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Black Coven: Everlost

October 13, 2018

Stepping in to the ever bloodied waters of the death metal genre are newcomers Black Coven hailing from Austria. Everlost is the title of their brand new EP which sports three tracks that pair melodic death metal with hints of black metal injected in to the fold providing you with an overall raw, dissonant and blackened sound. Through this release, each track gets better with the third being the most solid and well rounded track of the bunch. This is an overall solid start for a new band just jumping in to the endless fray of death.

Black Coven doesn’t sit around waiting to jump at you with their sonic barrage as they immediately set in with their opener Across The 1000 Lakes. This track is a dissonant and cold offering that is a solid yet lacking in certain areas offering that sets you up for the remaining two tracks. Through Across The 1000 Lakes you are greeted with ice cold cold riffs that are backed by ever pummeling and charging drumming that are only to be supplemented further by raspy dissonant hellish vocals. This track switches back and forth between choppy slower death marches, to more up tempo marches through the swamp providing you with some variety and tempo changes that almost lurch in certain areas.

Once the opener fades, Ablazing Dawn begins, which is a solidly more up tempo cut that is a little more of a step up than the opener. This track provides you with even more cutting riffs with an injected solo about half way through that is only to be backed by the ever throat cutting vocals. Ablazing Dawn is more well rounded than that of the opening track as this track provides you with a straight forward death march that gets your head banging and gets you more in to the track. This is a more engaging and compelling offering that leads you directly in to the third and final track Ovation of The Wolves.

Ovation of The Wolves is the most well rounded and well put together track on Everlost. This track begins with a little acoustic intro the bleeds in to an electric scythe romp that is backed by charging drumming. Near two minutes in, this offering kicks it into high gear presenting you with a solid and ripping death metal tune that is complete with tighter riffs and tighter drumming with the ever hellish vocals pouring over the sonic noise. This is the most complete and well constructed track of the three on this release and a good closing track to close out an overall decent EP.

Through and through Everlost is a decent EP as mentioned. It has elements of black metal and death metal working for it here that come together in harmony in sections, and completely in the closing track Ovation of The Wolves. What stole the show really are the hellish vocals as they are solid all on their own yet they give each track a little more bite and venom. Moving forward, the music just needs to be tighter overall then a more tightly knit and constructed sound will amount, but with that being said this is a good step forward.

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