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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Der Rote Milan: Moritat

December 17, 2018

Finding a striking balance between blasting sonic blasphemy, catchy melodious offerings, and serene calm, Der Rote Milan create an overall gripping sound. Before you know it you are completely captivated by Moritat and its six excellently crafted and executed tracks. Each of the six offerings that you will find here are unique and compelling, and as lengthy as the majority of the tracks here can be they never over stay their welcome or feel as though they are drawn out. Moritatas a whole has an innate ability to draw you in with its leathery hand never to let you leave until the last gnarled note has called through the blackened abyss.

Moritat is a very diverse and varied record as Der Rote Milan forever twist its tracks in to new and different directions with each passing minute. Never once will you hear the same thing as Der Rote Milan seamlessly transition between one unique sound after another and back again without so much as skipping a beat. One minute will be filled with blasphemous traditional black metal cynicism and the next you are being enveloped in an other worldly fog filled atmosphere. Sprinkled in to the mix are near serene and calm moments that break both the spell of the atmosphere and the otherwise punishing traditional black metal. Der Rote Milan sew each of these components and more together to create a mesmerizing and ever entrancing sound.

Among the great musicianship and the wonderfully dark ambiance and atmosphere is a story based off of the events of the Thirty Years’ War. Not only does Der Rote Milan capture your attention with their superb musicianship, but with their great story telling as they unfold stories from a period in time that was one of the most destructive periods in human history. Overall, with their potent blackened assault that is interspersed with a poisonous atmosphere and with their wicked lyrics depicting the violent atrocities of the Thirty Years’ War, these blasphemers unleash a truly wicked and venomous sonic assault.

Moritat is a excellently crafted offering, one that features six great tracks one right after another. This is a complete and cohesive record from beginning to end and with each passing minute you become more and more gripped and engrossed in this release. This is outstanding black metal and an outstanding record overall as Der Rote Milan provide you with a record that surely should not be passed over. This will surely stand as one of the better black metal releases to come out next year.

Moritat will be released February 1, 2019 through Unholy Conspiracy Deathwork.

Kromorth: Geodesic Beast

December 15, 2018

Beginning their trek through the bloodied fields of death metal in 1999, Kromorth unleashed a demo just one year later, only to take somewhat of a hiatus several years later. Eventually Kromorth would fully reconvene in 2015 to take to the stage once again and begin writing their debut full length titled Geodesic Beast which saw the light of day this year. This debut full length from these brutal death monsters greets you with twelve brand new flesh ripping tracks, terrorizing you and letting your blood from your veins with each passing minute. This offering is a blistering and monstrous release, one that is riddled with death and disease as Kromorth takes no prisoners and tramples the weak through and through.

From beginning to end you are treated to no holds barred, straight forward brutal death metal. This thirty-one minute offering isn’t a reinvention of the genre as it is pure brutal death through and through, but it doesn’t need to break new ground. From track one to track twelve you are treated to face melting brutal death in its most pure and raw form. Each track is a blitzkrieg of tortuous noise that aims to scramble your brain and leave you bleeding out in a cold ditch. It doesn’t take Kromorth long to present you with their ever relentless sound as they nearly immediately jump to their ever terrorizing sonic assault. 

One track turns to the next without so much as a pause in between ultimately suffocating you under heaps of flesh tearing riffs and ever skull smashing drumming. Each of the twelve tracks here as as unrelenting and ceaseless as you could imagine as Kromorth shovels out track after track of dehumanizing noise. With a raw and potent sound, these corpse hoarders offer up a truly menacing and monstrous sound. Never once does this release let up to give you any time to breathe as each track is ushered forth with great urgency and blood lust.

Geodesic Beast is a wicked and malevolent offering, one that doesn’t stop the cutting until you are left lifeless. This twelve track full length is a pure bulldozer of raw blood letting power that quickly rattles off track after track. Most tracks do not top over the three minute mark making each cut a furious and demoralizing one. Overall, Geodesic Beast is a monster of a release, one that will surely please the ears of many death metal fans.

Check out the title track below!

