melodious of an offering as it is brain splattering which offers you some sort of reprieve from the otherwise bone cutting barrage. The atmosphere that plays throughout this release is gothic and dark, chilling you to the core more and more the further that you listen on.

For forty straight minutes you are treated to an incredibly intense, technical and heavy listen that is impressive to say the least. You will have a hard time keeping this record off of your daily listening rotation as Unflesh deliver and then some. Through and through Savior impresses and delights as it delivers eight straight very solid and very addicting tracks to desecrate your ear drums to.

Pre-orders for Savior can be found here and here.

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Widow’s Peak: Graceless

April 24, 2018


Brewing in the darkest depths and the most pungent of bowels of Calgary, Alberta, Widow’s Peak comes spewing forth with their debut EP titled Graceless. This is a demented, dark and incredibly vile release filled with six full tracks that are sure to rip your scalp right off your skull. With Graceless, Widow’s Peak not only leaves your head spinning, but it leaves it smashed to smithereens. This virulent release is a flesh gnashing and skull splitting offering, one that bulldozes from track to track never to look at all of the bodies that have been trampled. From the onset, Widow’s Peak grabs you by the jaw never to let you out of their grasp as they pummel and pulverize you in to nothing but blood patterns on the ground.

Widow’s Peak never lets you get comfortable as they begin their bloodied onslaught immediately with Debt Collector which is a menacing, skin flaying opener that sets you up for what is left to come. What is left to come is five more tracks of pure sonic punishment that snaps your head back violently until your head is torn completely off. Each offering is an unrelenting slab of frenzied technical death that aims to tear your life to shreds before everything is all said and done. These tracks are entirely ferocious and savage, suffocating you under an immense and dehumanizing sound until you are no more.

With gut ripping riffs that are supplemented by the waves of blasting drumming, contorted and sickening guttural vocals flesh themselves out through all of the sonic madness creating an overall chaotic and head spinning sound that you aren’t soon to forget. The technical prowess of Widow’s Peak is impressive they leave your brain in a state of mush. This isn’t so technical though to have you leaving the listen wondering what the fuck you just listened to. This is technicality done just right. It is dizzying and head spinning for sure, but each track is crafted very well never to cross that line between technicality and mind shattering noise gifting you with one hell of a neck twisting offering.

More than the technicality and the utter entrails ripping sound, the lyrics all throughout Graceless are discomforting and vile. The lyrics all throughout this release reflect on some of humanities most depraved and sick conditions; from genital mutilation, to straight up slaughter, Widow’s Peak covers it all. The overall monstrous sound coupled with vile uncomfortable lyrics makes for an overall twisted and sinister release that I cannot get enough of. Graceless is impressive as is Widow’s Peak of course. Graceless is a gem and for me will stand as one of the most solid technical death metal releases so far this year. This is sure to please the gnarled ears of extreme metal fans of all kinds. God damn Widow’s Peak, you outdid yourself on your debut EP as it is incredibly well rounded, sickening, technical, brutalizing and enormously heavy. What more could you ask for?

Graceless will be released April 27, 2018.

You can find Graceless for pre-order right here.

Check out the teaser for Graceless below!


Funeral Art: Cuivië

April 23, 2018

In mystical ambiance and magical majesty, Funeral Art offer up seven enchanting reveries within Cuivië. As they have done many times before, Funeral Art bring you a very atmospheric, ambient and overall dark sound that ultimately consumes you. From beginning to end, Funeral Art does a great job of captivating and mystifying, keeping you listening and enthralled. Combining the likes of funeral doom, ambient black metal and with additions from synths, keyboards and piano work, the overall sound is full and cohesive.

The atmospheric components within Cuivië are vast and grim as they greet you at every twist and turn, reminding you that you are fully submerged in never ending darkness. Synths, keyboards and piano play dance devilishly through each track granting you with an engaging and emotional atmosphere that is hard to deny or shy away from. The ambient sound through Cuivië is a featured fixture through each of the seven tracks that make their spectral appearance, giving off a haunting and overall chilling sound as it encompasses you.

