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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Dark Archive Morningstar Official Music Video

July 21, 2018

Check out the brand new wicked official music video for Morningstar by Dark Archive below!

Dark Is The Water: Weight of the Sea

July 21, 2018

Two years ago Dark is the Water emerged from the swells of the ocean with Heavy the Sky and now two years later they are back to grace us with a brand new full length titled Weight of the Sea. Weight of the Sea is a wonderful mixture of calming serene doom passages and weighty, ever crushing dirges. The six tracks that are present within this release are performed and executed damn near perfect as each track is cohesive, heavy, melodic, memorable and down right intoxicating. Weight of the Sea flows perfectly together from track to track gifting you with a well rounded and comprehensive listen that draws you in never to let you back to shore until you have listened through and through.

Dark is the Water starts you off with their opener Sunless, a wonderfully melodic and serene track that grips you right from the very beginning. Through the first minute you hear waves crashing before angelic riffs pour through your speakers pulling you out to sea. This near twelve minute track is something to behold as it takes you in and has tidal waves of melodic and atmospheric sound wash over you ever taking your mind and having it wander through the vast and open ocean. Around the four minute mark is where things begin to kick up slightly as buzzing and fuzzed out riffs join the otherwise peaceful fray, only for those to die back down giving way to the complete serene sounds that you heard before. Sunless ebbs and flows perfectly, ever drawing you in more and more, captivating you and pulling you in to the remaining five tracks.

Sunless is followed by five more wonderful tracks that are equally melodic and enchanting. The second track titled Marching on Sand much like Sunless is an instrumental, but this time this track has a little more grit to it from the very beginning while still retaining that serene and melodic sound. Through these two tracks you can come to expect more of the same from Dark is the Water as the remaining three tracks are just as superb and captivating. With the coming of the third track The Shallows also come the implementation of vocals. Dark is the Water utilize both angelic cleans and unearthly growls through the remaining tracks. The cleans are beautiful and highly intoxicating while the growls are powerful and menacing adding plenty of variety to each track. Each of these tracks has an immense and clean sound that is incredibly hard to deny.

Weight of the Sea is an easy record to fall in to and dragged out to sea by. This record has a great ability to captivate your mind and have it follow along through the barren seas. Filled with rumbling bass lines, at times crunching riffs and at other times serene melodic riffs, angelic cleans, menacing growls and an overall wondrous atmosphere, Weight of the Sea has it all. This record is beautifully done and undeniably intoxicating. It doesn’t get much better than this.

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Aislacion: Minor Chants

July 21, 2018

Aislacion began their descent into murky sludge filled darkness in 2016, and two years later their demo Minor Chants was brought out from the abyss. This demo features four tracks that merge doom and sludge together to create an overall murky, buzzing and head nodding sound. As soon as you hit play you become trapped in a rumbling and fuzzed out vortex of doom never to escape until Minor Chants has played out entirely. Each track is a head nodding and bone rattling ode to sludge and doom that gets your head nodding before you know it. Minor Chants is an aggressive and all together in your face demo that pours its molten sludge on thick from beginning to end.

Minor Chants is Aislacion’s first foray into the doom and sludge world and it is a good first foot forward. Each track within this murky offering are well done and well constructed providing you with an all around solid and highly entertaining listen. There isn’t any fluff or filler here as Aislacion hits you nearly immediately with rumbling bass lines and heavy dark riffs that are hard to get out of your head. From the first track forward, Aislacion presents you with an overall heavy and memorable sound that will keep you coming back for more murky madness.

Through this release, Aislacion provides you with heavy handed face melting passages that are only to be crossed with low, slow and melting doom laden sounds when needed. None of the four tracks that are harbored within this release sound anything alike providing you with plenty of diversity and variety through only four tracks. Aislacion does a great job of mixing their sound up not only from track to track but within the same track as well. You won’t be hearing the same sound twice all throughout this release giving it plenty of character.

Overall, Minor Chants is a solid release especially for a debut. Through and through this is an entertaining and memorable demo, one that you can keep coming back to.

