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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Sudestada: Yo soy el mar

November 30, 2018

With the sewing together of hardcore, punk and post hardcore, Sudestada creates a sound that is equal parts heavy handed, atmospheric and melodic. Yo soy el mar is the title of their newest offering, and within this piece of work you come to greet ten full tracks of ballistic hardcore madness. Nearly from the jump you become enveloped in a romping heavy sound that is sure to get your neck bending. The eight tracks that are sandwiched between the intro and the outro are well performed and written, creating a cohesive, fluid and well  rounded offering that you are sure to come back to.

Sudestada lulls you in to a false sense of security by providing you with a somewhat atmospheric intro before really diving in to the meat of their record. After the short intro passes, Sudestada hits you with a barrage of hardcore sickness, one right after another. Each track plays well together creating an overall cohesive sound that keeps you head banging and your neck cranking. There hardly are any pauses between cuts as Sudestada keeps the hardcore train rolling from one track to the next never really gifting you with a break in the action. The only real breaks that your neck gets are with the intro, outro and when Sudestada decides to slow things down for a beat in the middle of some of their tracks before they pick back up again.

Among their heavy handed style of hardcore, there is an underlying atmosphere that seeps through each track providing you with a darker sound than what you might normally hear. The atmospherics that steeped within each track are great additions as they add something unique as well as more diversity and variation through each track. The balance that Sudestada strikes between their brain bruising hardcore approach and the atmospherics that are injected to each track is a good one as it provides you with ten well constructed and well written tracks that are wholly memorable.

Overall, Yo soy el mar is a very solid record as it provides you with great variation and diversity through each track. The combination of numerous genres as well as the atmospherics create an overall sound that is organic and all together easy to listen to. Yo soy el mar is a solid record through and through, one that you will not find a weak track in what so ever.

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Sudestada Bandcamp

Sudestada Facebook

Check out the official video for the track Pompeya below!

Sichgart: Chest’ Ta Krov

November 28, 2018


Charged with lyrics that dive in to social and political issues as well as national spirit revival, Sichgart aim their new stampede at you making you twist your neck and bang your head. This Ukrainian death riddled thrash fusion present you with ten tightly constructed cuts within their newest offering  Chest’ Ta Krov that get your fist pumping and your head nodding before you really realize it. Their music is infectious and powerful and strikes at the heart of the listener with rapid fire drumming and technical riffs that are only to be supplemented by thick bass lines and vocals that are screamed at you from every direction.

Sichgart charges forth with their blitzkrieg of thrashing death nearly immediately as the opener begins with a little intro before it really kicks off and shows you what these thrash fiends are capable of. Each track here is tight and technical, never to really lay off the gas even when a couple of the tracks here aren’t played nearly as up tempo as the rest. Sichgart put their blade to the grindstone here from the very beginning onward gifting you with a chaotic and neck bending offering that never really relents from the first minute to the last.

Chest’ Ta Krov is a turbo charged offering that is just as in your face as you could possibly imagine. This gritty offering presents you with ten straight tracks of savagery with little room and time to breathe as all of these offerings are rapid fire cuts that leave earth scorched and your face properly melted. Sichgart weave death metal and thrash expertly together to create an overall bombastic and blasting sound that never quits and gets you to bash your brain against your skull for good measure all throughout.

Through and through, each track within this album is a very solid piece of thrash without a track here lacking and without you wanting to skip anything. From beginning to end you are greeted by top notch and technical musicianship that is supplemented further by gritty and powerful vocals as well as an overall clean production. Chest’ Ta Krov is a solid offering as it presents to you track after track of straight forward death riddled thrash metal that you can bang your head and pump your fist to in revolt.

