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Unflesh: Savior

April 26, 2018

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With all of the wickedness of black metal and with all of the bone splintering madness of technical death metal, Unflesh unleash a sonic terror not to be trifled with titled Savior. Light eating darkness meets neck breaking technicality within Savior’s eight tracks treating you to a wonderfully brutal, heavy and entirely addicting listen. Unflesh begin their record with the title track which opens up with a wonderfully bone chilling orchestral number supplemented by operatic vocals only for Unflesh to dive straight in to madness one minute later. Right after the orchestral intro, Unflesh greet you with great technical expertise as well as great mid-range growls from the vocalist Ryan Beevers.

After the opening track once you think that your head has stopped spinning, Unflesh buries and suffocates you underneath more flesh gnashing blackened technical death metal. With the passing of each track, Unflesh descends you further and further in to madness as they continue to press forth with an all out aural assault. Never do you really get a chance to catch your breath as Unflesh rattle off track after track of nothing but pure devastation and darkness. Each of the eight tracks on this release are bludgeoning, powerful and skull crushing, setting you up to look like nothing more than a husk once the final venomous note crosses your ear drums.

Each track within Savior is intricate and expertly woven together creating an overall cohesive and well rounded sound that is hard to get enough of. The musicianship wizardry is on full display throughout Savior as you are treated to intricate guitar work and ever pressing, ever skull blasting drumming that is only to be supplemented by great guitar work and wonderfully delivered vocals that shred through the sonic wall. Each of the eight tracks here are as solid and well performed as the others making this entire record out to be an incredibly entertaining record that you will keep coming back to.

While Savior certainly is face melting and head spinning, it isn’t without melody or atmosphere. Each track is as melodious of an offering as it is brain splattering which offers you some sort of reprieve from the otherwise bone cutting barrage. The atmosphere that plays throughout this release is gothic and dark, chilling you to the core more and more the further that you listen on.

For forty straight minutes you are treated to an incredibly intense, technical and heavy listen that is impressive to say the least. You will have a hard time keeping this record off of your daily listening rotation as Unflesh deliver and then some. Through and through Savior impresses and delights as it delivers eight straight very solid and very addicting tracks to desecrate your ear drums to.

Pre-orders for Savior can be found here and here.

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