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"Blacken the sky Can't stand to see the sun The truth of light Reveals the hatred that has won" – I Saw The End by Pallbearer

Carcinoid: Demo 2018

November 12, 2018

Firmly rooted in the ever crowded and collapsed vein of the ancient, Carcinoid make their deadly bid with their own three track demo. Mixing elements of doom and death, Carcinoid come storming out of the gates of hell with a disgusting and gut bursting sound. Carcinoid is unholy, filthy and terrorizing from beginning to end as they present you with track after track of nothing but savagery and utter brutality in ceaseless and malevolent fashion. With no intros, lead ins or outros to hinder their torrid pace, Carcinoid roll from track to track bulldozing the weak and maiming the unprepared.

This demo is fetid, harsh and down right nasty. The disgust and slew of slime runs thick throughout the course of this offering as Carcinoid shovels and piles the entrails on thick from beginning to end. From the opener Face of Anguish to the closing track Red Mist Descending, you are treated to some of the most barbaric and malignant death metal. This is macabre and guttural, ever ceaseless and relentless in its assault to bury you under the already growing mounds of fetid flesh and disease.

Carcinoid stomp on through from track to track with the lumbering swiftness of a deranged killer stalking its next victim. Carcinoid supplies you with a great balance of death and doom throughout their three tracks offering up plenty of variety and diversity all the way through. One minute you will be dragged down to the murky depths with torturous doom and the next your flesh is being peeled from bone with the rumblings of pure death debauchery. With that said, no matter what sound you are faced with, Carcinoid makes it disgusting and revolting through and through as each of the three tracks here are filthy and forever savage.

You can’t get a whole lot more disgusting and vile than what Carcinoid provides you with as they offer up some sickening tunes back to back to back. This is blood curdling and skin crawling death in its most pure and revolting form.

Homicide Hagridden: Effect Lucifero

November 10, 2018


Thrashing mad since 1994, Homicide Hagridden has released countless demos and three full lengths including Effect Lucifero back in 2016. This offering is a near forty minute offering of nothing but thrash glory. Through each of the nine tracks that are present within this release you are treated to furious riffs that are paired with ever galloping drumming to present you with an overall adrenaline pumping and neck twisting offering. From beginning to end you are treated to a ceaseless onslaught of face melting metal that does not let up until the final track has concluded.

This is a tightly knit offering as each track rolls together to create one big maelstrom of thrash insanity. The musicianship is tight, the production is clean and the vocals have a tinge of Tom Araya to them making them stand out among the ever thrashing fury of the instrumentation. Each track is a solid offering never leaving you feeling unfulfilled or wanting more than what Homicide Hagridden provides for you. Each track is solid in length always topping over three and four minutes in length which leaves you with enough time to properly bend your neck out of shape.

Effect Lucifero is a well constructed and performed offering as it presents you with entertaining and well written tracks one right after another. These face melting offerings are just that. They are furious and scalding, forever making your head bang whether you want to or not. These are technical offerings as you are treated to some riff wizardry and excellent drumming through and through. Never once does a track feel sloppy and never once does a track feel as though it doesn’t belong as each track is a tightly woven thrash offering that does a great job of getting under your skin.

With this release, Homicide Hagridden created something for the thrash junkie. Not only does it pay homage to the forefathers of thrash, but it also implements its own flair to create a sound more technical and its own. These are quick ever jabbing tracks that get you moving before you know it and get you banging your head feverishly over and over again before you realize.

Blade Killer: High Risk

November 8, 2018

Blade Killer_High Risk Cover.jpg

Riddled with infectious riffs and soaring vocals, Blade Killer’s newest offering High Risk is filled with eight tracks of head banging glory. Through eight tracks you are treated to heavy metal madness in its purest form. There is no fluff or filler here as Blade Killer mashes the pedal through the metal from the very beginning offering up eight memorable and solid tracks that you cannot deny. Each track is graced with memorable riffs that are supplemented by ever searing solos, great drumming and soaring vocals that invite you to belt the lyrics out yourself. This is pure heavy metal through and through, and through each track you feel compelled to bang your head and sing right along.

