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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Gridfailure: When The Lights Go Out Vol.II

October 31, 2018

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Not as in your face, yet still nightmarish, Gridfailure presents When the Lights Go Out Vol. II. This release from the noise outfit isn’t as in your face noisy as its previous efforts have been, but with that being said this offering is an atmospheric mind bender none the less. Through each record, Gridfailure paints nightmarish soundscapes and atmospheres that cloud your mind and take it through darkened corridors until it has shrunk back in to the darkest of recesses. When the Lights Go Out Vol. II is sinister and haunting through and through as Gridfailure once again creates spectral ambiance and industrial noise that captivates yet horrifies.

Gridfailure begins their new offering with a slow burning offering that sets the overall skin crawling tone. The four plus minute opener floods your speakers with haunting sounds right off the bat, infecting your mind with darkened reveries and visions of horror creeping out of the shadows. The opener sets the tone for what is to come, and what is to come is even more sinister noise offerings that contort your mind and raise the hair on the back of your neck. Gridfailure does a great job of captivating you from the very beginning never to let your mind wander too far from the labyrinth of noise in which they create.

This noise monger paces this release very well as they start you off slowly, burning away at a four minute track before delving deeper in to the ever quickening darkness. From the opener onward, Gridfailure provides you with atmospheric blasphemy that stretches your imagination and brings you in to a world devoid of light. From beginning to end, Gridfailure paints grim and sinister paintings with a wide brush of industrial noise, haunting atmospherics and spectral voices among other elements to create an overall darkened and chilling sound.

Through the five eight tracks that are present within this release, Gridfailure leads you down darkened corridors never to be able to escape until the final spectral voice has called out through the void. Each track flows nicely together creating a cohesive mesh of nightmares. Overall, When the Lights Go Out Vol. II is a solid release through and through as Gridfailure provides you with eight solid tracks of nothing but haunting noise.

When the Lights Go Out Vol. II  will be released tomorrow October 31.

Decomposition of Entrails: Pestilential Synthesis

October 28, 2018

Beginning their reign of terror in 2012, Decomposition of Entrails has been on a bloodied and war torn path since. Since their inception these gore mongers have unleashed two demos, two full length releases, a split and one EP only to continue their savagery in to 2018 where a new full length is to be expected. Taking a step back two years we find their second full length release Pestilential Synthesis. This ten track abomination is riddled with gut ripping offerings that are just as relentless as you could imagine. There are no frills here and there certainly isn’t any fluff within this release as what you find are ten tracks packed to the gut bursting point with gore and disease.

From beginning to end Pestilential Synthesis is a flesh tearing and skin carving offering. Never to relent from the first note onward, Decomposition of Entrails provides you with nothing but a brutalizing beat down leaving you bloodied and mangled at the end of it all. From track one to track ten you are greeted with some of the most savage of sounds as these corpse hoarders unleash down tuned gut splicing riffs that are only to be married with bone smashing drumming and ever blood soaked and unearthly gutturals. This spine bending offering is a relentless brutal death offering that continues to bring the hammer down for ten straight tracks.

While Pestilential Synthesis is a relatively short record as the longest track within this release tops just over three and a half minutes, the effects can be felt. This offering brutalizes from beginning to end, aiming to let blood and strew entrails across the earth until everything has been baptized in crimson red. Each track is a blitzkrieg of face breaking cuts that are barbaric and utterly savage as they come after you like a serial killer lumbering after their next prey.

Pestilential Synthesis is a technical and tight record through and through as the musicianship on this record is top notch. From the musicianship to the vocals to the production, this is a solid and cohesive record through and through. Pestilential Synthesis is a potent and bloodied record that emaciates and mangles its victims relentlessly until the final gnarled note has been called out from halls of its mauled victims. Pestilential Synthesis is an exceptional brutal death record, and it will be exciting to see what Decomposition of Entrails has in store with their upcoming full length.

Cabaret Aberrante: Extirpando la miseria

October 27, 2018


Forming in 2009, death metal outfit Cabaret Aberrante has released three full length records and two demos up until this point as they unleash their newest offering of gore and torture titled Extirpando la miseria. This nine track release is a sick and twisted offering that provides you with nine straight tracks of straight forward death metal for the most part. Cabaret Aberrante pulverize and punish for the most part, only to slow things down when the track calls for it only to pick right back up where they left off. Cabaret Aberrante injects each track with some orchestral ambiance creating some atmosphere between all of the punishing blast beats and chugging riffs making their sound a little more unique and diverse.

Based off of the cover art, Extirpando la miseria is just as disturbing as you would imagine. Extirpando la miseria is a filthy and grime filled record that pushes boundaries and provides you with truly twisted and torturous death metal. From one track to the next, Cabaret Aberrante provides you with filthy metal making you feel as though you need a bath afterward. Each of the nine tracks that are present within this offering are just as gore and smut filled as the last providing you with a truly sadistic and gut punching listen.

