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Black Goat: Magia Posthuma

January 15, 2019

Black Goat: Magia Posthuma

The first incarnation of Black Goat offered up a sound that follows in the foot steps of blackened death. Over the years, Black Goat’s sound has changed evolving to obscure and cryptic black metal. Magia Posthuma is the title of their newest effort, and within its title is harbored eight tracks that are atmospheric, obscure, punishing, unique and much more. These tracks are diverse and varied as you are never to hear the same thing twice through eight tracks. Magia Posthumais a gripping and ever compelling offering, forever pulling you toward the alluring darkness.

To begin their new record, Black Goat offers a foreboding two minute intro that sets the tone, and signifies your crossing in to a truly sinister and darkened atmosphere. Throughout the release, keeps their music poisonous and wicked as they unleash droves of wicked black metal that is only be broken up by thick, foreboding atmospheric passages. Never is one too far from the other as Black Goat balances the punishing onslaught of lashing black metal with the ever dense fog of cryptic atmosphere.

The atmosphere throughout this record is as wicked and good as it gets, but when you cannot hide in the thick atmospheric reveries, you are subject to unholy ripping black metal. Gnashing at your sanity are terrorizing dissonant riffs that are propelled by constant blasting drumming and rancid gravel filled screams and growls from beyond. As atmospheric as this record is, it is just as venomous and biting as the majority of tracks are pure onslaughts of raw vampiric black metal. These tracks are biting, sordid and malevolent and stampede out of the gate aiming to drag you under.

Each of the eight tracks here are ripping, hellish and atmospheric onslaughts of blistering blackness that take aim at you never to release you with their icy dead hands until you have rejected the light and faded away in to the never ending darkness. Magia Posthuma is a compelling, interesting and unique offering, one that holds your attention through and through never to let it waver or wander. This is a very solid record from beginning to end and is sure to please the ears of black metal fans all over.

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