Rotten Evisceration: Raped And Headless

July 19, 2018

Formed in Peru in 2006 as Profanator, these gore hounds changed their moniker over to Rotten Evisceration in 2009. Two years later the newly dubbed Rotten Evisceration released Raped and Headless, a four track effort filled with viscera, boils and bile. Raped and Headless is a disgusting offering from beginning to end as it showers you in nothing but stagnant blood, infested entrails and overall brutalizing and vile death metal. From track to track you become greeted by nothing but sickness and pure death as Rotten Evisceration rampages from track to track never giving a second thought or regard to human life.

Rotten Evisceration begin Raped and Headless on a torrid pace with Baptized In Semen. This track is the perfect sickening intro as to what you are going to hear throughout the rest of the release. This two minute track is perverse, sickening and skull blasting providing you with nothing but perverse and twisted death. The three remaining tracks that follow are much the same as they provide you with the same flesh cutting and vein draining sound. Each track within this release is a barbaric and savage offering that spew forth bile and blisters until you become entombed in vile viscera.

Raped and Headless is a straight up bleeding raw and pulverizing offering from beginning to end that supplies you with droves of disease ridden death metal for your perverse enjoyment. From track to track you encounter gutting riffs that are supplemented by pummeling drum work and bloodied vocals that roar through the halls of torn flesh. Each track is an in your face and unrelenting piece of work that is sure to twist your neck. With this release you get an entertaining listen and an overall good look in to what Rotten Evisceration has to offer. Raped and Headless is sure to please the gnarled ears of brutal death and death metal fans alike.

Those Who Bring The Torture: Pain Offerings

July 16, 2018

Cover Those Who Bring The Torture.jpg

Those Who Bring The Torture began their career as a death grind band, slowly evolving their sound in to a full fledged death metal machine. Pain Offerings is the fifth full length from these death metal bulldozers and it sports nine tracks of pure death metal mayhem and torture. From beginning to end, Pain Offerings is a record that grinds your skull down in to dust and drains the marrow from your very bones. Those Who Bring The Torture immediately set in never to relent until the ninth and final track has appeared. There are no reprieves from the unholy slaughtering that Those Who Bring The Torture supply as they rampage on from track to track gifting you with bloodied offering after bloodied offering.

Each track within this release is a ceaseless onslaught of pure death and nothing but. There is nothing here to compromise their unholy and bloodied sound as Those Who Bring The Torture provide you with nothing but pure and raw death. These death merchants swiftly move from track to track never gifting you a moment of fresh air as they pile on the cadavers and strewn viscera on thick ultimately entombing you. This is a suffocating and unrelenting release, one that sticks its knife against your neck until the final gnarled note has rang through the halls of the dead.

Pain Offerings is monstrous and menacing as it provides you with track after track of unholy and malevolent death for you to revel in. Each track within this release is a well constructed slaughtering that is brought to you by flesh ripping riffs that are supplemented by bloodied screams and ever tumultuous drumming. Pain Offerings is an ever pressing record that aims to drain your veins and discard you in a shallow damp grave.

This gutting release is something to behold as it offers up nothing but pure death done to a tee. From track one to track nine, you become accosted from all angles by unrelenting neck twisting death that you will come back to for more visceral punishment.

Beyond Carnage: Profane Sounds Of The Flesh

July 15, 2018


Monstrous, menacing and flesh peeling death is what Beyond Carnage brings to the bloodied table. Profane Sounds Of The Flesh is packed with five cranium impaling tracks for you to devour and twist your neck to. From front to back, Beyond Carnage supplies you with damning, cadaver hoarding death that is purely unrelenting and blood crazed. Each of these tracks are bleedingly raw and purely punishing, stripping your skin from flesh and flesh from bone, leaving you a hollowed husk in a shallow grave. You won’t find bullshit here, filler or fluff as what you get is pure menacing death.

Beyond Carnage doesn’t sit around before supplying you with droves of their brand of sickening death. The opening track Infectious Parasitic Fungal God immediately rumbles along with buzzing bone cutting riffs that are supplemented by monstrous blood curdling vocals and ever charging bone cracking drumming. This demonic opening track is the perfect foreshadowing of what is left to come as this track is a demolition hammer of pure viscera caked death and nothing but.

