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Acid Cross / Kriegg / Hellripper: Three Way Split

May 3, 2018

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Defiling grave sites and summoning the wicked all under one split is Acid Cross, Kriegg and Hellripper. This three way split was released through Contaminated Tones Productions in late 2015 and features six cross burning tracks to get your adrenaline pumping and your soul torn in half. Each of the three bands here play a similar style of thrash infused black metal that is sure to rip your scalp straight off of your skull. Each track is just as venomous and dangerous as the last as each barrel straight through your speakers piercing your gnarled ears and eventually manifesting themselves among your brain.

The first band to crawl up out of the crypt on this three way split is Acid Cross. Acid Cross offer up two tracks on this release titled Technological Demise and Midnight Queen. Each of these tracks are dissonant terrors that rip and tear their way through your flesh spilling out your crimson. Acid Cross terrorizes with ever poisonous riffs that are only to be paired with ever blasting drumming and gravel filled screeches that howl through the sonic torment. While these two tracks that Acid Cross present aren’t as up-tempo as the two tracks from Kriegg or Hellripper, these tracks pack more than a jaw breaking punch. From the onset Acid Cross meets you with malevolence and maliciousness and continue to pour their sickening sound through your speakers for two straight tracks.

Kriegg takes up the middle section of this three way split with tracks three and four titled Nekyia and the aptly titled Grave Rape. These two grave defiling offerings are a little more up-tempo than the earlier tracks from Acid Cross, offering up a neck snapping, dissonant and gnarled sound that isn’t to be forgotten. Right from the drop of the first blasphemous note, Kriegg takes off like a demon spawned from hell to provide you with two face melting and flesh gnashing tracks that get your neck twisting. Slashing riffs are paired with ever hammering drumming and vocals that seem to be howled out from a long forgotten tomb. With these two tracks, Kriegg offer up a malicious, devilish and blackened sound rips and tears its way through your ear drums. These two tracks compared to the earlier tracks of Acid Cross are fused with a little more thrash influence providing you with a thrash heavy yet blackened sound that tears in to your soul.

The band to bring everything home on this split is Hellripper with their tracks Full Moon Witchery and Nekroslut. Much like Kriegg’s two offerings, these final two tracks from these heathens are up-tempo and ripping. With more speed metal and thrash influence, Hellripper’s tracks fly right out of hell offering up two furious and venomous tracks that get your fist and adrenaline pumping. These sinister offerings are just as dissonant and raw sounding as the four that came before them providing you with a welcome gritty and rough around the edges sound. Hellripper blast through the abyss with tight riffing, ever charging drumming and vocals that shred through the blackened noise only to make the overall sound even more deadly. These are two great tracks to nicely tie everything together on an overall great split between three excellent blasphemous bands.

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