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Critical Defiance: Misconception

January 3, 2019

Critical Defiance: Misconception

In an age where thrash metal has plateaued and more or less stagnated, Critical Defiance ushers forth their highly entertaining and neck bending debut Misconception. Critical Defiance keeps to the roots of old-school thrash all while adding their own modern flair to the brain bruising sound. Through eight tracks you are presented with nothing but straight forward tracks that are in your face, furious offerings that are as ceaseless as they come. Stampeding from track to track, Critical Defiance provides you with face melting tune after tune, getting you to bang your head and mash your brain against your skull before you really realize it.

Propelled forth by ever hard hitting and slicing riffs that are coupled with tumultuous drumming and venomous vocals, these thrash fiends offer up a record that is hard to deny. Misconception is a well put together and well written offering through and through. Not a single track through this eight track monster is lacking in any way as each and every cut is just as entertaining and thrashing mad as the last. Misconception is a pure thrash record through and through never giving way to fads and never is filled with fluff as what you get is pure flesh searing thrash.

Each track thrashes forth with the malicious intent to have you smash your brain against your skull for its entire run time. Never does a track cease or slow its assault as what you get is pure thrashing madness through and through. Misconception is as furious a record as you would hope for it to be and as you would imagine it to be. This is a difficult record to sit still while listening to as from the moment you press play you come face to face with shredding thrash that ultimately sends you in a frenzy.

With great technicality, great musicianship, great vocals, production and song writing, Misconception is an exceptional record. As mentioned before, in a genre that has stagnated over the last however many years, it is great to see a pure thrash record that is truly as entertaining and engaging as this one is. Misconception is a stand out thrash record, one that should not be looked over or ignored. This is an aggressive assault, a violent mashing of your ear drums, one that shreds and urges you to head bang until your head falls from your neck, and god damn it is entertaining.

Misconception will be released February 9, 2019 through Unspeakable Axe Records.

Check out the official video for What About You from the upcoming release below!

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