From beginning to end, Cabaret Aberrante mash the proverbial pedal to the metal providing you with whiplash inducing tracks one right after another. As mentioned above, these gore fiends slow things down only when needed, but only for a moment before picking back up to provide you with even more sadistic offerings. Each track is riddled with chugging riffs that are backed by ever blasting drums and unearthly bloodied vocals that force their way through the filth to the forefront. Each passing minute of this record isn’t filled with complete barbarity as each track has a dosage of melody and atmosphere to it creating an overall fluid sound.

Extirpando la miseria is a solid record from beginning to end. The orchestral injections are a nice touch to each track and the instrumentation is solid as is the production making this to be an overall well rounded record. If you are looking for some straight forward death with a little extra grime added in, Extirpando la miseria would be the record to check out.

Lelahell Announce European Tour

October 26, 2018

Check the dates below!

02.11.2018 Bronxtoles Deathfest, Madrid, ES : 
03.11.2018 Iberian Warriors Metal Fest Zaragoza, ES :
04.11.2018 Ardo Ona, Vitoria-Gasteiz, ES: *
05.11.2018 La cave à Rock, Toulouse, FR : *
06.11.2018 Le Blogg, Lyon, FR : *
07.11.2018 Centrale Rock Pub, Erba, IT:
08.11.2018 Gustaf Pekarna Dvorana, Maribor ,SLO :
09.11.2018 Squat Klinika, Prague, CZ
10.11.2018 Mlada Boleslav, Fararova Slu (Ortodox Club)j, CZ
11.11.2018 Rudeboy Club, Bielsko Biala, PL :
12.11.2018 S8 Underground Club, Budapest, HUN:
*w/ Paranoid Fantasy


Godless: Swarm

October 26, 2018


With plenty of clinical precision, fury and malevolence, Godless presents their sophomore EP Swarm. This five track EP is a terrorizing and blood boiling offering that nearly kicks your teeth down your throat from the get go. After a fifty second intro, Godless kicks hell’s gates open with their official opening track Infected by the Black, a three and a half minute blitzkrieg of tight and technical death riddled thrash. The pace is torrid as it rips your skin from your flesh as Godless plays an unholy and unrelenting brand of death thrash, and that is just the first track. Godless keeps up their face melting pace through the remaining tracks presenting you with a wicked and entirely sadistic listen.

Godless roll from track to track with great fluidity never granting you more than a moment to catch your breath and spin your head back around. Each track is a ripping and flesh carving offering that leaves you starving for breath and a reprieve, but that you will not get. Through and through, Swarm is wicked and ceaseless as it rolls out four dehumanizing tracks one right after another. Each track is a hell ripping and malevolent offering that aims to drain you of your life before everything is all said and done. Godless seems to be out for blood here as they press forth ushering you one sinister track after another making Swarm out to be an overall menacing and terrorizing effort.

Swarm is undeniably crushing and bone rattling. This EP is as heavy as it gets as Godless seamlessly sews together death and thrash to present you with something that is truly punishing. Swarm is powerful, potent and venomous and never once does it let up or slow down only for it to greet you with punishing death thrash from beginning to end. Each track is precise, technical and down right heavy and the more that you listen the more that your head begins to hang by only a thread. Each track is pure savagery and relentless malevolent horror as these bloodied tracks pour through your speakers only seeking blood.

Godless has it all here within this EP. They are creative, heavy, malicious, precise and much more. This EP is something to behold and certainly not something to skip out on as it is a release that you should want to listen to and bash your brain against your skull to. Swarm is an addictive and highly potent release that is hard to put down.

Swarm will be released October 27, 2018.

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Neptunus: Alien Conspiracy

October 25, 2018

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Crashing down from the cosmos is Neptunus and crashing down from the stars with them is their debut EP titled Alien Conspiracy. This offering features five tracks of technical deathcore for your neck breaking enjoyment. Each track is a spine bending offering that treats you to technicality, cosmic filled horrors and of course a heaping dosage of heavy. From beginning to end these Indonesian destroyers provide you with an unrelenting sound that is meant for bending your neck and mashing your brain against your skull. Neptunus sets in to their EP with Extraterrestrial, a bombastic and ever shredding opener that sets the frenetic and mayhem filled pace in which Alien Conspiracy is filled. This offering presents you with a clean and sharp sound that ultimately courses through each of the tracks that follow.

With Extraterrestrial Neptunus immediately showcases their technical ability as they sling forth technical riffs and pin point drumming. In between ripping death metal rampages, Neptunus incorporates smatterings of break downs that are just as heavy as you would like them to be. Each break down is spaced out well enough so that entire tracks don’t feel and sound like one long break down after another. Extraterrestrial is a great opening track to jettison you in to the cosmos preparing you for the remaining four savage tracks.

Each track that follows the opener plays much the same way. Each offering is a technical and heavy tour de force that offers up a brain bruising and ultimately heavy sound. Alien Conspiracy is a relentless onslaught of deathcore that rampages forth from beginning to end never gifting you with a moments reprieve. Once one track concludes the next begins ushering in the next wave of suffocating death. Neptunus rolls from track to track greeting you with the same intensity that came the track before. Each track is an intense and technical cut that leaves your head spinning at times and at other times leaves you cranking your neck to heavy handed break downs.

