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Malevolent Creation: The 13th Beast

January 29, 2019

Malevolent Creation: The 13th Beast

Since their unholy and bloodied inception in 1986, Malevolent Creation has been a terrorizing force to be reckoned with. With numerous full length albums under their flesh made belt, they unleash their newest onslaught titled The 13th Beast. Filled to the bursting point with eleven sickening tracks, this monster of a record unleashes cut after bleeding cut of nothing but viscera soaked death metal for you twisted enjoyment. From beginning to end, The 13th Beast offers up suffocating offering after offering, submerging you under heaps of grisly death from which you will never be seen again.

Malevolent Creation begins the cutting nearly immediately, never giving you a so much as a notice before they tear in, ripping and mangling you beyond recognition. With ever corpse butchering riffs, chest caving drumming, bone rattling bass lines and bloodied unearthly vocals, these heathens offer up a sound that is incredibly menacing and monstrous. Never are you gifted with a moment of reprieve as Malevolent Creation usher forth one skull splitting tune one right after another only to bury you among the hordes of corpses they have already accumulated.

This butchery is masterful as each of the eleven tracks that are harbored within the title of this release are each monstrous, malignant offerings of slaughter. No filler, no frills, all diseased and disgusting death. The 13th Beast is a true death metal record through and through, and for eleven straight tracks you come face to face with a true buzz saw of death as Malevolent Creation rolls out track after track without so much as a minor amount of breathing room in between. They swiftly transition from track to malignant track, greeting you with the ugly face of death at every turn, leading you down the wicked and blood soaked path of blasphemy and grisly death.

As each second ticks off of the run time of this record, so does a second of your life. This offering is a beast, one that is wholly terrorizing as it gnashes through your flesh, cutting straight to the bone. This is a pure and bleeding raw slab of unrivaled death that cannot be denied. Each offering within this release is superb and so well written. There isn’t a single track within The 13th Beast that is lacking in any way what so ever as each of the eleven offerings are just as solid and skull grinding as the last making this release out to be an incredibly killer and flawless offering.

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