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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Urarv: Argentum

May 17, 2018


With black metal like riffs, howled vocals, an unmatched intensity and an overall sinister atmosphere, Urarv seem just like any other black metal band on the surface. However, that certainly is not the case as there is something that is different, unique and all around unsettling about them. Urarv are not black metal nor do they belong in any other sub genre of metal as they create a wicked, intense and grim sound all their own. They are harsh, punishing, atmospheric, schizophrenic in style as they never present you with the same sound twice even within one song. Urarv’s sound is eclectic, intriguing and ever twisting to present you with a sound that is all together odd yet gripping.

Argentum begins with the opener Ahaman Inikak Mo, a track that is filled with didgeridoos and unsettling chanting arising from the ever blackening abyss. From there, Urarv roll onward in to their next track Krakekjott which stampedes out of hell right from the get go blasting you with that familiar cold black metal intensity. Kraketjott is probably the one track on this release that resembles what black metal traditionally is. Beyond this point, Urarv delve deeper in to their more experimental and mind bending side, taking you on an odd sonic journey through the wonderfully weird and unique soundscapes that they create.

You can certainly expect the unexpected from Urarv as they never stick to one sound as they bounce around endlessly and tirelessly providing you with a sound that is hard to pin point. Each track is incredibly different from each other giving you an eternity of variety to listen to and listen for. Each listen will flesh out something new that you may not have heard before, and with each listen you will just want to continue listening. Through six tracks, Urarv snake and wind their way through excellently crafted tracks to gift you with an equally excellent and unique listen.

Argentum constantly twists in directions that you may not have thought off throwing you for loop after loop. Once you feel as though you have it figured out, Urarv send you spiraling again keeping you guessing as to what you are about to be subject to. Argentum isn’t a normal record by any standards and that is exactly what makes it stand out. Argentum makes you feel unsettled as it lurches forth, twisting and writhing between its many sounds offering you something odd and intriguing to remember and revel in. Overall, Argentum is a great record as each track is wonderfully crafted and executed with solid musicianship, manic vocals and a raw production that brings everything together nicely.

Argentum will be released through Svart Records June 1, 2018.


Mutilate: All Life Ends

May 15, 2018


Hailing from mold riddled tombs and crypts long festering and forgotten, Mutilate offer up a sound that is ancient, disease ridden and drenched in putrefaction. With their upcoming release All Life Ends, these corpse hoarders provide you with three flesh consuming and blood draining tracks. There is nothing here but rotted blood curdling death that does its best to add you to an ever growing pile of festering corpses. Each track is a rumbling and terrorizing offering aiming to spill your entrails right from the onset. Mutilate waits for no one as they immediately begin their savage and brutalizing offering only to march forth through track after track of bloodied and vile death.

There are no frills here and certainly no fluff as what you get for three straight tracks is archaic death in its purest form. Mutilate rampage through three tracks with bone cutting riffs that are supplemented by ever charging drumming and skin crawling zombie like vocals. All Life Ends is a truly vile and twisted release that pours its sickening brand of death on thick burying you under droves of stagnant flesh and botflies. This is a gnarled and bone gnashing effort that gets your head twisting and your innards scrambling right from the drop of the first cadaverous note.

Mutilate roll onward through three tracks trampling the deceased and gutting the living. This hideous release is just that, it is hideous in the best possible of ways. Each track here is wonderfully grim as they drip in bile and putrefaction making it to be a sickening and twisted listen that you aren’t soon to forget. Through three tracks, Mutilate provide you with some of the most sickening death metal that you can’t help but to come back to for more sonic torment. From the very first track, Mutilate rears their ugly head only to gut and mutilate you for three straight tracks leaving you by the way side to rot and fester.

All Life Ends is a very solid release, one that will please death metal fans all over. Covered in rot and buckets of blood, All Life Ends is a great release as each of the three tracks that are present within it are solid and well constructed offerings of death and disease. Keep your eyes peeled.

All Life Ends will be up for pre-order June 1 through Camo Pants Records and Metal Swarm.

