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Kromorth: Geodesic Beast

December 15, 2018

Beginning their trek through the bloodied fields of death metal in 1999, Kromorth unleashed a demo just one year later, only to take somewhat of a hiatus several years later. Eventually Kromorth would fully reconvene in 2015 to take to the stage once again and begin writing their debut full length titled Geodesic Beast which saw the light of day this year. This debut full length from these brutal death monsters greets you with twelve brand new flesh ripping tracks, terrorizing you and letting your blood from your veins with each passing minute. This offering is a blistering and monstrous release, one that is riddled with death and disease as Kromorth takes no prisoners and tramples the weak through and through.

From beginning to end you are treated to no holds barred, straight forward brutal death metal. This thirty-one minute offering isn’t a reinvention of the genre as it is pure brutal death through and through, but it doesn’t need to break new ground. From track one to track twelve you are treated to face melting brutal death in its most pure and raw form. Each track is a blitzkrieg of tortuous noise that aims to scramble your brain and leave you bleeding out in a cold ditch. It doesn’t take Kromorth long to present you with their ever relentless sound as they nearly immediately jump to their ever terrorizing sonic assault. 

One track turns to the next without so much as a pause in between ultimately suffocating you under heaps of flesh tearing riffs and ever skull smashing drumming. Each of the twelve tracks here as as unrelenting and ceaseless as you could imagine as Kromorth shovels out track after track of dehumanizing noise. With a raw and potent sound, these corpse hoarders offer up a truly menacing and monstrous sound. Never once does this release let up to give you any time to breathe as each track is ushered forth with great urgency and blood lust.

Geodesic Beast is a wicked and malevolent offering, one that doesn’t stop the cutting until you are left lifeless. This twelve track full length is a pure bulldozer of raw blood letting power that quickly rattles off track after track. Most tracks do not top over the three minute mark making each cut a furious and demoralizing one. Overall, Geodesic Beast is a monster of a release, one that will surely please the ears of many death metal fans.

Check out the title track below!

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