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Bonehunter: Children of the Atom

August 25, 2018

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Flying the flag of their very own “devil metal punk” genre, Bonehunter unleash chaos and pure madness through their third full length titled Children of the Atom. This ten track release is a savage and rampaging one that takes what Bonehunter did best in their first two releases to create an unholy and overall triumphant release. Children of the Atom is a devilishly crafted offering that aims to smear you across the pavement before you know what happened. From beginning to end, Children of the Atom is a neck breaking, vertebrae inverting sonic assault that mashes the pedal through the floor never to relent until you are nothing but remnants of what you once were.

Children of the Atom begins with Initiate the Sequence, a one minute intro that quite literally is the only reprieve that you get before the pure blackened onslaught begins. Right after Initiate the Sequence fades in to the never ending abyss, Children of the Atom really kicks off for the remaining nine tracks never to stop its torrid pace until the final gnarled note has rang out through the halls of hell. The nine tracks that follow the opening track are chaotic and blasphemous offerings that are riddled with scythe like riffs, ever tumultuous drumming and frantic screamed larynx shredding vocals. Right after Initiate the Sequence you are jettisoned in to the never ending cyclone of terror that is Children of the Atom, and from then on you are treated to nine pure whiplash inducing tracks grind your skull down in to dust.

This is a nuclear assault that rampages forth, tearing everything and everyone apart that dares press play. Each track is a well constructed, unrelenting blitzkrieg that peels your face from your skull and skin from bone. Children of the Atom hits hard, hits often and relentlessly, creating a storm of scalding flesh searing metal that is not to be forgotten. Bonehunter has truly created a sound and style all their own, truly making their “devil metal punk” genre their own. Children of the Atom is unlike anything else as it is its own devilish entity. As brain bruising and chaotic as this release is, it is just as addictive and hard to stop listening to. Children of the Atom is a record to behold as it helps Bonehunter carve their own piece of history and slice in to the heavy metal echelon.

Children of the Atom proves once again that Bonehunter isn’t a band to be trifled with or forgotten. This release is filthy, raw, grimy and just simply incredible. As mentioned above, Bonehunter took what they did best between their two previous releases and combined them to create a cohesive and even more well rounded sound than they had before. Not enough can be said about this offering as this certainly is one of the best records to be released this year and Children of the Atom is not a record to pass up.

Children of the Atom will be released September 28, 2018 through Hells Headbangers.

Check out the track Sex Messiah Android from the upcoming release below!

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