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Camo Pants Records Bandcamp

Metal Swarm Official Site

The Ascended: Awaken Within

May 15, 2018

Mixed with groove to spare, riffs that will get stuck inside of your head like a parasite and an overall well rounded sound, The Ascended bring forth ten new tracks to bang your head to with Awaken Within. Through each of the ten tracks here, The Ascended provide you with highly memorable tracks one right after another warranting that you press the play button again and again once all has concluded. Each track is melodic, groove filled, in your face from the drop of the first note and overall down right heavy. The Ascended don’t wait around for you to get comfortable before they blow the doors right off of the hinges with their blasting relentless opener A World On Fire. This track sets you up perfectly for the rest of the neck snapping that is to come.

After A World On Fire, you can come to expect more of the same from The Ascended through the next nine tracks. Each track is as heavy, blasting and intoxicating as you would want them to be as they do their best not only to get stuck in your head but shred your face off in the process. With metalcore seeming to be a main influence on the band’s overall sound, you wouldn’t think that their overall sound would be nearly as aggressive as it is, but it certainly is. From the first track on, The Ascended march onward supplying you with blistering, blasting and brain buzzing tracks one right after another.

Throughout this release you are treated to excellent musicianship and powerful unearthly growls that are clear and easy to understand that are occasionally backed by gritty and well placed cleans. The great musicianship backed with a clean and clear production make this to be a well rounded and addicting release to listen to. Before you know it you keep reaching for the play button just to listen over and over again. The Ascended does a great job of digging their hooks in to right from the get go never to let you go from their grasp.

Awaken Within is an engaging and highly entertaining release, that supplies the heavy, groove and melody in droves making you come back for more and more. Each of the tracks within this release are well done never to make one track stand tall above the others as each one is very solid and very well constructed. Awaken Within is a solid record, one that you certainly will keep coming back to.

Verminous Scum: S/T

May 14, 2018

Brutish and bleeding, Verminous Scum cut down to the bone with their three track self titled offering. From the very beginning onward you get hit with ravenous track after ravenous track that aims to let your blood drain torturously so. Verminous Scum doesn’t waste time getting you acquainted with their twisted sound as they come storming forth knives brandished with their opener Buried Under The Porch. This track much like the other two that follow are spine twisting and flesh sheering offerings that rip and shred and ask questions never.

Through the three tracks that are present within this release you become subjected to a bloodied and malicious beating as Verminous Scum stomp your life force out with the passing of each track. Never do these cadaver hoarders leave you to rest or take a breather as they roll right along from track to bloodied track providing you with healthy doses of malignant death. Verminous Scum is unapologetic in their approach, rampaging forth gifting you with nothing but the sound of bubbling and entrails dragging death from which you cannot escape.

These offerings are deadly, and each one just as deadly as the last as they press their blade in to your bleeding flesh. Each track has a raw, foul and menacing sound to it, curdling your blood and ripping your skin from flesh. Each track is a blistering piece of work that gnashes and slashes at you until you are no more than just bleached bone. These rumbling forces of death are just that, forces of violent and ever blood thirsty death.

Through and through, this self titled offering is well done as each track is entertaining and ever flesh consuming. This is nothing but straight forward blood spurting and bile spewing death, and really what more could you want?

Blood Rites: Demo 1

May 12, 2018

blood rites.jpg

Firmly rooting their sound amidst black metal of the late eighties, Blood Rites usher forth three dissonant, cavernous, blasphemous and hell torching tracks. There are no frills to be found here, nothing is to be over done or over produced as Blood Rites keep it ancient and foul within their first demo. These hellions bring forth a raw, unbridled and terrorizing sound from within the darkest reaches of hell. Each track is a ripping ode the the Dark Lord himself as they spew forth blackened hell fire and unmatched fury providing you with a wicked and down right venomous listen that will make your skin crawl and your sanity burn in the scorched pits of the damned.

Each of the three tracks lead in with an ominous and unsettling intro to set you up for the soul tearing that is about to crash down upon you. These intros never tend to last too long before Blood Rites kicks everything up to an adrenaline pumping pace that is enough to make your head spin. These are furious romps through the dark plains of hell as they hack and slash at you with hellish cutting riffs and battering drumming that break down the walls of your sanity. To follow the ever blistering and blackened sonic torment are savage and blood curdling vocals that spew forth enchantments of the wicked and damned. Blood Rites never lets up in their manic onslaught-save for the brief intros-as they pour out their bubbling mass of twisted satanic metal.

