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Fornace: Deep Melancholic Wrath

December 27, 2018

Fornace: Deep Melancholic Wrath

In one of the most expansive, enveloping and mesmerizing black metal releases this year, Fornace creates an incredibly wicked, forlorn, hypnotic and incredibly atmospheric sound that is hard to shake. Through their newest full length Deep Melancholic Wrath, you are greeted by six all encompassing tracks that drag you in to their icy and ever frigid soundscapes minute by minute. This is pure, raw black metal to the nth degree. No gimmicks are needed here, no fads, no fluff, nothing of the sort as Deep Melancholic Wrath is pure black metal through and through. Through six incredible tracks you are treated to one hell of a listen that grips you from beginning to end, never letting your attention waver as you slowly become enveloped in the ever blackened and iced over abyss that Fornace creates.

Each track within this offering are vast and lengthy labyrinths bone cutting and soul tearing blackened metal. Before you know it you become lost within this release as Fornace captures your mind and has it wander through each of their expansive tracks. Through each offering you are faced with unexpected turns and ever twisting, haunting and isolating melodies.

These are ever isolating tracks that thrust you in to the throes of despair and melancholy, forever freezing your soul and reaching in to the darkest recesses of your bitter mind. Each of the six tracks that are present here are cutting and wicked as they make you feel uncomfortable as you begin your disparaging descent in to loneliness and madness.

Deep Melancholic Wrath is a record that is injected with pure black metal savagery that is coupled with atmospheres that are riddled with hopelessness and forlorn feelings. Each offering is just as potent and unforgiving as the rest making the entire record something to behold. Among the pummeling and soul cleaving blackened assault is a frozen and immense atmosphere that wraps you up in a dismal and darkened fog never for you to find your way out.

This record is damn near perfect and one of the best black metal offerings the genre has to offer this year. Fornace has created something here that is truly incredible, without gimmick, without fads, this is purely about the music and purely black metal. Every aspect of this record is done perfectly to create an overall incredibly impressive record. I may not have done this record justice, but this is an offering that cannot be passed up and should not be over looked as Fornace has created something of a masterpiece here with Deep Melancholic Wrath.

Deep Melancholic Wrath is out now through Paragon Records.

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