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Azator: Horrors From Aeons Past

January 5, 2019

Azator: Horrors From Aeons Past

Unleashing darkness unto the earth are blackened thrashers Azator. Hailing from Argentina, these heathens unleash their new EP Horrors From Aeons Past. Azator balances both thrash and black metal to create an unholy and sinister sound. Through this release you are greeted by five new tracks that are followed up by two tracks from their 2008 demo gifting you seven total tracks of blackened blasphemy. Each offer is just as wicked and sinister as the last as each offering provides you with the sinister foreboding nature of black metal and the overall face melting riffage of thrash metal.

It has been near eleven full years since the release of their demo, and with this EP, Azator come back strong with a malevolent vengeance to provide you with venomous tracks one right after another. Azator waits for no one and for nothing before they shove you straight in to the throes of their blackened malevolence. Beginning their new EP with As A Sacrifice, these heathens immediately hit you with thrashing riffs that are coupled with gravel toned dissonant vocals and rapid fire drumming. Within this track you really get a sense of what is left to come and a great balance between both thrash and black metal as each genre works in cohesion to provide you with a face melting yet soul stealing sound.

From As A Sacrifice onward Azator stampedes, gifting you with the same great balance between the two chaotic genres as they did in the opening track. As Horrors From Aeons Past progresses you can hear more and more black metal seeping through as the later tracks offer a more black metal centered sound than the cuts previous. With more black metal creeping through their overall vicious sound you are treated to more wicked atmospheres and soundscapes than you are in previous tracks. With that said, Azator still strikes a great balance of the two genres through and through, providing you with track after track of stampeding cynicism.

Each track is well written and constructed as there is not a weak track within this EP. Through and through you are treated to pure thrashing black metal poison, one track right after the next. Complete with scythe like riffs, searing solos, ever rampaging drumming and hoarse vocals screamed from the abyss, this offering is a solid one. Never does a track here lack in any area as each one is just as good as the last.

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