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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Infernal Execrator: Obsolete Ordinance

June 30, 2018


Ripping open the heavens, bashing deity’s across all religions and speaking of atrocities committed, Infernal Execrator storm forth from the under belly of hell with eight new blasphemous tracks baptized in hell fire. Obsolete Ordinance is a profane, wicked and one of the most blasphemous black metal releases I have heard in a while. This release is unapologetically ceaseless and brutalizing as it throws you in to an inferno right from the very beginning as it provides you with some of the most soul drowning black metal. From beginning to end, Infernal Execrator provide you with top notch soul corrupting black metal never to stop until you have plunged in to a never ending darkness.

Infernal Execrator start you off with a devilish intro that is unsettling and ominous as you hear fire crackling and whispers of hymns being sung in the background before driving you mad with an all out blackened blitzkrieg. Obsolete Ordinance is stifling and unrelenting from the very beginning as it hits you with an ever furious and ripping sound right out of the gate. Through this release, Infernal Execrator play with such great suffocating intensity that you end up having a hard time catching your breath. Each track is a blistering offering of soul punishing madness and while each track rolls right along in to the next you start your descent in to a never ending fire shrouded abyss.

Obsolete Ordinance is bleedingly raw, dripping with madness and the intent to rip the heavens open and strike down pious deity’s. One track right after another, Infernal Execrator offer up a head spinning and overall corrupting sound that is something to behold. Each track is razor sharp as they cut straight down to the bone never to relent until you have been left as nothing more than a husk. Infernal Execrator sustain their torrid pace throughout their new release sending you in to a frenzy and ultimately your demise.

Through and through you are treated to eight straight tracks of impressive black metal. Obsolete Ordinance is an incredibly profane record, one that curses the gods only to drag them down and eviscerate them. This wicked release should not go unnoticed as it sure is one of the most raw, blasphemous and completely sinister black metal releases.

Obsolete Ordinance will be released July 27, 2018 through Pulverised Records.

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SATAN Announce US Tour Dates

June 27, 2018

10/05/2018 Brick By Brick – San Diego, CA
10/06/2018 Frost And Fire IV – Ventura, CA
10/07/2018 Whiskey – Los Angeles, CA
10/08/2018 Elbo Room – San Francisco, CA
10/09/2018 El Corazon – Seattle, WA
10/10/2018 Grog Shop – Cleveland, OH
10/11/2018 Reggie’s – Chicago, IL
10/12/2018 Saint Vitus – Brooklyn, NY
10/13/2018 Great Scott – Boston, MA
10/14/2018 Voltage Lounge – Philadelphia, PA
This tour will be in support of their upcoming full length release Cruel Magic. 

Crawl: Rituals

June 27, 2018


With their roots firmly planted in the rotting soil of old-school death metal, Crawl provides you with that familiar rotten sound with new dynamism and intensity. Rituals freshly bleeds out nine tracks of adrenaline pumping and grave digging death metal that snaps your neck from the very beginning of track one. This unrelenting release is just that, unrelenting and unapologetic as it rampages through nine tracks of sickening and blasphemous death. There is nothing that can stop this deadly bulldozer of bloodied death once you have pressed play. Crawl plays with such head caving and skin bubbling intensity through and through that it is hard to peel yourself away from your speakers  even for a moment.

Each of the nine tracks that are harbored within the confines of the title are pure brutalizing and addicting death. Rituals is exceptional through and through as it provides you with droves of high intensity riffs, a purely rotten sound and vocals that call out from beyond the crypt. There is no fluff, no filler, and certainly no bullshit to be found throughout Rituals as what you get are nine full tracks of rotten putrefaction. From the opener onward, Crawl stomps forth with blood curdling track after track providing you with something that is highly volatile and incredibly entertaining.

Rituals is a wonderfully brutalizing and flesh shredding release that is packed with adrenaline and enough stagnant death to bury you alive. This gut churning release is something to behold as it is pure death metal done damn near perfect. Rituals is nine tracks of pure unrelenting death done in the collapsed vein of the old yet making its sound all its own. Each track is a bombardment of death and a blitzkrieg of rot that eviscerate and send you to an early and bitter grave. This is an unforgiving offering that is sure to tear you to shreds before all is said and done.

This is an all together pulverizing and skull carving release, one that you will have a hard time putting down, and one that you can say will be among some of the best death metal releases this year.

