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Widow’s Peak: Graceless

April 24, 2018


Brewing in the darkest depths and the most pungent of bowels of Calgary, Alberta, Widow’s Peak comes spewing forth with their debut EP titled Graceless. This is a demented, dark and incredibly vile release filled with six full tracks that are sure to rip your scalp right off your skull. With Graceless, Widow’s Peak not only leaves your head spinning, but it leaves it smashed to smithereens. This virulent release is a flesh gnashing and skull splitting offering, one that bulldozes from track to track never to look at all of the bodies that have been trampled. From the onset, Widow’s Peak grabs you by the jaw never to let you out of their grasp as they pummel and pulverize you in to nothing but blood patterns on the ground.

Widow’s Peak never lets you get comfortable as they begin their bloodied onslaught immediately with Debt Collector which is a menacing, skin flaying opener that sets you up for what is left to come. What is left to come is five more tracks of pure sonic punishment that snaps your head back violently until your head is torn completely off. Each offering is an unrelenting slab of frenzied technical death that aims to tear your life to shreds before everything is all said and done. These tracks are entirely ferocious and savage, suffocating you under an immense and dehumanizing sound until you are no more.

With gut ripping riffs that are supplemented by the waves of blasting drumming, contorted and sickening guttural vocals flesh themselves out through all of the sonic madness creating an overall chaotic and head spinning sound that you aren’t soon to forget. The technical prowess of Widow’s Peak is impressive they leave your brain in a state of mush. This isn’t so technical though to have you leaving the listen wondering what the fuck you just listened to. This is technicality done just right. It is dizzying and head spinning for sure, but each track is crafted very well never to cross that line between technicality and mind shattering noise gifting you with one hell of a neck twisting offering.

More than the technicality and the utter entrails ripping sound, the lyrics all throughout Graceless are discomforting and vile. The lyrics all throughout this release reflect on some of humanities most depraved and sick conditions; from genital mutilation, to straight up slaughter, Widow’s Peak covers it all. The overall monstrous sound coupled with vile uncomfortable lyrics makes for an overall twisted and sinister release that I cannot get enough of. Graceless is impressive as is Widow’s Peak of course. Graceless is a gem and for me will stand as one of the most solid technical death metal releases so far this year. This is sure to please the gnarled ears of extreme metal fans of all kinds. God damn Widow’s Peak, you outdid yourself on your debut EP as it is incredibly well rounded, sickening, technical, brutalizing and enormously heavy. What more could you ask for?

Graceless will be released April 27, 2018.

You can find Graceless for pre-order right here.

Check out the teaser for Graceless below!


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