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Disconnect: Tragic Doom

December 30, 2018

Disconnect: Tragic Doom

In a wicked culmination of numerous genres, Disconnect presents their newest five track offering Tragic Doom. Sewing together the likes of death metal, black metal, doom and some elements of sludge, Disconnect offers up an eclectic and unique sound. Through each of the five tracks that are present here you are greeted by every genre; not just one, not two, but every genre that Disconnect utilizes. As chaotic as that may sound, Disconnect sew each genre together wonderfully to create a cohesive and multi layered sound.

Once you feel as though you have a track figured out, Disconnect switches gears guiding you down a completely different path. These heathens switch seamlessly from genre to genre, forever contorting them to how they see fit. From pushing you forth toward the throes of death to dragging you asunder to the darkened abyss with doom and striking all the way back to venomous black metal, Disconnect deploys it all to create a sonic assault that is undeniable. Disconnect molds and shapes each track in such a way where each genre that they dabble in has a place in their cacophony of metallic noise.

Tragic Doom is a multi layered and multifaceted release, never to greet you with the same sounds twice as it ushers you through a complete labyrinth of sounds one minute after the next. This EP guides your mind through ever winding and twisting darkened corridors through each track and through each minute. Never once does Disconnect give you time to reflect on what you just heard as they are already ushering forth a new and unique sound.

It is easy to get wrapped up within this offering as it takes you on quite the sonic journey. From beginning to end you get wrapped up in the ever mesmerizing maze of sounds. Disconnect weaves in and out of genres with ease as they take you on break neck journeys with black and death metal, only to slow things down to a murky devilish crawl with their doom and sludge elements. Every now and then they break to present you with clean vocals and near serene sounds only to drag you back in to their ever punishing and wicked tone.

Tragic Doom is a cynical and dark EP, one that doesn’t take too much time to get you acquainted with its overall unique and forever shape shifting tone. Each track is a dark enchantment of black metal, doom, death, sludge and more to provide you with something truly striking and different. Overall, Tragic Doom is a very solid release through and through. Disconnect plays around and experiments with things that may not have been heard in their previous releases, and it all works so well.

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