Rituals will be released August 20, 2018 through Transcending Obscurity Records.

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Crawl Facebook

Transcending Obscurity Bandcamp

Earthgrave: First Snow of the Final Winter

June 25, 2018


Through First Snow of the Final Winter you get to hear the sweet melody of death through eight tracks of excellently crafted and executed tracks. From beginning to end, Earthgrave usher forth frost bitten track after frost bitten track that throw you in to frigid atmospheres and blizzard shrouded soundscapes with the implementation of wonderful keyboard work. Each of the eight tracks that appear on this release are just as solid and captivating as the last gifting you with a cohesive and completely well rounded record. Through and through, Earthgrave show off their death metal prowess as they provide you with excellent tracks that are melodious, heavy, atmospheric and much more.

Earthgrave lead you in to their new record with Final Embrace, and from the first few seconds onward you realize that you are in for a deadly treat as the opener marches forth. Earthgrave immediately hits you with their icy cold atmosphere that ultimately becomes coupled with a straight forward melodic death metal romp. Once you press play you quickly notice the overall grand and theatrical sound that Earthgrave gives off quickly capturing your attention. These Finnish death dealers do a great job of drawing you right in to their release only to take your mind through ever frigid yet wondrous soundscapes.

Each track on this release is a melodious and memorable offering only to mix in the harsh and punishing aspects of death metal when needed. The musicianship throughout is  precise and very well performed coupled with gritty throat straining vocals that will be ringing out through your skull for some time. With the addition of the keyboards that you can hear in the background through each track, you are presented with eight atmospheric and entirely captivating tracks that won’t let you out of their cold grasp. From beginning to end, First Snow of the Final Winter is a finely woven together record that is cohesive and well rounded never to provide you with unneeded fluff or filler.

First Snow of the Final Winter is a very solid record, one that provides you with nonstop entertainment for eight straight tracks. This is pure melodic death metal in all of its glory and Earthgrave has executed it very well. This is an impressive outing for these Finnish death merchants, and if you are looking for some excellent melodic death metal, look no further.

First Snow of the Final Winter will be released June 30, 2018.

Lower Automation: Shoebox Companion

June 24, 2018


In all of their spastic and chaotic glory, Chicago dwellers Lower Automation is set to release their newest EP Shoebox Companion. Harbored beneath its title, Shoebox Companion offers up six tracks of wholly chaotic punk and math noise that make your head spin enough to the point where you think you’ve lost it. This fourteen minute release is a dizzying and brain bending one as your brain is going to have to do some mental acrobatics if it wants to keep up. Shoebox Companion is off kilter and the noise flies at you from all angles creating a sharpened vortex of calculated noise.

Shoebox Companion is a frenzied release as it throws you in to its cyclone of neck bending punk noise immediately. All of the elements and components that Lower Automation uses throughout each track mix well together creating an all together cohesive yet head spinning sound. Never are you able to escape the noise as one dizzying track begins once one ends burying you under droves of a well knit together metallic aural assault.

From beginning to end, Shoebox Companion is an excellent EP. Through it you are gifted to excellent musicianship and great highly memorable vocals. Each track within this EP are well crafted and well performed offerings of noise that you won’t be able to get out of your head. Shoebox Companion is an addicting and entirely engaging listen that draws you in from the very first minute onward. As noisy and chaotic as every track is, they are cohesive and as mentioned each component that Lower Automation has thrown in to their eclectic sound works well together to create a wholly unique and interesting sound.

Once Shoebox Companion concludes, you are left feeling as though you just got in a car crash. This is a whiplash inducing release through and through and it is entirely entertaining and memorable making this out to certainly be a mainstay on your rotation.

Shoebox Companion will be released July 27, 2018.

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Soul Attrition: Vashon Rain

June 22, 2018

vashon rain.png

Fitting genres together like pieces to a puzzle, Soul Attrition fits together elements of doom, sludge, grunge, post-metal and others to create an overall well rounded and memorable sound. Vashon Rain comes complete with seven tracks of emotive and gripping metal that you are surely to be enchanted by. The overall sound that emits from your speakers is haunting, melodious, gripping and near dream like as Vashon Rain puts you in a trance from beginning to end. From the very beginning of this release Soul Attrition does a great job of grabbing you by your arms and dragging you in to their dream like enchanting soundscapes until the release has concluded.