This demo is relentless and skull carving as it offers up three sickening and morbid tracks that consume you in blistering fire and fetid disease. Blood Rites in all of their sinister glory shift from track to track, presenting you with one ritualistic slaughtering track after another making this to be an oppressive, dark, incredibly grim and heavy listen. With the coming of each new track, Blood Rites plunges you further in to oblivion, tearing away at your soul and your flesh.

This is a strong demo for these heathens as they stampede three very excellent and very well crafted tracks through your speakers. This is pure black metal. No frills, no tricks, nothing but blackened metal glory.

This demo will be released June 9, 2018 through Caverna Abismal Records.

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Caverna Abismal Records Site

Hollowed Idols: Morbid Ascendancy

May 12, 2018


Ascending from their tombs steeped in the most foul and fetid of stenches comes Hollowed Idols rotten and dripping with putrefaction. Morbid Ascendancy is their grisly new offering that ushers forth four tracks of marrow draining and bone gnawing death metal. These tracks are dripping with the remains of the long forgotten and the diseased making this out to be a truly foul and wretched listen. Each track is raw, pulverizing and blood letting, never letting you escape from their cold fleshy grasp. Through and through, Hollowed Idols rampage through each track curdling blood and culling the weak offering you a truly terrorizing and gutting listen.

It doesn’t take Hollowed Idols long before they break open their tomb and the crust of the earth as they storm forth with their opener Morbid Ascendancy. Through this track Hollowed Idols march forth with diseased riffs, jarring drumming and undead vocals that spew forth through the entrails ripping assault. This track is vicious as it rips skin from flesh and flesh from bone, never to stop the cutting until it has finally concluded. This is a great opening salvo to prepare you for what is yet to come.

The flesh gnashing certainly doesn’t stop at the first track as Hollowed Idols rolls right along in to their second cadaver harvesting offering Sisyphean Torment. Sisyphean Torment shows that Hollowed Idols can slow their tempo down to a crawl and still provide you with an absolutely crushing and dehumanizing sound. Even though this track isn’t as skin blistering as the opener, it is just as lethal. As this track trudges forth through stagnant blood and fetid remains, it instills a sense of dread and death within you that you can’t seem to shake. While the opener pulverizes, Sisyphean Torment suffocates you under its sheer weight sending you to an appropriately early grave.

Following the abyssal Sisyphean Torment is the third track Pyres of Infinity which doesn’t give you much time to catch your breath as it immediately stomps through your speakers. Pyres of Infinity aims to let your blood leaving you to rot. This unapologetic track hacks and slashes its way through three minutes with cleaving riffs and ever present machine gun fire drumming. This track is an oppressive force that doesn’t let its foot off of your throat as it effectively maims and mutilates.

From Pyres of Infinity, Hollowed Idols rolls straight in to their fourth and final track Liturgical Inversion. Much like Pyres of Infinity this is a blasting cut. Unforgiving and bleedingly raw, Liturgical Inversion offers you no hope that you will make it out of this listen completely intact. This final writhing slab of death is a great neck twisting way to end an overall very solid and very excellent EP. Through this release, Hollowed Idols shows that not only can they pick you apart with their bone shattering blasting, but they can also suffocate you with more down tempo dirges if need be. Through and through, this is a bleak, grim and down right heavy offering that is sure to please many gnarled ears.

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Rotted Life Bandcamp

Hollowed Idols Facebook

Rotted Life Facebook

Behemoth Kick off North American Tour With Slayer, Lamb of God, Anthrax and Testament

May 10, 2018

Check out the tour dates below!

