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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Gaerea: Unsettling Whispers

May 27, 2018

unsettling whispers

Straying from the typical black metal path, Gaerea blaze a path of destruction all their own. Incorporating elements from other genres in to their black metal foundation, Gaerea creates a unique, devilish and deadly sound that is not to be forgotten or looked over. This seven track release immediately puts a spell over you captivating and enchanting you until the final ritualistic note has been played. Unsettling Whispers certainly is unsettling and foreboding, but all at the same time you can’t stray from your speakers as Gaerea capture your attention never to let it go. This is an addictive release, one that you will keep coming back to for more and more blackened malevolence until you have had your fill.

Each track within Unsettling Whispers is an overpowering and relentless offering that pushes you in to the darkness in which light has been sealed. Gaerea usher forth unsettling track after unsettling track making your hair stand on end all while making your soul wither within the never ending treacherous darkness. From the very beginning Gaerea make their blasphemous intentions known as they summon forth track after track of soul devouring darkness that you just cannot escape from. As potent and powerful as these tracks are you can’t bring yourself to escape a listen as Gaerea captivate and enchant through and through their wicked release.

Unsettling Whispers is an immersive experience as it grabs a hold of you right from the very beginning never to let you out of its cold clawed grasp. Gaerea has created something here that ultimately worms its way in to your brain only to manifest itself there for some time to come. This release is highly addictive and potent making it out to be a deadly yet incredibly compelling listen. Unsettling Whispers shrouds you in venomous darkness for some time to come as it unleashes track after track of hell fire steeped madness to bring you an ever darkening, blasphemous yet completely riveting listen.

Not enough can be said about Unsettling Whispers as it is a completely well rounded and well executed record. Gaerea truly blaze a path all their own with this offering as they provide you with seven unique tracks that you will have a hard time shaking. This record is undeniably great as it is mesmerizing in its own twisted way, addicting, steeped in malevolent darkness and ultimately as heavy as it can get. You cannot get much better than this and the force of Gaerea is truly on full display all throughout Unsettling Whispers.

This perhaps will be one of the best black metal releases this year and we are not even half way through 2018. Unsettling Whispers is something to be reckoned with as it is a true blackened force. This is not a record to pass up on.

Unsettling Whispers will be released June 22, 2018 through Transcending Obscurity.

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Check out the official videos for Catharsis and Whispers from the upcoming record below!


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