Each of the seven tracks that are present here within this release are well written murky offerings that grab a hold of you and keep your attention all throughout. With the majority of the seven tracks running over five and seven minutes-save for the title track-it allows Soul Attrition to completely build their wondrous soundscapes and unsettling atmospheres. Each track is winding and twisting never really giving you an indication as to what you are about to hear next. Ever flowing and ever shifting, each track is unique and memorable in their own way making this to be an intriguing and captivating listen.

Through ever heavy and crunching riffs come clean and often haunting vocals. Soul Attrition supplies droves upon droves of murky riffs in which you become buried under sooner or later. Each track drives forth with darkened atmospheres and an overall sludge filled tone that will be rattling around in your skull for some time. The musicianship through each track is well done as is the ever melancholic and haunting atmosphere. Soul Attrition doses out the heavy when needed, but also doses out plenty of melodious passages that are intertwined with thick emotive atmospheric tendencies when needed. Each track is crafted well providing you with an entertaining and easy to get in to record.

Vashon Rain is an overall very solid record that supplies you with seven very unique and memorable tracks. This is a record that you can listen to on repeat over and over again without tiring. This is a great debut for Soul Attrition as this release is a well rounded offering that offers up heaps of entertainment and memorable tunes to jam out to.

Vashon Rain will be released July 13, 2018.

Engulf: Gold And Rust

June 21, 2018

gold and rust.jpg

Engulf first made their appearance in the death metal echelon with their impressive debut EP Subsumed Atrocities last year. This year we see the return of Engulf with their second installment of a trilogy titled Gold And Rust.  This EP features three tracks this time, each of them as unrelenting and blood letting as the last. As soon as you press play you bear witness to the ever ceaseless opener Maul which picks you apart with explosive and savage riffs. Maul is an expertly crafted and grisly offering that begins digging your grave for when the entire EP has concluded. This monster of a track is the perfect opener for an all together unrelenting and incredibly brutalizing EP.

The remaining two tracks that follow Maul are just as savage and marrow draining as Engulf presses onward burying you under heaps of disease ridden death. These tracks are undeniably wicked and monstrous providing you with an overall sinister and punishing sound that cannot be denied. From beginning to end, Engulf terrorizes you with three lobotomizing tracks that are sure to rip open your skull. Gold And Rust is a barbaric aural assault from front to back never giving you enough time to breathe as you suffocate under the overwhelming presence of death.

Gold And Rust is an excellent release, one that provides you with some of the most top notch death metal within only three tracks. Gold And Rust impresses just as much if not more than Subsumed Atrocities did as Engulf outdoes themselves here with this offering. This sinister release is something to behold as it offers up three straight tracks of unrelenting and miasmal death. Gold And Rust is a well rounded and very well executed release gifting you with one hell of an addicting and entertaining listen.

This is just pure death metal done perfectly.

Gold And Rust will be released July 13, 2018 through Everlasting Spew Records.

Check out the first official released track titled Maul from the upcoming release below!

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Everlasting Spew Bandcamp

A Scar For The Wicked: The Unholy

June 20, 2018

the unholy.png

Set to unleash complete devastation and annihilation is A Scar For The Wicked with their new offering titled The Unholy. This blasphemous offering buries you underneath droves of unsettling death within seven tracks. Each track that appears within this release foreboding, twisted and dark, submerging you in nothing but cold and bitter death. From track one onward you become entombed in raw and punishing death never giving you a moment to breathe. A Scar For The Wicked set in without so much as a warning before they ladle their death filled assault upon you, ripping at your flesh and draining you of your crimson.

The Unholy is a tightly knit release, one that flows smoothly from track to track and from front to back. Each track plays right in to the next continuing a torturous and blasphemous assault. Reprieve does not come until  the final track has concluded, and even then you hit repeat to relive the sonic metallic attack all over again. Each track is unique in its own way yet each of them are just as menacing and malevolent as the last. Once A Scar For The Wicked sets in, they don’t lift their blade from your throat until their blistering release has finally ended.

This EP is a complete force of death as it ushers forth seven life draining and blood letting rituals. Through and through this is a monstrous and devastating record, one that piles you up among the rest of the cadavers once everything is all said and done. The Unholy is a savage and unhinged release that aims to drain your marrow from the very get go as it stampedes forth without warning pushing your life to the brink.