5/10/2018 Valley View Casino Center – San Diego, CA
5/11/2018 FivePoint Amphitheatre – Irvine, CA
5/12/2018 Fox Theater – Pamona, CA *
5/13/2018 Papa Murphy’s Park at Cal Expo – Sacramento, CA
5/16/2018 PNE Forum – Vancouver, BC
5/17/2018 South Okanagan Events Centre – Penticton, BC
5/19/2018 Big Four – Calgary, AB
5/20/2018 Shaw Centre – Edmonton, AB
5/22/2018 Bell MTS Centre – Winnipeg, MB
5/23/2018 The District – Sioux Falls, SD *
5/24/2018 The Armory – Minneapolis, MN
5/25/2018 Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre – Tinley Park, IL
5/27/2018 Michigan Lottery Amphitheatre @ Freedom Hill – Detroit, MI
5/29/2018 Budweiser Stage – Toronto, ON
5/30/2018 Place Bell – Montreal, PQ
6/01/2018 Mohegan Sun – Uncasville, CT
6/02/2018 PNC Bank Arts Center – Holmdel, NJ
6/03/2018 The Dome At Oakdale – Wallingford, CT *
6/04/2018 Santander Arena – Reading, PA
6/06/2018 Riverbend Music Center – Cincinnati, OH
6/07/2018 Blossom Music Center – Cleveland, OH
6/09/2018 KeyBank Pavilion – Pittsburgh, PA
6/10/2018 Jiffy Lube Live – Bristow, VA
6/11/2018 The Ritz – Raleigh, NC *
6/12/2018 VUHL Amphitheater – Virginia Beach, VA
6/14/2018 PNC Music Pavilion – Charlotte, NC
6/15/2018 Orlando Amphitheater – Orlando, FL
6/17/2018 Smart Financial Centre – Houston, TX
6/19/2018 The Bomb Factory – Dallas, TX
6/20/2018 Austin 360 Amphitheater – Austin, TX
* Lamb Of God + BEHEMOTH only

Clawing: Spectral Estate

May 10, 2018

Spinning torturous tales of night terrors, child abuse, and a haunted house, Alabama’s own Clawing presents Spectral Estate. This drone/noise band tell harrowing story after harrowing story through their six track effort, putting you in a broken and darkened state of mind. As oppressive and dark as this release is, it is just as depressive and mind bending. These are not fun topics that Clawing spins stories about. Spectral Estate makes you feel unwelcome and unsettled right from the very beginning as it throws you in to horror after horror unapologetically so until you have sunken in to the darkest recesses of your mind never wanting to crawl back out to see the light of day.

Through each track you can hear a boy narrating portions of these tracks in unsettling and skin crawling fashion making each track just that much more sinister and twisted. More than that, you are treated to odd and distorted sounds that ebb and flow laying out a soundscape that is blisteringly dark and cold. Each track consumes you and throws you in to a never ending darkness from which you cannot see the light. Through each track you are presented with a toxic and venomous atmosphere that hangs over you like a noose waiting for your call.

Each track is foreboding and dread instilling making this out to be an uncomfortable listen. However, as uncomfortable as each track is, they are gripping and engaging in their own right as you continue to listen wondering where Clawing will take their twisted music next. Spectral Estate has a way of drawing you in to its darkness that unfurls with every nasty and blasphemous thought that you have until you no longer can see the end of said darkness.

Spectral Estate is one wonderfully crafted nightmare after another, presenting you with a harrowing and miasmal listen that will be reverberating through your skull for some time. This album’s gnarled sound gnashes at sanity and paints you grim and bleak soundscapes in which it walks you through until the final odd note plays through.

If you are in to drone or noise in general, Spectral Estate is certainly more than worth the listen. This release is gripping, dark, chilling, harrowing and well crafted making it to be a well rounded and overall solid release.

Links To Follow: 

Dullest Records Bandcamp

Woechanter: S/T

May 9, 2018

Underneath a bubbling black sky Woechanter formed combining the likes of black metal, death metal and elements of doom to create a sinister and oppressive sound. Their self titled EP features four tracks that are filled to the brim with blackened malevolence and malice, providing you with a damning and flesh gnashing listen. Woechanter begin their trek through the cutting darkness with Iron Tide. This track opens up with near serene guitar picking before harsh doom laden riffs and ever pulsing drumming cuts in. Iron Tide takes on more doom elements than the other three tracks as it trudges forth until it hits the one and a half minute mark where rapid fire drums, harsh riffs and bellowing growls from the never ending abyss appear. Through this track, Woechanter transitions between their abyssal doom sound and their ever oppressive blackened death assault with ease gifting you with one hell of a ripping and enticing opener.