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Eteritus: Order of Death

December 13, 2018

Eteritus: Order of Death

Hailing from Poland, death fiends Eteritus treat us to an old-school style of death that reeks of putrefaction and disease. Order of Death is the title of their newest full length that packs in eight tracks of unrelenting, all flesh consuming death metal for your twisted enjoyment. Each track is a skin blistering offering that features dissonant buzzing riffs, pummeling drumming and sickening bloodied vocals to provide you with a disgusting and overall filthy listen. Order of Death is a sinister and blood letting release through and through, and through each track you are provided with nothing but vile death.

The old-school style of death is running its course through the amputated and fetid vein of the genre as new age death metal bands deploy the dissonant and crypt rotting sounds of their forefathers. With that said, when it is done right, it is done right. Eteritus does it right with their new record as they gift you with eight straight tracks of blood letting debauchery. Each track is maiming and eviscerating as they try to snuff your life out with each passing minute. Order of Death is a solid release through and through as Eteritus presents to you one rumbling track of grisly death after another.

This is straight forward death metal through and through. Don’t expect fluff, frills or anything else that may be unnecessary as Eteritus gives you their version of death metal as raw and bleeding as it can be. While nothing here is wheel reinventing, Eteritus stick to the old-school death metal traditions by providing you with gut ripping, disease riddled riffs that are paired with ever skull pummeling drumming and blood drenched vocals. The musicianship throughout is very solid as are the vocals and the raw production making this a well rounded and well executed release.

Overall, Order of Death is a solid and gripping release. Through eight tracks you are treated to a death metal romp through the already defiled crypts. 

Desecravity: Anathema

December 11, 2018

Having begun their terrorizing venture in 2007, Desecravity have been pushing the boundaries of technical brutal death metal. With two full length releases under their belt and a third on the way by the name of Anathema, Desecravity show no signs of slowing down as this offering may be their most devastating and wicked to date. Anathema is an eight track onslaught from beginning to end as it gifts you with nothing but incredibly top notch technical brutal death for your blood draining and spine severing consumption. This record is a twisted mass of metal and flesh as Desecravity devastate and eviscerate leaving your lifeless carcass in a shallow grave at the end of it all.

During the brief intro Aeon and Ashes, Desecravity give you a little taste of what is yet to come. Once the intro fades away, Desecravity kick everything in to incredibly high gear presenting you with sickening technicality and gut bursting brutality throughout the remaining seven tracks. Through and through Anathema is a wicked and ever skull sanding release, one that is as relentless as you would wish it to be and as chaotic and mind melting as you would imagine. From the onset, Desecravity usher forth a brutalizing sonic onslaught that tears you limb from limb with each passing minute, leaving your veins bled dry at the sound of the final note.

The technicality that Desecravity displays within this record is nothing short of mind warping and impressive. Through each track you are treated to mind bending tempo changes, insane fret work and mind boggling drumming leaving you completely stupefied. Anathema does a great job of turning your brain to nothing more than mush as it shovels out insane track after track that warps and contorts your for eight straight wicked cuts. The musicianship within this release is impressive to say the least, and with unearthly throat shredding vocals to add to the mix, you are presented with an overall slaughtering sound.

Anathema is the sound of impending doom. This is a spine twisting offering, one that shovels out track after track of nothing but top tier technical brutal death metal. Desecravity have created something malevolent and violent here with Anathema as it is a relentless onslaught from beginning to end. This is an excellent release through and through and one hell of a way to nearly end the earth before the new year barely has a chance to get started.

Check out the official video for Impure Confrontation below!

Anathema will be released January 25, 2019 through Willowtip Records.

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Ardormort: S/T

December 10, 2018

Ardormort is a newer band with its inception coming about earlier this year and their debut EP Exist For Nothing… only coming about a few months ago. Fast forward to the present and this one man band has unleashed yet another offering that is self titled. Immediately you can tell the difference between the EP and this self titled release as the musicianship is tighter as is the song writing as a whole. Within the seven tracks that are presented within this release you are treated to a menagerie of genres as Ardormort sews black metal, doom, synth, atmospheric tendencies and much more together to create a unique and intriguing sound.

This murky release shape shifts constantly, ever providing you with diversity and variety, never for you to hear the same sound twice. Ardormort does a great job of mixing and matching genres creating an all together fluid and cohesive sound. Never once do other genres trip over each other as each one works together pretty seamlessly. With all of the genres that are within this release listed above, you may seem to think that the sound would be jumbled and chaotic, but it is quite the opposite. This self titled release is a fluid and comprehensive from beginning to end.