More than the vast amounts of ambiance and atmosphere, Funeral Art sew a gritty style of black metal together with sinister doom passages with ease. Never does one genre take precedence over another as they work wickedly hand in hand to provide you with an overall devilish and sinister sound. Each of the seven tracks within this offering are very well put together and performed very well, offering up solid well executed track after track. Other than the great musicianship and the wonderfully emotional and dark atmosphere, the vocals themselves take up a lot of the spot light. Piercing howls are accompanied by wonderful operatic like cleans and when they appear together you are treated to a vicious yet wondrous vocal performance.

From front to back, Cuivië is a great release. The musicianship is spot on, the vocals as mentioned are great, and the atmosphere is wonderfully devilish. This is a well put together, engaging, theatrical and atmospheric record that shouldn’t be looked over.

You can find Cuivië on the Funeral Art Bandcamp

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Best Of Bandcamp: Enforced: Retaliation

April 23, 2018

Blurring the lines between thrash, death metal and elements of hardcore, Enforced bring you a stomping sound that surely will kick your teeth down your throat. Retaliation is the name of their three track demo, and nearly immediately they bring the pain and punishment with the opener Born Lost. Born Lost, much like its two counterparts is a powerful and thrashing mad anthem that gets your brain bashing against your skull in no time. Each track is a blasting force to be reckoned with as they each storm through your speakers to slash and gnash away at your ear drums. As short as this demo is with only three tracks to its name, it packs more than a punch as it leaves you breathless and bloodied at the end of it all.

Enforced stomps you in to submission with their no holds barred approach. From track one to track three you are greeted by gritty and ever pressing thrash noise that leaves your head spinning and your neck snapped. From the drop of the first gnarled note, Enforced barrels through your speakers greeting you with an all out vicious assault. With filthy riffs backed by bombastic ever charging drumming and vocals that are shouted from every which direction, Enforced dish out a thorough and complete beating. Each track flows well in to the next never really giving you enough time to catch your breath.

Retaliation is a potent, relentless and menacing demo that barrels toward you at mach speed for three straight tracks only stopping once you are laying broken. This is the type of sound that thrash needs more of. This unpolished, unbridled and maniacal sound is hard to stop listening to. Retaliation is a very solid outing for these thrash maniacs as they supply you with nothing but purely punishing and unrelenting death tinged thrash to twist your neck to.

You can find Retaliation on Enforced’s Bandcamp

AxMinister: The Crucible Of Sin

April 20, 2018

the crucible of sin.jpg

Steeped in pure magic and majesty, AxMinister graces our ears yet again with another release titled The Crucible Of Sin. Combining the likes of thrash and traditional heavy metal, AxMinister present five new tracks to bang your head to throughout their new release. From beginning to end, AxMinister entertain, get your fist pumping and your head banging whether you wanted to or not. The Crucible Of Sin is an infectious and incredibly memorable release that will have you singing right along with it for some time to come. Each track is solid, well put together, heavy and entirely indelible.

From the drop of the first note, AxMinister pull their ax from stone, brandishing it mightily and powerfully as they dish out shredding sharpened riff after sharpened riff. Thrown in to the mix are face melting solos as well as ever present charging drumming as well as very solid very infectious vocals. Each of the five tracks present within this release are woven together well to provide you with a cohesive and well rounded sound that you will have a hard time getting out of your head. With The Crucible Of Sin, AxMinister gift you with five highly addictive and highly entertaining tracks that you keep coming back to.

It doesn’t take these warriors too long to jump straight in to the fist pumping action as they jump almost immediately in to their opener Prey, right after the lustful moaning fades in to lustful obscurity. From then on they move swiftly from track to track never letting up on their all out heavy metal assault, getting you to twist your neck and bash your brain against your skull. These melodious offerings will get embedded in your brain for some time as you will catch yourself humming these tunes even after you have long been done listening.

The Crucible Of Sin is an overall very solid effort, one that provides you with non stop entertainment and joy. This is a release that you won’t get tired of as you will choose to keep it on repeat until you wear the disc out.