There are no intros or lead ins within this offering as Blade Killer rolls right along from track to track never gracing you with so much as a breather as they unleash their heavy metal attack. Each track is a ripping offering that gets your head nodding immediately whether you wanted to head bang or not. Each track is a well crafted offering providing you with a listen that is top notch and infectious. There isn’t a cut within this offering that is lacking as each record is solid and well executed. Through and through you are provided with twenty-nine minutes of head banging glory that has you reaching for the play button over and over again.

High Risk is engaging and highly entertaining from the drop of the first note onward. Never once do you want to skip a track and never once do you feel as though these offerings could provide you with more. Blade Killer has crafted a record here that is memorable and infectious all within a concise sub thirty minute run time. This is a ripper from the first note to the last note as each of the eight tracks that are harbored within the title are all very solid.

Overall, High Risk is a solid record as you are treated to heavy metal madness in its most raw and pure form. There is nothing here but infectious tunes one right after another, and this is sure to please the ears of heavy metal fans and then some.

High Risk will be released November 23, 2018 through M-Theory Audio.

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Blade Killer Bandcamp

1914: The Blind Leading the Blind

November 4, 2018

the blind leading the blind.jpg

While there are plenty of bands that focus on the atrocities of WWII, 1914 decided to take a different direction and aim their focus on WWI instead. 1914 tell tales of hopelessness, fear and death, making this release to be relentless yet melancholic at times and gripping all the way through. Through each track, 1914 weaves tales of atrocities and death leading your mind through war torn battle fields and bloodied corridors leaving you feeling shell shocked and grim. The Blind Leading the Blind is a unique and ever twisting offering that presents you with eleven straight tracks of wonderfully crafted metal that grips you from beginning to end. Never once does 1914 let up in their assault as they press onward with the combination of death, doom and touches of sludge to present you with an all together incredibly heavy and memorable sound.

1914 leads their march with their opener War In,  which seems to sample a musical number from the time period before really getting you acquainted with their punishing and twisted sound. Right after War In concludes, 1914 barrels forth straight in to the next track without so much as a breather in between. These commandos march forth from track to track spinning tales of war and death that hit you square between the eyes. Just as punishing of a sound as 1914 gives off, it is just as engaging and mesmerizing in its own right as you become gripped by the cold hand of death from the very beginning never to leave until all has been concluded.

The overall sound of The Blind Leading the Blind is incredibly massive and monolithic. You can feel the weight of each kick of the drum and you can feel the strum of each riff rattle your bones. The musicianship is intricate and stellar as the vocals are just as savage and vibrant as they force their way through the cacophony of murky sludge filled noise. Each track is a cohesive offering that sews death and doom together and at points black metal to create an overall spine bending heavy and memorable sound. Each track is a labyrinth of intricacies as each track is forever changing and shifting shape, never to present you with the same sound twice, forever keeping you on your toes.

This is a well crafted record from beginning to end. The musicianship is top notch, the vocals are incredible, the over hanging dismal atmosphere is great and the tales woven of the first world war are all gripping. The Blind Leading the Blind is a great release, one that should not be over looked. This is a hell of a sophomore effort from these Ukrainian bulldozers, one that will stand atop with some of the best releases this year.

The Blind Leading the Blind will be released November 11, 2018 through Redefining Darkness for North America and Archaic Sound for Europe.