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Sichgart Facebook


NONE: Life Has Gone On Long Enough

November 26, 2018

NONE - Life has gone on long enough [Cover].jpg

Through eight tracks of soul crushing melancholy, NONE creates an ultimately devastating sound that wraps you up in dismal hymns. Life Has Gone On Long Enough is pure depressive black metal in its most raw and powerful form as it provides you with track after track of bone chilling black metal. From beginning to end you are subject to the cold and ever biting atmospheres that NONE provides only for them to wrap you up in a solemn fog to lay you to rest in the damp earth. Each track is a fluid offering as one weaves straight in to the next never giving you a rest from the overall oppressive and incredibly melancholic sounds that pour through your speakers.

Life Has Gone On Long Enough is a slow burning effort from beginning to end never picking the pace up beyond a slow crawl, forever twisting and torturing your mind with their crawling oppressive sound. Each track is lengthy as well with near all of them topping over seven minutes in length which really gives NONE plenty of time to draw you in to their dismal and heart wrenching sounds. Even though these sinister offerings are lengthy you never really feel as though they over stay their welcome as they pass by fluidly like reveries dancing in the shadows.

This release does a great job of drawing you in and keeping you listening throughout until the final ghastly note pours through your speakers. Life Has Gone On Long Enough is a compelling and gripping release from beginning to end that grips you with the cold and clammy hands of death never to release you until you have completely been submerged in depressive darkness. More than just the somber musicianship here, NONE provides you with wicked atmospherics all throughout that supplement each track and propel each offering further in to the forever growing darkness. With melancholic piano, cackling laughter and cries from the grave, NONE offer up some seriously sinister and submersing atmospheres that just cannot be taken lightly or shaken off.

Life Has Gone On Long Enough grips you tightly, forever pulling you deeper in to the grave from beginning to end. This raw and soul reaping record has everything it needs to create an overall excellent depressive black metal offering. The atmospherics are incredible and the dissonant musicianship plays perfectly in to the hands of the powerful ambiance to create a sound that is wholly menacing and hypnotic all the same. Each of the eight dirges of depression that are harbored within the cracked walls of Life Has Gone On Long Enough are really well constructed through and through gifting you with one hell of an intense and gripping listen.


Red Riot: Seek! Kill! Burn!

November 25, 2018

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Bringing the sleaze and mixing it with some grimy thrash is Red Riot with their newest offering Seek! Kill! Burn!. This ten track release is riddled with thrashing greasy anthems that get your head banging and your fist pumping before you realize what you’re doing. This release is pure thrash entertainment as you are treated to one sleazy track one right after another as they urge you to bang your head in protest. While this release doesn’t reinvent the thrash wheel here, what it does do is provide you with plenty of entertainment for its entire thirty-five minute plus run time. There isn’t a track within this release that isn’t entertaining and memorable as you end up belting the lyrics out right along with the vocalist and twisting your neck from minute to minute.

It doesn’t take Red Riot long at all to strike right at the heart of their debauchery riddled release as they mash the thrash pedal to the metal never to let up until the final track concludes. These are angst and adrenaline filled offerings that get right under your skin and make you not only want to bang your head in protest but pump your fist in wild fervor as well. Each track within this release aims to melt your face with furious riffs that are backed by scorching solos, ever rumbling bass lines and gravel filled vocals that give each track that much more of a back bone. These ten offerings here have plenty of attitude and angst attached to them that when listening you feel the urge to throw a brick through a window and incite a pure riot.

Seek! Kill! Burn! is a grimy record and that is very apparent from the very beginning all the way to the end as Red Riot carries the grime all the way through presenting you with one filthy track one right after another. This is pure entertainment that is brought to you by good musicianship, ever gritty vocals and infectious lyrics that you have no choice but to shout out along with the group. As mentioned before, this release doesn’t break new thrash ground, and it doesn’t have to. It is memorable and entertaining the way it is and that is the point. This is rebellious and debauchery filled thrash that is meant to make you riot and go a little crazy, and that is pure thrash entertainment.

Check out the official videos for the tracks H.I.P.S.T.E.R and Rise or Fall below!

