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Basilysk: Emergence

December 29, 2018

Basilysk: Emergence

With their overall sound rooted in the crypts of old-school death metal, Philly based brutalizers Basilysk add their own progressive twists to the ancient sound to create a unique and ever shape shifting and twisting sound. Each track within their upcoming offering Emergence is an unrelenting brutal assault of asphyxiating death metal that is just hard to deny. Emergence as a whole is a wonderfully crafted and executed record, one that is sharp all the way through, never to be lacking in any way or form. From beginning to end you are treated to a devilish and whiplash inducing listen, one that is unholy and unforgiving.

Emergence is vicious and flesh gnashing from the onset, never to gift you with more than a couple of minutes of solace. Each track is a furious and deadly offering as they cut deep through flesh straight down to the bone. With an ever caustic and venomous sound, Basilysk pushes forth from track to track to greet you with nothing but shredding sonic death.

Within each track, Basilysk continues to push the envelope as you can never expect each track within this release to sound the same as it did just a minute ago. Among their roots of death metal are progressive tendencies that throw you for loops and twists that send you careening toward oblivion. Each track is forever twisting and shape shifting in to different forms, forever showing you different faces of death.

With lengthier run times throughout, Basilysk gives plenty of time for each track to breathe and wander in numerous directions which makes each track unique and diverse. Never once are you to hear the same sound come out of this record twice as Basilysk does a great job of switching everything up through each offering gifting you with plenty of diversity and variety throughout. Each track is as complex as it gets, leading you through a labyrinth of sounds throughout.

Overall, Emergence is a great record through and through. You are treated to great technicality, great song writing, excellent musicianship, vocals and more. This is a treat of a record, one that you will keep coming back to for more death metal punishment.

Emergence will be released January 22, 2019.

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