The Crucible Of Sin will be released May 4, 2018

You can find the pre-order right on AxMinister’s Bandcamp


Sect Pig: Crooked Backs

April 19, 2018

crooked backs.jpg

From well beyond the black veil of obscurity Sect Pig appear before us again to present us with yet another enigmatic and twisted piece of music. Much like their other releases, Crooked Backs is just as hellish and strange. This release certainly isn’t meant to make you feel comfortable with what you are listening to as Crooked Backs is intentionally jarring, dissociative and disorienting. Crooked Backs writhes through your speakers, twisting and contorting providing you with a sound that is certainly not of this world. Through the sixteen minute track Crooked Backs you are greeted nearly immediately by angular unwarranted riffs, hallucinatory sound effects and wretched vocals that are barked, snarled and growled through the ever darkening and twisting blasphemous noise.

As mentioned before, Crooked Backs is a record that evokes hallucinations and disorients the listener, bending their mind until it finally gives and breaks. From the very beginning, Crooked Backs submerges you in its twisted and sinister sound, drowning you with harsh and incredibly punishing onslaughts of pure madness. The only thing that breaks all of the mind breaking noise up are the audio clips of eugenics experiments being recapped, but that in itself brings another sadistic and dark element to the fold. Crooked Backs is a relentless sanity eating release, one that worms its way in to your mind never to be forgotten.

Crooked Backs pulls your mind in numerous directions, effectively making your head spin leaving you disoriented. This is a chaotic and mind bending release, one that is captivating in its own twisted way. It is hard to break away from Crooked Backs once you have started listening as you want to know here Sect Pig will take things and where they will drop you off along the spectrum of your ever shrinking sanity. From beginning to end, Crooked Backs gnashes away at your ear drums, contorting your sanity and bending your mind with ease as Sect Pig takes you on their chaotic rampage.

Crooked Backs is an interesting and wholly unique record, one that doesn’t sound like anything other than itself. The unorthodox, schizophrenic and entirely chaotic sound that Sect Pig brings to the table is something that is refreshing and very much welcomed. This is a well put together release, one that tests the sanity of the listener before completely shattering said sanity. Crooked Backs is an uncomfortable listen that tests the listener right out of the gate, but as uncomfortable as it is, it is a solid and intriguing listen. Crooked Backs is Sect Pig’s best effort to date.

Crooked Backs will be released through Nuclear War Now! Productions May 15, 2018

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Denim Casket: Demo

April 19, 2018

Not particularly abiding by genre rules, Denim Casket certainly don’t fit in to one genre or another. Pigeon holing these noise worshipers would only give you a headache. Driven by a double bass assault, Denim Casket offer up nasty murky noise that leaves your brain buzzing in your skull and your ear drums effectively shredded. Combining the likes of sludge, grind and punk among other genres, Denim Casket offers up a chaotic and terrifying sound that works its way under your skin whether you like it or not. The employment of the double bass assault leaves you with a jarring and bone rattling sound that is hard to shake.

Denim Casket opens their demo with a furious opener titled Reverse Egg which blasts and grinds for twenty seconds before fading in to obscurity only for the next equally jarring and grinding track Ham Is Hog Butt to take over. Much like Reverse Egg, Ham Is Hog Butt is a spastic and murky track that blasts your skull in to sand and asks questions later. The remaining four tracks deploy a similar sound although tracks such as Permanent Marker, Wrinkled Shirt and Vape Coffin trudge along low and slow only to sprinkle in elements of grind here and there to keep you on your toes. Each track employs both sludge and grind effectively, always transitioning between the two seamlessly to always provide you with variety.

Each of the six tracks within this demo are gnarled, vicious and nasty as they gnash away at your ear drums and your sanity. From beginning to end you become enveloped in a chaotic ever oppressive and buzzing sound that ultimately becomes your tomb. Never once does Denim Casket let up in their bludgeoning aural assault as they trudge right along from track to track greeting you at every turn with ever dread instilling noise. Each track punishes you with its sound that is devoid of any guitar only employing double basses, ever charging drumming and throat shredding screaming that rips through the enigmatic wall of noise.

My initial impression upon reading the name Denim Casket was that the overall sound was going to be that of thrash of some sort or some form of hard rock, but boy was I wrong. Denim Casket deploys a sound that is unique and bleedingly raw that takes you aback and effectively pummels you. As short as each of the six tracks are, they pack more than a harsh punch. This is heavy, oppressive, jarring and highly entertaining.