Cerebrum: Iridium

November 24, 2018


Bursting through the cosmos in 2002, technical death metal wizards Cerebrum have released crushing works after crushing works. After their first demo in 2005, these death metal stalwarts have released two full lengths up until this point, and now they are on the verge of unleashing yet another monster titled Iridium. This offering is straight up technical death metal, throwing fads, flamboyance and the desire to be the fastest band on the planet aside. Through nine tracks you are presented with impressive death metal one track right after another. These face shredding Greek monsters offer up a tight, technical, fluid and all together mind bending release that shoots you through the stratosphere before you know it.

Through and through Iridium is packed with raw and ever neck twisting tracks that just never cease their onslaught until the sixth track comes up providing you with a little bit of an interlude before you get your mind warped once again. That being said, even the one minute atmospheric interlude plays well with the other tracks and is placed well within this record to keep things cohesive and fluid. Cerebrum has crafted one hell of a record here with Iridium as you are treated to nothing but top notch death metal all the way around. There isn’t a track here that lacks in any way shape or form as Cerebrum lay everything out on the table gifting you with one hell of a listen and one hell of a solid record.

Iridium is filled with gravel toned riffs that are inhumanly technical and light speed drumming that gets your neck bending before you realize it. Each track is filled with impressive and incredible technicality through and through. These offerings leave you no room to breathe as each cut is a salvo of pure brute force and technicality that isn’t to be trifled with. Iridium is a devastating record from beginning to end as it takes no prisoners and never relents as each minute is packed with technical death metal goodness that just cannot be denied.

This release is incredible through and through and yet another great death metal record to round the year out. Through sheer inhuman technicality, superb musicianship, monstrous vocals and great production, Cerebrum has crafted a record here that is damn near perfect.

Iridium will be released December 21, 2018 through Transcending Obscurity Records.

Links To Follow:

Cerebrum Bandcamp

Cerebrum Facebook

Check out the official video for A Face Unknown from the upcoming release below!

Feral: Flesh For Funerals Eternal

November 22, 2018

feral album cover.jpg

With a healthy portion of gut ripping riffs and ever brain churning drumming, Feral comes forth with Flesh For Funerals Eternal. This is a nasty and gnashing release that chomps at the bit to let your blood and have your bowels strewn about. From beginning to end you are greeted with nothing but barbaric and bloody death metal. Never once does the onslaught cease as Feral mash the proverbial pedal through the floor to gift you one hell of a savage and blood curdling listen. Packed to the bursting point with ten bleeding raw and filthy tracks, Flesh For Funerals Eternal is gritty, nasty and neck twisting and every capacity. It isn’t here to reinvent the wheel, but it is here to smash your skull in to oblivion and keep death metal surging forth through the bloodied swamps.

Feral wastes no time diving straight in to the grime and filth as they fly forth with their opener Vaults of Undead Horror, never to cease until your veins have been completely drained. Flesh For Funerals Eternal is a monstrous record, one that stomps forth never looking back at who has been trampled and whose head has been severed. Each track is a behemoth as they rip and tear through your flesh, gutting you alive. There are no frills and certainly no fluff as Feral keeps it raw and punishing through and through never to give you a break as you suffocate under the scattered entrails and tattered flesh. Flesh For Funerals Eternal is straight up pure and sickening death metal. This is a record that aims for the throat from the very beginning never to lift its knife until the blood letting concludes.

This terrifying monstrosity is a release to behold as it harbors ten incredible tracks that keep on rolling one right after another. Feral doesn’t compromise here or pull any punches as each and every track that they have packed this record with are menacing, dripping in blood offerings that are purely terrorizing and neck snapping. You have no choice but to bang your head until you brain seeps through your nose and your neck severs. This unrelenting wash of blood, disease and death is just that. Flesh For Funerals Eternal pack the crypts high with fetid remains as it spews grisly death one track after another until you have been entombed with the rest of the corpses it has collected.

Flesh For Funerals Eternal is god damn perfect in every capacity. From beginning to end you are subject to top notch death metal and nothing but. This is the perfect death metal record to end the year on and the perfect one to destroy the beginning of your new year. There is nothing left to say other than this record should not be slept on as you will regret it.

