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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Insineratehymn: A Moment In A Vision

August 13, 2018


Hailing from the great city of Los Angeles come grave desecrators Insineratehymn and dragging up from the crypts with them is their new offering A Moment In A Vision. This barbaric release is filled with seven putrid and vile tracks that are sure to leave your head split wide open. Playing in the rotted vein of the old, Insineratehymn discharge track after track of punishing death and nothing but. There is only one moment within this release where there is a bit of reprieve before you are dragged back down in to your damp grave once again. A Moment In A Vision is a punishing assault from beginning to end ultimately suffocating you under rot and viscera.

Through and through this is a bleedingly raw and unfiltered offering as each and every track has a tinge of that ancient foul sound from death metal bands past. Even though Incineratehymn’s sound is inspired by the old, they keep their sound very much their own as they display their murderous chops through seven excellently crafted tracks. A Moment In A Vision is a bloody massacre and a relentless one at that. As mentioned above, there is only one time in which you are granted reprieve from the otherwise slaughtering and eviscerating release and that comes through once track four-also the title track-plays. This interlude is a welcome sound as the three tracks before it pummel you into a bloody pulp never for you to be identified again, and the three tracks that follow it are just as savage and blood thirsty.

The title track comes at a great time to break up the pure unrelenting slaughtering only for you to be shoved straight back in the grinding madhouse once again. Save for the interlude, each track is a barbaric and flesh peeling offering that greet you with viscera stained riffs and ever pummeling drumming that is only to be paired with spine rattling bass lines and blood hungry vocals. Each track is a well put together slaughtering that gets your neck twisting and your brain bashing against your skull in no time at all. A Moment In A Vision is an infectious release, one that you will be playing over and over again. Through and through, Insineratehymn show off their death metal chops as they offer up nothing but top notch death metal.

A Moment In A Vision is a release to behold and not one to be taken lightly what so ever. This is an incredibly solid release, one that is bloody, heavy and skull crushing through and through, a true embodiment of death metal. This is a malicious release, one seething with malignancy and ghoulish murderous intent. You simply cannot go wrong with A Moment In A Vision.

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Boethiah: Celestial Gateway

August 10, 2018

celestial gateway.jpg

Earlier this year Boethiah released their gutting debut full length Invocation of the Xenolith, and now a mere seven months later they are back to unleash yet even more cosmic horror by the name of Celestial Gateway. This six track offering picks up where Boethiah left off with Invocation of the Xenolith as this EP provides you with even more gut ripping and shredding death metal that is sure to melt your skin and warp your mind beyond repair. Celestial Gateway is just as savage and relentless as their full length as it provides you with six straight tracks of barbaric bleeding raw death metal.

Boethiah begin their new EP with an ominous intro titled Approaching The Gateway that immediately sets an unsettling tone as it relays a message of imminent death and torment. Once Approaching The Gateway concludes it doesn’t take Boethiah long before they dive straight in to the thick of their onslaught as they roll straight in to the second track Charting The Unknown. Immediately you are greeted with bone crunching riffs that are backed by pummeling drums and monstrous throat shredding vocals. This first full track is a monstrous one as it displays great destructive power as it rumbles along setting you up for even more barbarity to come.

The remaining four tracks that follow Charting The Unknown supply you with more of the same raw and punishing death metal. Each track is a ripping and ceaseless offering that rip and tear in to without so much as a second thought. These six cosmic horrors are just that as they supply you with a sickening amount of death that cannot be denied. Each track is a well crafted slaughtering that twists your neck and lets you of your blood never to stop the savagery until the final track has concluded. Celestial Gateway as a whole is downright twisted, haunting and eviscerating from beginning to end as it provides you with gnarled unforgiving death metal track after track. One right after another, Boethiah suffocates you underneath droves of unrelenting sonic horror until you are left floating lifeless in the frozen wasteland of the cosmos.

Each track on this EP is a well written, well crafted and haunting piece of work that is sure to plague your mind for quite some time once you are done listening. Celestial Gateway is a very solid outing as it provides you with nothing but top notch death metal from beginning to end. Boethiah prove once again with this EP that they are one the most exciting new death metal bands out there and that they are here to stay.

