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Infuriate: S/T

August 18, 2018

infuriate cover

Inspired by their death metal forefathers yet keeping their overall sounds new and fresh, Infuriate dish out an incredibly punishing and flesh shredding offering with their upcoming self titled release. Packed with nine tracks, this self titled release is something to behold. From beginning to end you become bled dry and eviscerated as Infuriate rumbles along from track to bloody track never to stop until the marrow has completely drained from your bones. This is a suffocating offering of death as you become subjected to nothing but terrorizing death. There are no fillers, no frills and no fluff within this record as Infuriate rips and shreds through your flesh one track after another.

Nothing can prepare you for the savage and barbaric onslaught of Infuriate as they immediately set in with their opening track Juggernaut of Pestilence. Once you press play, you very quickly and violently get a taste of the pure rotten death that Infuriate has to offer. Juggernaut of Pestilence is an unrelenting and ever pressing offering that hits you square in the chest and continues to do so until your chest has split. This two and a half minute track is a pure blistering ode to death and sets you up perfectly for what is left to come in the remaining eight tracks.

From Juggernaut of Pestilence onward you come face to face with eight grisly, terrorizing and bloodied tracks that aim to rip you to shreds and lower you in a shallow damp grave. Each track on this self titled slab of gruesome death is a ceaseless juggernaut of flesh craving terror. As one track ends, the next slaughtering begins, suffocating you under droves of pale, horrifying death. There is not rest and there certainly isn’t any reprieve from the utter eviscerating power of Infuriate. This self titled release is a monstrous and barbaric effort that gives little regard to life and guts and maims anyone who hits that play button.

This self titled debut full length is a malevolent and malicious record, one that delivers crushing blow after crushing blow only to leave you lifeless at the end of it all. Infuriate has created something here that is unforgiving, yet as addicting as it is gutting. This is punishing, rotten death metal done to a fucking tee. This is an outstanding, well crafted, well executed offering of pure eviscerating death that stands among my other favored death metal records so far this year.

This record will be released August 31, 2018 through Everlasting Spew Records.

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Check out the official video for Juggernaut of Pestilence below!

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