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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Cemetery Urn: Barbaric Retribution

August 30, 2018

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For over a decade Cemetery Urn has been ushering manifesto’s of pure destruction and malevolence and with the appearance of their new offering of grisly murder Barbaric Retribution, that statement remains true still. Nine tracks of undulating horror and depravity lurk beneath the cover of this record, waiting to provide you with murderous and malignant death metal. Each track is a flesh ripping and bone gnashing offering that aims to gut and rip the life from your chest. From beginning to end, Cemetery Urn present you with a savage and grisly sound that picks you apart minute to minute leaving you lifeless in a mold infested grave.

It doesn’t take long before Cemetery Urn greet you with their coveted bleeding raw and hellish sound as they storm through the crypts with their opener Victim Defiled immediately. Victim Defiled is a bloodied and blood crazed offering that brandishes a rotted and foul stench that makes your skin peel and your organs bleed. This first cut is a nasty one as it blasts away chipping away at your skull only to expose your spongy brain for pure evisceration. From Victim Defiled onward, you are treated to eight more tracks that play much the same way. Each track that fills this record is a barbaric and bloodied ode to death that rampages forth stopping at nothing until graves have been dug and mutilated and defiled remains have filled them.

Barbaric Retribution is a sickening and perverse release as it offers up nine malevolent and malignant tracks riddled with disease and death. Each of the nine tracks is a neck twisting and skin shredding offering that doesn’t provide you with so much as a breather. Cemetery Urn churns out track after track of grave desecrating death suffocating you under pure rotten viscera and entrails. Each track is just as morbid and relentless as the last as they charge forth with every intention of slashing your throat and splaying your flesh. Barbaric Retribution is wicked and murderous as it ushers forth nine tracks of disgust and reeking putrefaction.

This is pure rotten death and nothing but. Relentless in nature, malevolent, disgusting, twisted and purely rotten, that is death metal and that is what this record is about. This flesh carving release is as blunt force and brutal as they come, and if you are looking for some top notch face smashing death metal, you don’t have to look much further.

Barbaric Retribution is out now through Hells Headbangers!

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