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Denim Casket Bandcamp

Denim Casket Facebook


The Human Race Is Filth: Liberate

April 17, 2018

liberate cover.jpg

Liberate is filthy, grimy and as in your face as it possibly can be as it ushers forth eight new grinding tracks tinged with murky sludge and blasphemous doom. The Human Race Is Filth move from track to track like a wrecking ball through each of their eight new tracks presenting you with an all out aural and startling assault. Never do you get a break from the immense amount of punishment that THRIF dishes out as they rattle off track after track of scorching and pummeling metal that is sure to twist your neck. Liberate is a short release but a potent and powerful one none the less as it packs a massive and bone shattering punch.

Once you lift your finger off of the play button, chaos ensues as THRIF hits you hard and fast with their opener Native Biological Warfare. This establishment burning track sets the tone for the rest of Liberate, and that tone is vicious, nasty and punishing. The tracks that follow Native Biological Warfare are just as detrimental and tempestuous as they ladle out heaping doses of sludge filled grind until you become buried under all of the carnage. Each track is a filthy and ripping offering that snaps your head back before you get a chance to fully appreciate all of the harsh metallic noise.

Though the base for their oppressive sound is grind, THRIF implements both doom and sludge elements in to their sound very well creating an overall gritty, destructive and gnarled sound that is hard to shake. Fueled by jarring riffs, ever charging drumming and vocals steeped in pure animosity, THRIF gift you with an overall head caving listen. The eight tracks within Liberate aren’t so subtle as they charge out of the gate immediately accosting you at every single twist and turn. Whether THRIF greets you with a blitzkrieg of grind or down tempo foundation shaking doom, you understand that you are about to receive a lethal dose of it.

Liberate is an ear drum disintegrating offering, one that is unapologetic and entirely unrelenting. This release is entertaining, heavy as fuck and down right filthy, what more could you want? Each track is crafted well as THRIF’s grind elements play hand in hand with its doom and sludge counterparts only to bring you madness, destruction and a complete neck twisting listen.

Liberate is out now!

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Upcoming Tour Dates:

4/21 Coplay, PA @ The Building
4/27 Baltimore, MD @ Sparta Inn
4/28 Stroudsburg, PA @ Bards
5/10 Toronto, Canada @ Coalition
5/11 Montreal Canada @ L1Entre Nous
5/12 Quebec City or NH TBA
5/13 NY TBA
6/16 Philadelphia, PA @ Century


Corpsehammer: Perversion

April 16, 2018

perversion cover.jpeg

Steeped in cold crimson and complete mayhem, Corpsehammer usher forth Perversion, the third and final EP in a trilogy as it follows Sacrilegio and Posesion respectively. Within this final act you are to find four new tracks of face melting and flesh ripping madness that deal with darkness and the devil among other nefarious things providing you with an overall bombastic and sadistic offering.  This chaos fueled aural assault steps on your throat from the very beginning only to press harder and harder until you lay lifeless. Save for the outro, you are greeted with three punishing and unrelenting tracks in all of their blackened malevolence.

With reckless abandon Corpsehammer pours their sinister brand of metal through your speakers in heaps scorching you with hell fire. Razor sharp and sadistic riffs tear through your skin as the ever blasting drumming caves your chest in with ease. Ripping through the malevolent noise are howling dissonant vocals that appear to emerge from a never ending darkness. Through and through, Corpsehammer provides you with ripping and damning tunes that never let up as they only seem to aim to spill your blood. Upon pressing play you become under siege by a hoard of demonic noise that does a great job of keeping you under siege from beginning to end.

Perversion is undeniably vicious and blood thirsty. Once the first gnarled note creeps through your speakers you understand immediately that you are in for quite the wicked ride. Each track is well performed and well crafted to gift to you with a hellish and battering listen that keeps you coming back for more punishment. Immediately you get caught up in the demonic tempest that is Perversion and once everything is all said and done you keep reaching for that play button again and again.

This is a very solid release to round out the devilish trilogy that these heathens have put forth. With three ripping tracks dripping in demonic essence, Perversion is as entertaining as it is blood freezing.

Perversion is out now through Morbid Skull Records.

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