Flesh For Funerals Eternal will be released December 30, 2018 through Transcending Obscurity Records.

Links To Follow:

Feral Facebook

Feral Bandcamp

Check out the official video for Horrendous Sight from the upcoming release below!

Omgeving: Wijde Wijdte

November 18, 2018

Boiling down numerous genres to create something all together atmospheric, heavy and gripping is Omgeving. This experimental band incorporates the likes of doom, sludge, rock, black metal and ambient to provide you with a compelling and enveloping sound. Wijde Wijdte is an instrumental record that comes complete with eight tracks of gripping and mind warping metal. From beginning to end you fall deeper and deeper in to the darkened recesses of the atmosphere that is provided here for you. As soon as the first note hits your ears you are compelled and gripped, never wanting to leave the listen until you have heard the final note call out through the void.

Wijde Wijdte is wholly striking and intriguing and Omgeving seamlessly sews numerous genres together to create an overall unique sound. Never once do you hear the same sound twice as Omgeving does a great job of mixing things up through each track. Wijde Wijdte is a labyrinth of sounds as it is forever changing and forever leading your mind around twisting and contorting corridors for its entirety. Wijde Wijdte has a knack for pulling you in and submerging you under its ever compelling and hypnotizing atmospheres never to let you leave until your mind has been completely filled with darkened reveries and dirges of doom.

Omgeving presents you with a sound that is grand, fluid and ever shifting never keeping the same shape as it contorts and twists its way through numerous genres only to provide you with a cohesive and comprehensive listen.The smattering of genres within this release is on full display as each and every track provides you with little elements of each genre that work hand in hand to create an overall inviting yet sinister sound. As each minute passes through these dirges of darkness, you fall further and further in to the abyssal soundscapes that are provided for you. Wijde Wijdte is hypnotic in its own way and gripping, ever drawing you further and further in to where the light does not reach.

Wijde Wijdte is a solid record to say the least as it offers up just about everything you could want coming from an experimental project. You are treated to ever foreboding atmospheres, slow burning doom passages, black metal cynicism and more as Omgeving pushes the boundaries of each genre to present you with something unique. Each of the eight tracks on this release are fulfilling and well constructed creating a fluid sound that you have a hard time breaking away from. This release warrants many listens not only to pick up on things that you may not have heard in previous listens, but because it is a solid and compelling record through and through.

Wijde Wijdte will be released December 6, 2018 through Hypnotic Dirge Records.

Aergewinn: Bærnan

November 17, 2018

Copertina 2.3.2 (3).jpg

Brewed in a bubbling cauldron, one man band Aergewinn has created a grave stomping sound. Sounding like a midnight massacre, Aergewinn melts together old-school Swedish death metal with some black metal and gothic tendencies to create an overall raw, darkened and sinister sound that is not to be ignored. Each track is a melodic crypt destroying offering that pelts you with buzzing riffs and ever pummeling drumming only to be supplemented by throat ripping vocals. There are only four tracks within this release, but within those four tracks you are presented with plenty of necrotic heavy handed death metal.

Bærnan is a wonderfully crafted EP, one that provides you with track after track of nothing but excellent death metal. There isn’t a track here that lacks much as each offering is a wonderful twisted mass of death and disease. Once the one minute intro subsides, Aergewinn kicks everything in to gear to present you with a blood curdling, atmospheric and deadly offering. Each track is crafted and performed very well creating an overall cohesive and well rounded sound.

This release is ominous, blasphemous and down right sinister. Bærnan is a ripper from beginning to end, and with only four tracks to its title this EP packs a serious punch and provides you with plenty of content. Each track is diverse and varied never to give you the same sound twice. Bærnan is highly entertaining and addictive as you are treated with superb musicianship, blood curdling vocals and a rotted production that keeps things raw and malignant.

Bærnan is a festering ode to its death metal predecessors with a little twist to make its sound its own. These four tracks are great as you are gifted with atmosphere, ripping death metal, tinges of black metal, great musicianship and sordid vocals throughout. This is an EP that should not go unrecognized and should be played until you are finally dragged down to the dank and soulless crypts yourself.

