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Gridfailure: Sixth Mass-Extinction Skullduggery I

January 27, 2019

Gridfailure: Sixth Mass-Extinction Skullduggery I

Weaving tales of nature’s provoked decimating wrath, Gridfailure offers up their first album in a five album stretch titled Sixth Mass-Extinction Skullduggery I. Within this release you come face to face with eight offerings that top over fifty-two minutes of dementia inducing, mind altering noise. The lone multi-instrumentalist behind this act once again out does himself as he puts forth an effort that is truly outstanding, and one not to be forgotten. This release is harrowing, nightmarish, mind bending and filled with eerie atmosphere that pushes your mind to the brink of its own destruction.

Forever pushing the envelope and forever ushering forth noise of the utmost quality, Gridfailure offers perhaps their most ambitious album yet. Through the fifty plus minutes of run time, each track traps you in a world that is and has been ravaged by nature’s unbridled decimating wrath that ultimately leaves humanity on the brink of utter destruction. Without light, without hope and with plenty of harrowing minutes that tick off the clock, Gridfailure provides you with a record that is truly striking and perception altering.

Through and through you are treated to nothing but mind numbing noise that pushes you to the brink of humanity collapsing. Each of the eight cuts here are ceaseless onslaughts of nightmarish noise that infect your mind and crawl underneath your skin for the entirety of the release. Never are you to escape the harrowing noise as it all collapses around you leaving you in a state of broken despair.

There are no breaks in the noise and there is no reprieve as this nightmarish offering crashes over you like the terrorizing noise tidal wave that it is. From beginning to end you are greeted by a harsh cacophony of noise and despair, never for it to relent until the final screeching note has rang through. Sixth Mass-Extinction Skullduggery I is a punishing offering and a perfect one to kick off the five album concept that the twisted mind behind Gridfailure has in mind. Forever warped, forever punishing and forever terrorizing, Gridfailure never fails to impress.

Sixth Mass-Extinction Skullduggery I will be released February 15, 2019 through Nefarious Industries.

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