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Homo Macabrus: S/T

January 1, 2019

Homo Macabrus: S/T

Featuring eight insane vocalists from around the globe, Homo Macabrus unleashed their debut full length just a couple of short months ago. In pure devilish and nihilistic fashion, Homo Macabrus unleashes eight bone gnashing and flesh tearing tracks. Sewing the likes of death metal, brutal death and hints of deathgrind together Homo Macabrus create a true Frankenstein’s monster of death. Never letting you truly settle in to the release, these flesh hoarders unleash track after unrelenting track of nothing but pure brutality.

Forever stomping onward from track to track, Homo Macabrus offer up pain and punishment in heaping doses. Each offering within this release is down right marrow draining and skull sanding as each one hits you with unrelenting brutality. Never letting up for even a second, Homo Macabrus suffocates you underneath the sheer macabre flesh ripping riffs and ever brain damaging blasting drumming. To top it all off, the eight vocalists that appear through each track provide you with incredibly inhuman and monstrous vocals to make each track just that much more blood curdling.

This self titled full length is a monster of a record as each track comes together to impale you the best they can. This offering is a ceaseless slaughtering, one that rips and tears the flesh from your bones from the very first second onward. There is no filler here to be seen as you are greeted by eight chaotic and nihilistic tracks from beginning to end. Never does the evisceration stop until the final viscera covered note rings through your bloodied ear drums.

Homo Macabrus mangles your corpse from beginning to end, hacking you up and throwing you in a shallow already bloodied grave. This is a menacing and truly brutalizing record through and through. Each of the eight vocalists here give each track their own flavor of venomous brutality making each track truly unique and different from the rest. Overall, this is an outstanding debut full length from these monsters.

Check out the official lyric video for Extinction of Mankind below!

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