The tracks that come to follow Infectious Parasitic Fungal God are much the same as they rampage forth strewn with stagnant flesh. Each of the five tracks that are present here within this EP are menacing, marrow draining and skull crushing. Through and through, Profane Sounds Of The Flesh is just pure death metal done to a tee as it supplies you with nothing but some of the most gut churning, deadly death metal. These profane and perverse tracks of death spew forth without so much as a warning gifting you with a brain rattling and gutting listen that isn’t to be forgotten.

Profane Sounds Of The Flesh is a bloodied viscera soaked offering to death itself as it bulldozes from track to track crushing anything beneath its massive and bone shattering sound. This is a very solid release all around as each track is a well executed offering that gets your neck twisting and head banging in a hurry. This is a filthy debut EP, one that is infectious and that you will keep coming back to for more and more disgusting death.

Eriphion: Hossana

July 14, 2018

Hailing from Athens, Greece is Eriphion and just unleashed is their debut EP Hossana. This four track EP isn’t something that you would expect a debut anything to sound like as it is well rounded, well constructed, performed and much more. Through four tracks you are greeted with nothing but top notch black metal that is sure to sink your soul into a bitter abyss. From beginning to end, Eriphion provides you with track after track of atmospheric light stealing black metal for your darkened enjoyment. I certainly was surprised by what Eriphion has to offer within Hossana as it is certainly a blackened gem of a release.

Eriphion doesn’t wait long before getting you acquainted with their unholy sound as they pour the darkness on thick beginning with the title track. Eriphion immediately greets you with slicing riffs and ever tumultuous drumming before spectral vocals pour in through your speakers haunting your mind. The opening track is a good taste of what is to come and what Eriphion has to offer, and what they have to offer is even more superb atmospheric devilish tunes. From the opener onward, Eriphion shift wraith like from track to track presenting you with a blackened assault through and through.

Each of the four tracks that are presented here are not just pure blackened sonic assaults as each track is riddled with plenty of atmosphere. These tracks have a great ability to steal away your mind and submerge it in the bitter darkness in which Eriphion provides. Hossana is steeped in malevolence and damnation and through the ambiance that is sewn in to each track that is very palpable. As sinister and harrowing as each track is, they are just as captivating and mesmerizing in their own twisted way.

Through and through, Hossana is an excellent EP. This release sounds as though Eriphion are seasoned veterans of the genre as this is a well constructed and highly intoxicating release.

Destroyer Attack: Solve Et Coagula

July 11, 2018

solve et coagula.jpg

In all of their dismal death glory, Destroyer Attack come storming out of the gates of hell with Solve Et Coagula. This twelve track release is a sinister skin peeling offering that rampages forth from one track to the next with complete disdain and disregard for life. From beginning to end, Solve Et Coagula is a ripping and barbaric release that never gives you time to breathe as it ushers forth blistering punishment from the very first second onward. Upon pressing play you become entrapped in a cyclone of blackened torment never to be released until the final gnarled note has rang out.

The first twisted track to grace your scarred ears is Communion of the Black Pest, a track that punches you in the mouth right from the get go never to relent until your teeth have successfully hit the floor. Communion of the Black Pest rips you open with jagged riffs and ever tumultuous drumming that ultimately is backed by savage blood curdling vocals that seem as though they are ringing through the bowels of hell. The remaining eleven tracks are much the same. The barbarity doesn’t stop with the first track as Destroyer Attack bulldozes from track to track supplying you with sickening tune after sickening tune.

Each of these tracks are bleedingly raw and savage offerings to the dark lord as they rip and tear into your flesh. Solve Et Coagula is a ceaseless bombardment of blackened death. Each of these tracks are relatively short, but even so they pack more than an explosive punch. Through twelve tracks you are treated to incredibly sinister light stealing metal. This is an abrasive offering, one that attacks without warning and is relentless until you are lying face down lifeless.

