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Fauna Timbre: Altering Echoes

November 2, 2018

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Mixing in strains of doom, noise rock and sludge, mesmerizing psychedelic outfit Fauna Timbre present their debut offering Altering Echoes. This release is filled with five tracks that are wholly captivating and mystifying. Each track that is present here encompasses the mind in a hazy fog, having it twist and wind down wondrous and psychedelic corridors. Altering Echoes is a slow burning offering from beginning to end that has a great ability to capture your attention and your mind, leaving you in a sedated state until the final fuzzed out note rings through. These tracks are buzzing, engaging, mesmerizing and entirely memorable as Fauna Timbre presents you with something that is wholly captivating.

With ever marching buzzing riffs, doom laden drums, serene vocals and psychedelic synths thrown in to the mix, you get a sound that is hard to forget. Each track is well composed and performed gifting you with one hell of an intriguing and unique offering. Altering Echoes is gripping from beginning to end as each track is a well written piece through and through. Never once does your attention sway as you become transfixed on the melodious buzzing riffs and the wonderful vocals that pour through your speakers. With each passing minute you fall further and further in to the wondrous soundscapes in which Fauna Timbre paints only to make you want to keep coming back once the end arises.

Altering Echoes is groove filled, melodic, serene, melodic and so much more. This is a release that grabs a hold of you from the very beginning, leaving you enchanted and mystified. These tracks are spellbinding and ever captivating as each tack whisks you away. Fauna Timbre mixes numerous genres together with ease, incorporating each seamlessly to create an overall sound that is impeccable and near perfect. The musicianship is solid, the psychedelic synths add to an already dream like atmosphere and the vocals are perfect, and all of that combined creates a serene and hypnotic sound that is hard to pull yourself away from.

This release is unique and something to behold. Altering Echoes is a great release, and within five tracks you get nothing but solid music through and through. There isn’t a track here that is lacking in any way what so ever as each and every track is performed and executed excellently. This is a release that should not be passed up on.

Altering Echoes is out now though Red Orchard Records.

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