Bærnan will be released this December.

Malleus: Night Raids

November 15, 2018

Coming off of a ripper of a release off of Blood Harvest Records titled Storm of Witchcraft, Malleus graces us with yet another cross burning and hellish offering in the form of an EP titled Night Raids. Within this EP you are sure to find two devilish tracks that fuse black metal with elements of thrash to create an unholy and flesh peeling sound that is not to be denied. Barely topping over seventeen minutes, the two tracks that are attached to the title are nothing short of blasphemous and malignant offerings that are sure to boil your blood and twist your spine.

Both tracks are addictive onslaughts of the blackest of metals, leaving you shredded and maimed at the end of it all. Each track is played at a wicked pace, only relenting when they cease only to have you reach for the play button once more for more sonic blasphemy. Malleus begin with the title track which leads you in with a haunting and foreboding intro complete with sounds of war and flesh being sliced and torn before really trudging deep in to the malevolent darkness with their ever blood boiling style of metal. Once the nightmarish atmospherics fade, scythe like riffs and ever blasting drumming tears through the air and your flesh. The title track is a gripping and ripping offering that never relents until the final note has called out from the caves of hell. Complete with screeching gravel filled vocals, the opening track presents you with an overall hellish and dehumanizing sound that aims to rip and tear at your soul all while letting your blood drain down to the bowels of the netherworld.

The second offering The Wretched plays much the same way. At first you are greeted with yet another slow burning haunting intro that buzzes in your ear while the high pitched sounds of cymbals echo through the halls of the damned before a wraith like doom centric riff begins. Once the opening riff fades and the atmospherics crawl back in to the ever growing darkness, Malleus displays their wretched blunt force assault once more. The Wretched is just as up tempo as the opener is as it provides you with even more cutting riffs and even more hellish screams from the abyss to gift you with yet another skin shredding and flesh peeling offering. If the first track didn’t already, the one that follows is sure to bleed you dry as it is just as relentless and raw.

Night Raids is a sinister and unholy offering that gifts you with two blackened offerings that are purely malevolent and wicked. Overall the musicianship is incredible, the vocals are on point and to wrap everything up the production is raw and gritty. Night Raids is an exceptional follow up to Storm of Witchcraft as you are treated to two more tracks of superb black metal.

Carcinoid: Demo 2018

November 12, 2018

Firmly rooted in the ever crowded and collapsed vein of the ancient, Carcinoid make their deadly bid with their own three track demo. Mixing elements of doom and death, Carcinoid come storming out of the gates of hell with a disgusting and gut bursting sound. Carcinoid is unholy, filthy and terrorizing from beginning to end as they present you with track after track of nothing but savagery and utter brutality in ceaseless and malevolent fashion. With no intros, lead ins or outros to hinder their torrid pace, Carcinoid roll from track to track bulldozing the weak and maiming the unprepared.

This demo is fetid, harsh and down right nasty. The disgust and slew of slime runs thick throughout the course of this offering as Carcinoid shovels and piles the entrails on thick from beginning to end. From the opener Face of Anguish to the closing track Red Mist Descending, you are treated to some of the most barbaric and malignant death metal. This is macabre and guttural, ever ceaseless and relentless in its assault to bury you under the already growing mounds of fetid flesh and disease.

Carcinoid stomp on through from track to track with the lumbering swiftness of a deranged killer stalking its next victim. Carcinoid supplies you with a great balance of death and doom throughout their three tracks offering up plenty of variety and diversity all the way through. One minute you will be dragged down to the murky depths with torturous doom and the next your flesh is being peeled from bone with the rumblings of pure death debauchery. With that said, no matter what sound you are faced with, Carcinoid makes it disgusting and revolting through and through as each of the three tracks here are filthy and forever savage.

You can’t get a whole lot more disgusting and vile than what Carcinoid provides you with as they offer up some sickening tunes back to back to back. This is blood curdling and skin crawling death in its most pure and revolting form.

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