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Snake Tongue: No Escape-No Excuse

January 24, 2019

Snake Tongue: No Escape-No Excuse

In an amalgamation of heavy handed hardcore, crusty punk and bits here and there of grind, Snake Tongue set out with their upcoming four track offering titled No Escape-No Excuse. Unbridled, unrelenting and bleeding raw, the overall sound of this EP is not one to fuck with. In your face from beginning to end, this offering beats you down within an inch of your life within four short cuts. Striking you to the core and sanding your skull down to dust, No Escape-No Excuse is an all out no holds barred offering one that hits you from every angle while rolling out one savage track right after another.

Never to skimp on the brutality and the sheer foundation leveling, Snake Tongue jets off immediately never to give you a second to take a breath before pummeling you in to the cold ground. From beginning to end, No Escape-No Excuse is a savage and punishing metallic onslaught that never ceases until you have been broken. As in your face and challenging as hardcore, punk and grind can be, this EP is exactly that. It is harsh, punishing, in your face and it challenges you with every second that ticks off of the run time.

This is a rough and filthy offering that dishes out four incredible offerings one right after another. Complete with seismic riffs, ever jarring drumming and a great vocal delivery, Snake Tongue offers up a release that is hard to shake and hard to ignore. As this EP belts off cut after another, you find yourself enveloped in a cacophony of heavy handed metallic madness. Forever savage, and forever pushing the metallic envelope, Snake Tongue hits you and hits you hard with each of the four cuts that are harbored within the title of this offering gifting you with a truly unrelenting aural assault.

No Escape-No Excuse is anvil heavy, uncompromising, bleeding raw and down right wicked. Each track present is a well crafted brain bruising affair that is sure to get your neck cranking. This EP is not to be ignored or looked over as it is incredibly solid and incredibly infectious in its own punishing way.

No Escape-No Excuse will be unleashed February 15, 2019 through The Sign Records.

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