As aggressive and skin shredding as The Unholy is, it is equally as melodic and memorable. Each track within this release are done extremely well from the musicianship to the ever fear instilling lyrics to the production. The Unholy is a well rounded and brutalizing record that is sure to catch the attention of many. A Scar For The Wicked has put something together here that is top notch and should not be looked over if you are a fan of extreme metal and death metal.

The Unholy will be released June 29, 2018.

Check out the single Born From The Grave from the upcoming release below!

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Woorms/A Hanging Split

June 14, 2018


In a complete murky mixture of sludge and punk noise, Woorms storms out of the gate with the first track of four within the new split release with A Hanging. The Math Says Yes is the title of the track and it is engaging and hypnotic right out of the gate. Woorms subtly leads you in to their noisy brand of murky punk until they finally hit you in the jaw with their full fledged sludge punk fusion. The Math Says Yes is a heavy easy to head bang to track that grips you right from the get go only to take you on an incredibly entertaining and heavy sonic exhibition. This track is addicting and certainly leaves an imprint on your mind as you will have this track rattling around in your head for some time. Over the course of the five minutes in which this track plays, you become submerged in grimy riffs that are backed by a solid drum performance and yelled vocals that bounce off the walls of your skull. The Math Says Yes is a noisy and engaging offering that is easy to get in to and it works as the perfect first track to this four track split.

The remaining three tracks of this split belong to A Hanging who fuse thrash and hardcore together to create an all together chaotic and furious sound. A Hanging start you off with their first track Graft, which is a neck snapper of an opener for their half of the split. Graft rampages on propelled by intensity and a pure ferocity. The remaining two tracks that follow in the footsteps of Graft are just as neck bending and furious as they provide you with a raw and chaotic sound that is hard to shake. Each of the three tracks that A Hanging provides for this split fuse hardcore and thrash elements perfectly to create an overall explosive and bombastic sound that snaps your head back without warning. A Hanging is relentless in their sonic assault as they mash the pedal through the floor and take you on a wild metallic life endangering ride. With sharp riffs and ever punishing drumming that are backed by furiously yelled vocals, you are provided with something that is sure to sear itself in your brain and give you gnarly whiplash.

Overall, this split between these two noise merchants is highly entertaining and explosive. Each band offer something unique and ultimately neck bending heavy making this to be a well rounded and well executed split between both bands.

This split will be released June 16, 2018 through HOSPITAL and Paranoize Records.

You can pre-order this split here and here.

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Woorms Facebook

A Hanging Facebook

Skullcrush: Visions of the Firestorm Eclipse

June 13, 2018

Skullcrush Cover Art.png

A culmination of death and disease brewed in a blackened sludge of stagnant blood and torn entrails, Skullcrush offer up four tracks of foul death. Combining the likes of old-school death metal with murky doom passages, Skullcrush provide you with an incredibly raw, punishing and sinister sound that is not to be forgotten. Each of the four tracks that are harbored within this release are skin stripping and flesh gnashing odes to death itself. These bloodied and gut ripping tracks are unrelenting in their bloodletting assault as they climb out of their crypt with a thirst for blood and mutilation right from the get go.

Visions of the Firestorm Eclipse is the embodiment of death and death metal. There is nothing here to compromise the natural blood curdling sound that death metal has to offer. As soon as you press play on this release you are taken back thirty plus years to when death metal reigned supreme. From beginning to end you become entombed in a raw and filthy sound that is riddled with death and disease sending you to your own early grave. With each track being relatively lengthy-the longest being over seven minutes-it gives Skullcrush plenty of time to fully display their impressive death metal prowess.

There isn’t a track within this offering that is filler as what you get are four straight tracks of eviscerating death. Each of the four tracks are a wonderfully crafted onslaught of death that grip you right from the get go never to let you go until you have properly been mutilated and disposed of. Visions of the Firestorm Eclipse is an impressive release as the instrumentation is as grisly and raw as you would hope and the vocals are as undead and skin crawling as you would like. Couple that and more with an incredibly unfiltered and raw sound, you are treated to one hell of a deadly and entertaining listen.

Visions of the Firestorm Eclipse is a murky, drenched in entrails, foreboding and vile release that is sure to turn some heads. With only four tracks Skullcrush impresses and then some as they fully display their gnarled death metal chops.

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