There is no denying that the overall sound is odd, that much you cannot fight, but all at the same time it is compelling and unique. More than just black metal and doom, the most interesting aspects of this release are the synth oddities and strange atmospheres that work in coalescence with the black metal and doom genes. The synth elements work well within this offering as it provides you with a dark undertone and atmosphere that is hard to ignore. 

With all of its oddities and with all of the genres that are worked in here, this self titled release is a nice step up from the debut EP. Everything comes together nicely here and nothing feels out of place as each element finds its right place among the blackened noise. 

Meathook: Crypts, Coffins, Corpses

December 8, 2018

As soon as the ever buzzing and chugging riffs pummel straight through your speakers you realize that you are in for a wicked and disgusting ride. Shoveling out sickness and disease in droves is Meathook, and with their upcoming offering Crypts, Coffins, Corpses you can expect nine new tracks of gut ripping brutal death. From the onset Meathook offer up a powerful display of top notch brutal death never to cease their mindless slaughtering until the final blood soaked note rings through. 

Crypts, Coffins, Corpses is a straight forward bulldozer of death and mayhem, forever trampling over the deceased and stampeding over the eviscerated. Through nine tracks you are greeted by a truly vile and wicked sound that sticks straight to your ribs. Each slaughtering cut aims for the jugular with murderous intent only to back off when one track fades out, only for the next to be right at your throat once more. This is a purely guttural and gut churning display of straight forward brutal death that is just as relentless as you would imagine.

There are hardly any breaks in the skin flaying action as Meathook blasts from track to track suffocating you underneath their disgusting brand of barbaric metal. Sooner rather than later you become bombarded by ripping riffs that are backed by terrorizing drumming and incredibly unearthly growls that sound as though they themselves have festered in a forgotten crypt. Each deranged track is just that, deranged, festering and grotesque offerings of death and vile horror. 

Crypts, Coffins, Corpses is a twisted and demented offering that relentlessly attacks from beginning to end. This is true eviscerating brutal death in its most raw and pure form. Crypts, Coffins, Corpses offers up maniacal and mangling track after track providing you with something that is truly sickening and perverse. This cruel and depraved record aims to add you to the stacks of fetid corpses that it already has collected just making you another one of its twisted trophies. With that said, Crypts, Coffins, Corpses is a hell of a brutal death record, one that packs more than enough devastation through nine solid bleeding raw cuts.

Crypts, Coffins, Corpses will be released January 1, 2019 through Unmatched Brutality Records.

Beaten To Death: Agronomicon

December 7, 2018

Beginning their skull grinding journey in 2010, Beaten To Death has been on a rampage ever since their inception. With three full length records under their belt they are on their way to presenting you with their fourth and equally face melting offering Agronomicon. This new twelve track offering is a skull grinding and blood boiling release that is just as chaotic and bone splintering as you would hope it to be and as you would imagine it to be. From beginning to end you are treated to a torrential down pour of chaotic grind that does its best to snap your neck and when it does the sound is deafening.

With their roots firmly planted in the murky swamps of grindcore, Beaten To Death offer up a unique and refreshing sound still. In a stagnant genre, these fiends offer up a sound that is wholly a breath of fresh air. Blending together grindcore, hardcore, punk and whatever else they have fit in to their finely tuned sound, Beaten To Death create something here that works cohesively and organically to provide you with a great overall sound that is hard to deny. Beaten To Death bring a lot of innovative and unique ideas to this crowded genre to stand apart from the crowd that ultimately brings you a highly memorable and addictive listen.

As blasting and head spinning as this release is, it is equally melodic and groove filled providing you with an ever twisting, ever shape shifting and ever varied and diverse listen. Beaten To Death does this all while each of their tracks are under two minutes save for just two. Within a short period of time, these fiends offer up an incredible amount of content and an incredible amount of diversity that you will be picking out through numerous listens. 

Agronomicon hits pointedly from all sides with incredibly shredding riffs and unbelievably blasting drums as well as thick bass lines and to top it all off you are screamed at by throat ripping vocals just for good measure. Really wrapping everything up nicely is the organic and solid production throughout that is brought to you by a complete live recording of every single track. Everything comes together nicely within each track which ultimately provides you with one hell of a listen and one hell of a great record. 

