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Atomic Kavemen: S/T

January 21, 2019

Atomic Kavemen: S/T

Call it punk, call it rock, call it punk ‘n’ roll, call it what you will, as Atomic Kavemen sew both rock and punk together to create an entirely memorable and catchy sound that is hard to rattle out of your brain. Through their self titled EP you are treated to six unique tracks that stick with you for long after you are done listening. Each track is just as unique and catchy as the last. From beginning to end, Atomic Kavemen roll out one track right after another of rock ‘n’ roll punk fusion that gets right under your skin and buries themselves deep within your memory.

With a unique Danzig like vocal delivery and ever rocking riffs and solid drumming that propel each cut, you are treated to a solid and ever rocking release that you are sure not to forget. With each track you begin to belt the lyrics out right along with the vocalist and nod your head in rhythm. There isn’t a track within this EP that doesn’t get imprinted on your mind and that isn’t infectious as each of the six truly are.

From beginning to end you are treated to top notch rocking punk and nothing but. From the cynical lyrics, to the ever buzzing riffs and pounding drumming, Atomic Kavemen have found a formula here that hearkens back to the days of early Danzig and the like; that infectious and dark sounding punk ‘n’ roll that is hard to shake. With each listen this self titled EP just gets better and better.

Overall, this is just a highly entertaining and engaging release, one that has you coming back for more and more. There ins’t a track within this offering that is lacking in anyway as each offering is just as solid and well performed as the last. This is a well rounded and cohesive offering that is infectious and down right catchy and memorable.

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