Chaoshorde: Hordes Arising

August 9, 2018


Combining the likes of neck twisting speed metal and blasphemous black metal, Chaoshorde provide you with four darkened and purely skin blistering tracks within their debut EP Hordes  Arising. These speed worshiping maniacs play their brand of scalp peeling metal in the collapsed vein of the old, keeping the overall sound bleedingly raw and unkempt. This four track blitzkrieg of terrorizing metal is just that as from beginning to end Chaoshorde provide you with nothing but face melting and spine twisting metal. You don’t get an intro, you don’t get any fluff or filler, what you get is pure, unfiltered blasphemous blackened speed metal to crank to eleven.

From the drop of the first note, Hordes Arising is exactly what is described above. This release is hellish non-stop scorching metal that doesn’t stop the pummeling until your skin has been peeled back from your flesh. Each track is a ripping and damning offering that supplies you with a hellish amount of blasting drumming and scythe like riffs that are only to be coupled with rumbling bass lines all throughout. Hordes Arising induces whiplash nearly immediately as it sets off like a bat straight out of hell never to stop its twisting mayhem until the final bloodied note has rang through.

This is pure intensity captured within only four tracks. Right from the get go you get hit right between the eyes with a ceaseless onslaught pummeling you straight in to the afterlife. You get no time to breathe really as one track rolls almost immediately in to the next creating a damning vortex of shredding metal that just cannot be denied. Hordes Arising is a gritty and intense release, one that terrorizes you from front to back never to release you from its steely clutches.

Hordes Arising is a solid debut outing as it supplies you with four straight excellently crafted tracks that get your brain bashing against your skull in no time. Each track is a face melting ode to the blackened speed metal bands of old and yet Chaoshorde makes it their own. This is a very solid EP, and if you are looking for some new blackened speed metal, look no further.

Coffinrot: Retribution Divine

August 6, 2018


Offering up a sound of pure unholy metal, Coffinrot fuse death metal, elements of black metal, thrash and even doom to create an overall skin ripping and flesh peeling sound that will have your brain splattered beyond the bounds of your skull. Retribution Divine is packed with eight full tracks of detrimental neck twisting death metal that drains your marrow and lets you of your blood nearly immediately. Retribution Divine is an unforgiving record, one that leaps through the gates of hell with a terrorizing blood lust. The overall macabre sound of this release does a great job of making your skin crawl and have your mind sink in to the darkest recesses that it can possibly find.

Through and through, Retribution Divine is terrorizing and horrifying as it pummels you in to oblivion nearly from the get go. Coffinrot lead you in to their new record with Mind Your Elders, which leads you to your demise with a calm yet darkened intro before completely shredding your flesh and sanding your skull down until your brain is exposed. Mind Your Elders is a ripping and savage track that pelts you from all sides with searing grave digging death metal that aims to gut and maim. This three and a half minute opening track sets you up perfectly for what is left to come through the remaining seven tracks. After Mind Your Elders, Coffinrot doesn’t let up from there or get any less perverse and obscene as they pour their brand of molten death on thick never to relent until you have been buried in a shallow blood splattered grave.

Following Mind Your Elders come seven more tracks following closely in the footsteps of the opening track. Each track within this release is a blood letting and ferocious trek down the halls of the damned and tortured. Each track is a hellish offering that spurts blood and viscera at every single turn burying you underneath droves of malignant flesh and stagnant blood before you know it. Retribution Divine is a barbaric and relentless release, one that charges forth, butcher knives brandished awaiting its next victim. This is a macabre and sickening release, one that delves deep in to the darker side of human nature. Retribution Divine twists and contorts your mind in to dark corners never to have it fully recover from a complete flesh splaying assault.

This release is solid overall as it features eight tracks that are well put together, performed and executed providing you with an overall savage and highly entertaining release. Each of the eight tracks here are lobotomizing, heavy and blood draining, everything you look for in death metal. Coffinrot has nailed this record and surpassed my expectations as they have created one hell of an album here in Retribution Divine.

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