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Ötzi: Part Time Punk Sessions

January 31, 2019

Ötzi: Part Time Punk Sessions

Hailing from Oakland, CA is Ötzi who play in the vein of post-punk. With the emergence of Part Time Punk Sessions, this offering harbors four very impressive and addictive tracks one right after another. At times aggressive, at others haunting, at all times rhythmic and melodious, Ötzi create an overall highly memorable and infectious sound. Once you begin listening, it is incredibly hard to stop as this release is incredibly entertaining and highly intoxicating from beginning to end. This is a stellar release from beginning to end to say the least.

Each of the four tracks that are present here are wonderfully crafted offerings that never get old or stale no matter how many times you listen. These cuts are unique and fresh as they offer you something wholly mesmerizing and captivating. From beginning to end, Part Time Punk Sessions grips you, never to let you leave the listen until the final grim note has passed through your speakers.

Mixing the haunting with the aggressive, Ötzi strike a great balance of the two throughout each track. From beginning to end you are provided with an immense amount of variety and diversity, never to come across the same sound twice. Part Time Punk Sessions is a wholly mesmerizing and captivating offering, one that brings you in to its mystifying darkness never for you to leave as you keep hitting repeat until you have listened an innumerable amount of times.

Everything within this record is great. From the unique vocals, to the ever intricate and mesmerizing riffs and the ever thumping bass lines and solid drumming, you are treated to an overall excellent listen. These tracks will stick with you for quite some time even long after you finally pull yourself away from your speakers. Part Time Punk Sessions is a great EP through and through, with each track being just as excellent as the last.

Part Time Punk Sessions will be released February 28, 2019 through Psychic Eye and Near Dark.

Pre-orders can be found here.

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