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Cerebrum: Iridium

November 24, 2018


Bursting through the cosmos in 2002, technical death metal wizards Cerebrum have released crushing works after crushing works. After their first demo in 2005, these death metal stalwarts have released two full lengths up until this point, and now they are on the verge of unleashing yet another monster titled Iridium. This offering is straight up technical death metal, throwing fads, flamboyance and the desire to be the fastest band on the planet aside. Through nine tracks you are presented with impressive death metal one track right after another. These face shredding Greek monsters offer up a tight, technical, fluid and all together mind bending release that shoots you through the stratosphere before you know it.

Through and through Iridium is packed with raw and ever neck twisting tracks that just never cease their onslaught until the sixth track comes up providing you with a little bit of an interlude before you get your mind warped once again. That being said, even the one minute atmospheric interlude plays well with the other tracks and is placed well within this record to keep things cohesive and fluid. Cerebrum has crafted one hell of a record here with Iridium as you are treated to nothing but top notch death metal all the way around. There isn’t a track here that lacks in any way shape or form as Cerebrum lay everything out on the table gifting you with one hell of a listen and one hell of a solid record.

Iridium is filled with gravel toned riffs that are inhumanly technical and light speed drumming that gets your neck bending before you realize it. Each track is filled with impressive and incredible technicality through and through. These offerings leave you no room to breathe as each cut is a salvo of pure brute force and technicality that isn’t to be trifled with. Iridium is a devastating record from beginning to end as it takes no prisoners and never relents as each minute is packed with technical death metal goodness that just cannot be denied.

This release is incredible through and through and yet another great death metal record to round the year out. Through sheer inhuman technicality, superb musicianship, monstrous vocals and great production, Cerebrum has crafted a record here that is damn near perfect.

Iridium will be released December 21, 2018 through Transcending Obscurity Records.

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Check out the official video for A Face Unknown from the upcoming release below!

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