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Blaze Infernal: Demo MMVIII

August 31, 2018

Hailing from Indonesia comes death metal new comers Blaze Infernal, and hauling up from the crypts with them is their three track demo. This demo begins with an intro appropriately titled The Beginning, which is riddled with heavy unsettling breathing for one and a half minutes before fading in to darkness to give way to the remaining two tracks. Once The Beginning fades, Gods Amongst Men begins kicking this demo in to high furious gear as it rampages forth at a torrid pace bringing you disease riddled death metal. This track is a lengthy one as it tops over seven minutes, and for these seven minutes Blaze Infernal balances the track very well. You aren’t treated to a complete skull blasting affair within all seven minutes, nor are you treated to mid tempo rumblings as Blaze Infernal balances the two tempos well to provide you with a well rounded and well crafted lengthy death metal track.

The third and final track to appear within this wretched beast is titled To The Void…(Godless is Truth). This over four minute track is more like the aforementioned death rampage. Filled with slashing riffs and ever bone cracking drumming with unearthly growls to fill the bloodied void, To The Void is a sinister and caustic track. This ripper is just that as it tears in to your skin, sinking its fangs in to your flesh letting you of your ever crimson blood. This track rears is ugly head baring its sharpened teeth awaiting your flesh. This is a fast head banger of an offering that gets your spine twisting in a hurry.

Both of the full tracks within this demo are malevolent and sinister, just one has a little more diversity and variety within it. As a whole, this is a solid demo as Blaze Infernal provides you with two solid death metal tracks one right after another. As short as this demo is on tracks alone, it more than makes up for in run time and content. This is a good start for these new death dealers.

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