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Northwind Wolves: Dark… Cold… Grim…

April 15, 2018

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Hailing from my home state California, where the sun always shines, the wind is a nice calming warm and where the beaches are always packed, Northwind Wolves take it upon themselves to spread a bitter darkness and dreadful cold across the otherwise sunny land. With their sound firmly rooted within black metal of the north, Northwind Wolves offer up a chilling, atmospheric and melodious sound that is sure to captivate. Through their newest offering Dark… Cold… Grim…, these blackened magik wielders present you with nine tracks of mesmerizing and completely soul ripping black metal.

These hellhounds don’t waste too much time getting you acclimated to their bone chilling sound as they set off nearly immediately with their opener Dark Skies For Black Sorcery, never to relent from then on. Swiftly moving from track to track like a spectral spirit in the night, Northwind Wolves summon track after track of swirling blackened blasphemy. Each of the nine tracks that are present within this release are just as grim, frigid and punishing as the others. Northwind Wolves weave in wonderfully dark and mystic atmospheric qualities through each track coupling that with their otherwise harsh and razor sharp sound to provide you with a damning yet enchanting sound.

Each offering is a melodious and atmospheric venture through frost covered lands. Dark… Cold… Grim… is as punishing as it is memorable and enticing. Each of the nine tracks that appear through the permafrost dance wickedly and devilishly through your speakers, greeting you with haunting, dark and sinister sounds that you aren’t soon to forget. Dark… Cold… Grim… certainly is the appropriate title for this release as that is exactly the sound that Northwind Wolves provides you and then some. Each track is a sinister and devilish offering that gifts you with chilling atmospheres as well complete soul ripping black metal that you cannot escape from.

From the onset, Northwind Wolves does a great job of capturing your mind and taking it through a harsh and bitter cold sonic adventure through shadow and frost filled soundscapes. These California natives capture the black metal sound of the north, and while that particular sound certainly is tried and true, they make it work as they create a well rounded and very well put together sound. Overall, Dark… Cold… Grim… is a solid record, one that is sure to please the cursed ears of black metal fans all over.

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