The twists that Beaten To Death add to their base of grindcore are welcome and surely a breath of fresh air as mentioned. You can’t find grind that is much better than this as Beaten To Death lay it all out here to present you with an overall top notch superb offering in the form of Agronomicon

Agronomicon will be released December 24, 2018 through Mas-Kina Recordings

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Mansion: First Death of the Lutheran

December 6, 2018


Seemingly brewed in a light eating darkness, Mansion offers up their newest release First Death of the Lutheran. This five track record presents you with sinister, abyssal, spectral and highly unique doom for your insidious consumption. Each track within this release is a unique dirge of some of the most blasphemous doom to cross your speakers. The five tracks that are present here are slow burning chilling offerings that you won’t be able to shake no matter how much you try. First Death of the Lutheran is an ever twisting labyrinth of skin crawling metal that ultimately makes you feel as though you are being swallowed up by darkness and consumed by flames yourself.

With the ever spectral and sinister vocals and the ever present poisonous ambiance, you are treated to a sound that is wholly devilish and unforgettable. Once you press play you ultimately begin your decent in to hell along with the rest of the sinners that may stumble across this offering. Through and through, First Death of the Lutheran is a wicked and ever ceaseless record that envelopes you in murky darkness where you are never to return. From beginning to end you are treated to an unholy and soul stealing sound that is just as addictive as it is wicked.

The concept of this release is that the Lutheran hypocrites time has come on this earth only to pass on for them to ultimately be judged by Satan himself. This record unfolds telling this story, passage after passage, and with the passing of each minute the record becomes darker and more malevolent than before. Each track is an undeniable dirge of death and despair as you feel as though you yourself are sinking in to madness. These tracks are brilliant and play as one cohesive ode to Satan as when one track fades in to obscurity, the next rises from the pitch black darkness to present to you yet another wicked and wretched tune.

With the spectral and haunting ambiance play the way that it does and with the ever chilling vocals and the ritualistic musicianship, you are treated to a truly devilish affair. First Death of the Lutheran is a gripping and mesmerizing offering, one that keeps your attention throughout never to let you break from your listen no matter where you are within the record. Everything within this release is done so well. The atmospherics are superb, the vocals are incredible, the musicianship is great among much more to create an overall fluid, memorable and unique listen. Each track is crafted well and constructed wonderfully making you want to keep listening over and over again. First Death of the Lutheran is a great release, one that haunts you, one that makes your skin crawl and one that embeds itself deep in your mind for some time to come. If you are looking for some unique and truly haunting doom, you don’t need to look much further than Mansion and their offering First Death of the Lutheran.

First Death of the Lutheran will be released December 7, 2018 through I Hate Records.

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Cerberon: S/T EP

December 5, 2018


Twisting in some blackened malevolence in to their otherwise heavy metal centered sound, Cerberon offers up a cynical and blasphemous sound that embeds itself in your brain whether you want it to or not. Through four tracks within their debut EP, Cerberon create a wholly memorable and infectious sound that is undeniable. From beginning to end you will be twisting your neck and yell along with the vocalist through each passing minute. This self titled release is a fist pumping and invigorating release that gets you moving before you know it. The overall dark and twisted tones are a welcome addition to the overall heavy metal centered sound making the release feel more sinister and blasphemous.

Through and through you can expect excellent musicianship and demonic vocals that will be stuck in your head for some time to come. With each skull crunching riff and vein popping bass line as well as ever pounding drumming, you are treated to an overall darkened, twisted and overall heavy release that you have no choice but to bash your brain against your skull to. Each track is a monster of a cut as you are greeted by an ever punishing metallic onslaught from beginning to end.

Cerberon stitches each track together appropriately to create a cohesive and fluidly monstrous sound that digs deep under your skin only for you to press play again and again to scratch that itch. This EP is wonderfully dark and that darkness exudes from each minute of each track and flows from track to track without so much as skipping a beat ultimately burying you underneath unbridled bitter darkness. Heavy metal this may be, but it is cruel and twisted none the less as each track is just as sinister and forsaken as the last.

Each of the four offerings within this release is covered in malevolence ever undulating darkness. This release is sinister and purely blasphemous as death lurks just beneath. Cerberon has created something that is venomous and wicked, something not to be trifled with yet  something that is addictive and memorable all the same. This is a great debut release for these heavy metal monsters.

This self titled debut will be released December 7, 2018.

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