The three tracks that follow Iron Tide implement assaults that are less doom oriented and more focused on death and black metal. These three tracks are soul tearing hellions that storm through black clouds of death with malice and blood curdling madness. These offerings writhe and twist providing you with a sonic darkness that soon consumes your soul. With ever cutting riffs that are supplemented by bone cracking drumming and hellish vocals, you come face to face with a deadly and poisonous track one right after another. Never does Woechanter let their blade from your throat as they storm forth providing you with an ever engaging and ever soul tearing listen.

Behind the sonic torment you can hear wonderfully clean sung vocals that add even more diversity, variety and atmosphere all throughout. The atmosphere that is present throughout this release hangs over you like a blackened cloud of dread and death, never to let you go from its grip. With wonderfully dark lyrics that add to the already gritty and grim sound, the atmosphere that runs through this record is complete, presenting you with an overall venomous and light stealing sound.

Each of the four blasphemous enchantments that appear on this release are wonderfully crafted and performed. Riffs are tight, the drumming is excellent, the clean sung almost angelic vocals are a great touch, and the unearthly demonic growls are unsettling yet very clear and easy to understand. From Iron Tide all the way through to the final cut Cold Hyperborea you are entertained and want to continue listening once the final note has rang out. These tracks are monstrous and unforgiving as they aim to drag you straight in to the darkest pits of hell.

This is an impressive opening salvo from a band that sounds like they have a lot of promise moving forth. Woechanter is a band to keep your eyes on, and this release isn’t to be looked over.

Links To Follow:

Woechanter Bandcamp

Hoth: Astral Necromancy

May 7, 2018

Hoth - Astral Necromancy - cover.png

Brewed in a malevolent cosmic darkness, Astral Necromancy makes its presence known through eleven tracks of blistering blasphemy. Combining the likes of black metal with death metal, Hoth presents a gnarled and darkened sound that is steeped in pure blackness. It doesn’t take Hoth long to greet you face to face with their bone cutting sound as they blast through the cosmos with their opener Vengeance. Never do these hellions take a rest as they shred and blast their way through track after track of technical, ambient and blasphemous noise only to surround you in shadowy atmospheres and wicked soundscapes.

The opening track Vengeance is a ripper, opening up with blasting drumming and tight riffs that are supplemented by solos here and there only for raspy hellish vocals to tear through the blasphemous veil of darkness. Each of the ten tracks that follow Vengeance are much the same. Each track that comes after Vengeance are ripping in their own right, providing you with tightly woven riffs and ever blasting drums that do their best to crack your chest. Through Astral Necromancy you are treated to eleven complete, cohesive and blistering dark tracks that suck you in to the ever frigid and darkening soundscape that they create.

As mentioned above, from beginning to end, Hoth never lets their foot off of your throat as they pour their brand of molten metal upon you in heaping proportions never to let you escape. Hoth swiftly shift from track to track never giving you a moments reprieve and only to instill their darkness and dread deeper inside of you still. Light is not to be seen throughout this release as it is chilling, eerie and maddeningly dark. These eleven tracks that appear here are light devouring, offering you no hope and no light at the end of it all as Hoth ushers forth eleven tracks of bubbling and blistering darkness.

More than that of the blasting drums and the ever tightly picked riffs is the frigid atmosphere that courses through the veins of this record. Through each track you become shrouded in freezing mist and flesh decaying darkness. The soundscapes and atmospheres throughout this release are vast and extraordinary as they capture your mind and make it wander through harrowing and twisting wastelands. Astral Necromancy does a great job of capturing your mind and taking you on detrimental journeys through freezing wastelands, having you escape the world and plunging you deep in to a dark and ever oppressive environment from which you don’t want to return.

Through and through, Astral Necromancy is a well put together record. It is one that is cohesive and well rounded, complete with great musicianship, production, atmosphere and themes making it out to be an outstanding offering.

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You can find Astral Necromancy up for pre-order right on the Hoth Bandcamp

Hoth Official Facebook


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