Through and through, Solve Et Coagula is a menacing and monstrous offering from beginning to end. There is no fluff, no filler and nothing here that will compromise the otherwise savage and blood letting sound. This is an engaging and chaotic record, one that is steeped in malevolent and malignant darkness that feeds you droves of  hellish metal that is not to be taken lightly. This mashing of death and black metal is fearsome and should not be over looked.

Solve Et Coagula will be released July 13, 2018 through Morbid Skulls Records.

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P.H.O.B.O.S.: Phlogiston Catharsis

July 9, 2018


Distorting your mind, plunging you in to eternal nightmarish darkness among other sadistic rituals is what P.H.O.B.O.S. is capable of. Phlogiston Catharsis is a sickening blend of black metal and industrial doom metal wrapped up crudely within eight ever blasphemous tracks. With the passing of each minute you feel your mind warping and your sanity draining as buzzing noise mixed with ominous nightmarish sounds ring out from the halls of insanity. Phlogiston Catharsis sounds as though death itself is calling out to you, waiting to drag your soul in to a pitch black darkness. This release is menacing yet wholly compelling and mesmerizing.

P.H.O.B.O.S. begins your sonic induced nightmare with Biomorphorror, a track that leads you in with already unsettling noise only for buzzing cranium splitting riffs to be introduced with raspy vocals that sound as though they are reverberating from beyond the halls of the damned. This skin crawling track crawls along for near seven minutes never to give you reprieve only to sink you further and further in to madness and delirium.

The seven tracks that follow Biomorphorror are much the same. Each of the eight tracks within this release are well constructed soul eating sonic epics. Phlogiston Catharsis is pure madness. Each track is a pulsing, sludge filled horror that seeps its way in to your mind ever twisting and contorting it until you can’t tell whether you are sane or if you have jumped off the deep end and in to a dark recess. These tracks are ominous and life harvesting as P.H.O.B.O.S. has created something here that is truly terrorizing and horrifying.

Phlogiston Catharsis is one of the most eerie records that I have come across and that in itself is one thing that makes this such a great record. Through and through you are greeted by walls of sonic despair in the form of ever buzzing riffs, sanity draining droning noise and hellish vocals that call out from beyond the ever thunderous wall of noise. Each of the eight tracks that belong to Phlogiston Catharsis are well crafted cacophonies of pure throbbing madness and they are truly excellent.

Phlogiston Catharsis is something unique, twisted and entirely engaging making this to be a very solid release. This is a devilish and warped record, one that will grab your attention and keep you coming back for more and more.

Phlogiston Catharsis will be released September 10, 2018 through Transcending Obscurity Records.

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Transcending Obscurity Bandcamp

P.H.O.B.O.S. Facebook

Nightgrave: Black Earth

July 8, 2018

Ever engaging, varied and captivating, Black Earth by Nightgrave is a well put together and well written release that will have you coming back for more. This record is an atmospheric and highly intoxicating sonic venture that invites you in never to release your attention until the final note has rang out. There are six tracks within Black Earth and each track work in harmony with each other making this to be a cohesive and fluid record. From beginning to end you are treated to wonderful passages one right after another.

Black Earth hooks you right from the very beginning as it takes you mind and has it wander through the blackened corridors shrouded in darkness. This release has a great ability to draw you in, captivating you from the very first note onward turning one listen in to many listens. Black Earth is an easy record to fall in to and become encompassed by as each track that it harbors is mesmerizing and enchanting to say the least.

Nightgrave has created a record that is immersive, varied and engaging. Each track shifts to take on different forms whether it be shadowy ethereal atmospheric passages or ever charging rushes of sharpened blackened metal. Each track shows off something new and with each listen you pick something up that you had not heard before. Within its six tracks Black Earth nearly has it all as it ushers forth engaging ethereal atmospheres, sharpened black metal, and doom like passages when needed to create an overall fluid and mesmerizing listen.

Black Earth is a great release, one that certainly is top notch. Through its ambiance, through its ever shifting soundscapes and through its great musicianship, Black Earth is a record to behold. This is a beautifully constructed release that has you coming back for more and more. Black Earth is six tracks of wonderfully crafted metal that isn’t to be looked over.

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