Across the board Alien Conspiracy is a solid release as it provides you with calculated break downs, technical musicianship, great unearthly vocals and solid production. Each track is a well written and constructed offering leaving this EP as a whole to be cohesive and fluid. This is a solid debut to say the least.

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Coffin Rot/Molder Split

October 22, 2018

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Six tracks, three a piece for Coffin Rot and Molder, nothing but devastating and vile death. Coffin Rot and Molder are two of death metal’s most promising acts, and within this split they show exactly why that is. Each band plays a stripped down and raw style of death metal that leaves your veins dry and your head severed. Their sound is fetid and foul and forever relentless as they usher forth a blood letting sound that is sure to rip you to shreds. This split is chaotic, intense and putrid as each band offers up a slab of sickening death that simply cannot be denied.

Leading the charge on this split is Coffin Rot. These death merchants burst through the speakers with their opener Living Cremation. This opener is an intense and wicked offering that is furious and bone crushing to say the least. Coffin Rot rumbles through this two and a half minute track aiming to pulverize you in to nothing more than an unidentifiable blood stain. As Living Cremation ends, Unmarked Shallow Grave begins. With this cut, Coffin Rot continues their rampage offering up yet another grisly and putrid slab of death. With lacerating riffs coupled with ever charging drumming and inhuman growls, Coffin Rot ushers forth a sound that is wholly unforgiving and punishing. Their two original tracks within this split are cranium impaling and flesh eating as each track rumbles along tearing flesh from bone. These are maniacal and nasty cuts of death that leave you bloodied and beaten, only to have you stacked up with the rest of the corpses that they have collected. Coffin Rot’s side of this split is menacing and terrorizing as they present you with nothing but foul disease ridden death. Coffin Rot ends their side of the split with a cover of Cancer’s Hung, Drawn and Quartered, a perfect and violent way to end their split, leaving the rest of the mutilating to Molder.

As mentioned above, the second half of this split belongs to Molder. Condemned to the Catafalque is their opening offering of death that features an even more stripped down, bare bones sound. This opening cut from Molder is a barbaric and savage offering as it charges forth with murderous intent. Condemned to the Catafalque is a miasmal and ever gutting offering that ends near the four minute mark only for it to roll in to the next damning offering titled Skulker. Skulker plays much the same way as Condemned to the Catafalque as it is just as skin shredding and flesh peeling. Each of these two tracks are propelled forth by Molder’s overall stripped down sound that is harsh and punishing all on its own. Molder’s sound features razor sharp riffs that are backed by blasting drumming, bone rattling bass lines and torturous screamed vocals that seem to be howled from beyond the casket. Each of the two original tracks here from Molder are sinister and flesh crawling as they offer up an unrelenting and blood letting sound. Molder rounds the entire split out with an excellent cover of Repulsive Death by Morgue.

This split is something to behold as it features death metal’s two most prominent upcoming bands. Each band brings something different to the table and each band executes their respective tracks so well making this to be an overall well rounded and cohesive offering. Each track here is a barbaric and savage offering leaving your head hanging by just a thread and your entrails drooping out of your skin by the end of it all. This you cannot miss or pass up on if you are a fan of death metal.

This split will be released November 9 on cassette and digitally and for vinyl it will be released November 24, 2018 through Rotted Life.

You can pre-order the split through the Rotted Life Bandcamp and through the Rotted Life Official Website



Azath: Demo 2018

October 20, 2018

Destructive, violent and ever flesh mangling, Azath come storming out of hell’s gates with their first demo. This offering unleashes three ceaseless tracks of pure vein draining death. This is a barbaric release from beginning to end as Azath rolls from track to track with murderous and brutalizing intent, ripping your skin from flesh and flesh from bone with the passing of each minute. The overall sound that Azath gives off is raw and relentless as you are treated to a dissonant and ancient sound that was just built for bleeding you dry.

Azath wastes no time putting their blade to your throat as they burst through your speakers with their opening track never to relent until you are left as nothing but a bloodied mess. Each of the three tracks within this demo are terrorizing and shredding offerings of death that are coated in the most foul and stagnant of blood and entrails. With ever sharpened, ripping riffs that are coupled with blitzkrieg drumming, rumbling bass lines and unearthly blood curdling vocals, Azath treats you to a listen that is as deadly as they come. Each track rampages forth with the intent to slaughter, leaving nothing behind but a torso.

This demo is on the  shorter side as the two lengthier tracks just cross over three and a half minutes while the shorter just crosses a single minute. With that being said, that doesn’t mean that this is lacking in content as Azath blasts out three head severing tracks that are as lethal as you would imagine them to be. These offerings of vile death are just that. They are vile and relentless in their assault as they rip and tear in to you leaving your ear drums mutilated and your brain properly bruised.

This is just the start of things to come for these purveyors of death, and this is one wicked start.

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