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1914 Bandcamp


Lividity: Perverseverance

November 3, 2018


It has been twenty-four solid years since the disturbing inception of Lividity, and within those twenty plus years these heathens have been laying waste with their vicious and insidious brand of death grind. With numerous EPs, splits and demos under their skin stitched belt, Perverseverance is their fifth full length. Within this lobotomizing offering you are greeted with twelve offerings of perverse and insanely twisted metal that is sure to leave you covered in bile, viscera and copious amounts of smegma. You would come to expect nothing other than pure barbarity from Lividity and that is exactly what they deliver. From beginning to end you are treated to a skull grinding and gut slitting offering that is as relentless as you would want it to be and as you would imagine it to be.

Lividity begin their new offering with a crowd chanting, “No means yes, and yes means anal”, just to give you a little vile taste of what is to come. After the chant for anal subsides, Lividity gets in to the putrid meat of their record as they mash their pike through your skull presenting you with gut grinding metal. Chunky riffs, ever bone splintering drumming and unearthly blood stained vocals pour from your speakers one second after another as Lividity marches forth providing you with something foul and grotesque. As each minute passes you become buried further and further underneath copious amounts of gore and fetid viscera. Perverseverance is relentless from beginning to end as it gifts you with twelve straight gut churning tracks.

The slaughtering never ceases as Lividity rolls from track to track greeting you with nothing but sharpened track after sharpened track that is ready to gut. Never are you treated to reprieve, even when there is an occasional audio clip attached to the beginning of certain tracks as those are just as perverse as the rampaging grind that comes afterward. These tracks are perverse, wretched and down right putrid as Lividity offers up some of the most sickening death grind.

With great musicianship coupled with solid song writing and production, Lividity offer up their best record to date. Perverseverance is a well crafted offering that treats you to brutalizing grind around every corner, leaving you asking for more and having you reach for the play button as fast as you can. Each track is a well constructed lobotomizing machine that gets you bashing your brain against your skull and cranking your neck until your spine curves. This is a wicked and well done release by the masters of perverse death grind.

Perverseverance will be released November 30, 2018 through Metal Age Productions.

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Lividity Facebook

Metal Age Productions Bandcamp

Fauna Timbre: Altering Echoes

November 2, 2018

altering echoes.jpg

Mixing in strains of doom, noise rock and sludge, mesmerizing psychedelic outfit Fauna Timbre present their debut offering Altering Echoes. This release is filled with five tracks that are wholly captivating and mystifying. Each track that is present here encompasses the mind in a hazy fog, having it twist and wind down wondrous and psychedelic corridors. Altering Echoes is a slow burning offering from beginning to end that has a great ability to capture your attention and your mind, leaving you in a sedated state until the final fuzzed out note rings through. These tracks are buzzing, engaging, mesmerizing and entirely memorable as Fauna Timbre presents you with something that is wholly captivating.

With ever marching buzzing riffs, doom laden drums, serene vocals and psychedelic synths thrown in to the mix, you get a sound that is hard to forget. Each track is well composed and performed gifting you with one hell of an intriguing and unique offering. Altering Echoes is gripping from beginning to end as each track is a well written piece through and through. Never once does your attention sway as you become transfixed on the melodious buzzing riffs and the wonderful vocals that pour through your speakers. With each passing minute you fall further and further in to the wondrous soundscapes in which Fauna Timbre paints only to make you want to keep coming back once the end arises.

Altering Echoes is groove filled, melodic, serene, melodic and so much more. This is a release that grabs a hold of you from the very beginning, leaving you enchanted and mystified. These tracks are spellbinding and ever captivating as each tack whisks you away. Fauna Timbre mixes numerous genres together with ease, incorporating each seamlessly to create an overall sound that is impeccable and near perfect. The musicianship is solid, the psychedelic synths add to an already dream like atmosphere and the vocals are perfect, and all of that combined creates a serene and hypnotic sound that is hard to pull yourself away from.

This release is unique and something to behold. Altering Echoes is a great release, and within five tracks you get nothing but solid music through and through. There isn’t a track here that is lacking in any way what so ever as each and every track is performed and executed excellently. This is a release that should not be passed up on.

Altering Echoes is out now though Red Orchard Records.

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