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"Blasphemer, Heretic, Defiler of the Sacred Ones. Thou art Deprived of Your Limbs. Thy Nose Shall be Split. Thou art Cast Down and Overthrown."-Cast Down The Heretic by Nile

Thra: Gardens Of Rot

February 24, 2019

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Thra: Gardens of Rot

Arising from the murky depths to present you with a sound that is overall anvil heavy and as filled with grime as you could possibly imagine is Thra. Within their new offering Gardens of Rot you can come to expect four tracks of nothing but buzzing sludge with hints of death metal here and there for complete flesh shredding misery. Ever mired in filth and sludge, Thra offer up four cohesive and well rounded tracks that come bulldozing through your speakers from the very first second onward. Thra marches forth at a plodding pace, ever dragging you asunder in to the depths.

Gardens of Rot is a sonic assault from beginning to end, never letting you rest or take breather as Thra seamlessly transition from one track to the next, forever burying you underneath their malicious murky sound. Riddled with malevolence, death and misery, Thra marches onward never to relent in their menacing assault. From one track to the next you come face to face with plodding sludge and when needed Thra greets you with frenetic death metal to gnaw and tear away at your flesh. Each of the four offerings within this release are as terrorizing and menacing as the last, making this effort to be an all out aural assault.

With buzzing riffs, bone cracking drumming and insane unearthly vocals that transition between throat shredding lows and raspy screams, you are treated to an accosting listen. Without so much as a second between tracks you quickly become submerged and trapped within the thunderous wall of sound that Thra emits. Never does the barrage end and never does it cease as each cut is just as shredding as the last.

As a whole, Gardens of Rot is a well put together, well constructed and well performed offering that treats you to four great tracks one right after the next. Without filler, without gimmicks, without fluff, Thra presents to you an excellent release, one that sticks to your ribs and infects your mind with the murkiest of sludge. This is a malevolent creation, one that brings forth death, disease and terror all within four great tracks.

Gardens of Rot will be released through Camo Pants Records March 15, 2019.

Phrymerial: Xenomorphic Creation

February 22, 2019

Phrymerial: Xenomorphic Creation

In skin shredding technicality and spine snapping brutality, Phrymerial hailing from Spain unleashes their newest monstrosity Xenomorphic Creation. This eight track monster can be described as inhumane, brutal, flesh consuming and much more as each one of the eight offerings that are harbored within the sickening walls of this release are venomous and down right gruesome. From beginning to end, Phrymerial displays great technicality and great brutality to present you with something that is sure to smash your skull open to harvest what’s inside.

Nearly from the drop, Xenomorphic Creation is an overall aural assault in skull grinding proportions. With a two minute opener that is filled with crunching riffs and neck snapping break downs and unearthly vocals, you get a little taste of what is left to come from the remaining seven cuts. Once the opener fades in to darkness, the true meat of the record gets to shine as Phrymerial unleash one hellish offering one right after another. Aiming to gut, maim and brutalize, Phrymerial march forth with their overall destructive sound to offer up a sound that is anvil heavy and spine bending.

Each track features frenetic play that features razor sharp riffs, ever blasting drumming and disgustingly monstrous vocals, only for this band to cut to a break down that leaves you pile driven straight in to the crust of the earth. Through each track you are greeted with both furious and technical musicianship as well as slow yet anvil heavy break downs that do their best to eviscerate and desecrate. Phrymerial does a great job of balancing the two as they offer up a varied and highly technical sound throughout.

There isn’t a track within this release that is lacking in any capacity as each offering is just as solid as the last. There are no breaks in action, and even when the interlude smack in the middle of the record appears, even that doesn’t offer too much reprieve. From the very get go, Xenomorphic Creation is a ballistic and savage release, never relenting or slowing as it continues its flesh masticating march toward death and demise.

Xenomorphic Creation is a solid record through and through that provides you with a wicked amount of bone shattering metal that is sure to leave you a bloodied pulp. Each of the eight tracks here are vicious, filthy, technical, well put together onslaughts of pure destructive metal that is sure to scoop your brains from your skull.

Xenomorphic Creation is out now through Vomit Your Shirt and Miasma Records.

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Vomit Your Shirt Official Website

Miasma Records Official Site

Miasma Records Bandcamp

Aseptic: Senses Decay

February 20, 2019

Aseptic: Senses Decay

Aseptic is a two piece death metal band hailing from San Jose, California, riddling their music with death, disease and decay. Through their demo Senses Decay, you come face to face with four flesh melting tunes that aim to drain your veins. Playing in the vein of old-school death, Aseptic keep it bleeding raw, filthy and down right grimy. With a stripped down, ever relentless assault, Aseptic rip and tear away at your jugular and flesh from beginning to end. This two piece assault is unapologetic and savage from the drop of the first flesh devouring note, never to cease their grave stomping affairs until the final contorted note rings through.

There are no gimmicks or fads to be seen here as Aseptic keep it ancient and foul throughout. This is pure death metal through and through, never wavering to other genres or other influences as what you get is four straight tracks of brain masticating death metal. Reeking of long since decayed, rigor mortis flesh, each cut from this demo is wicked and filled with enough grime to leave you in an early grave.

With their precise and buzzing attack, Aseptic rampage forth with riffs dripping in putrefaction, drums that crack open your battered skull and foul unearthly vocals that scream out from the crypts. Senses Decay is a truly grotesque and filthy offering, one that continues to shovel disease and death upon you in heaping droves with each passing second. From beginning to end you become trapped in their tomb of horrors, face to face with four grisly, flesh gnawing tracks that you simply cannot back away from.

This demo is incredibly enjoyable and infectious as it has you coming back for more and more sickness. Pure death, grisly, maiming, gruesome and filthy, exactly how death metal should be.

This demo will be unleashed on cassette through Redefining Darkness Records March 8, 2019 and Dark Blasphemies Records later in the year.

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Usurper: Lords of the Permafrost

February 18, 2019

Usurper: Lords of the Permafrost

In a culmination of all things heavy, Usurper return with Lords of the Permafrost. After a fourteen year hiatus, this monster of a band is back once again to gnash at your flesh and melt your face from your skull. Combining thrash elements with heavy metal, death metal and hints of black metal, Usurper offers up a multi headed attack that is just as relentless as you could imagine. Lords of the Permafrostoffers up eight new tracks that are unrelenting and face melting. This release ushers forth track after track of suffocating metal that is hard to deny or turn from. With the passing of one track, the next scorcher begins in ceaseless fashion.

Without gimmicks, without fads, Usurper offers up a pure heavy metal sound that is addictive and intoxicating. One listen turns to many as you find yourself in an endless loop of heavy metal madness. Lords of the Permafrost does a great job of gripping you and your attention from the very get go never to let you waver. From track to bulldozing track, you are greeted by a maelstrom of metal brought to you by ever ripping riffs, skull cracking drumming and hellish vocals growled from beyond the abyss.

Once the ever aptly named Skull Splitter begins you know that you are in for quite the neck snapping treat as Usurper rages onward, smashing through the frost to present you with nothing but wicked blood boiling metal. Each of the eight tracks that are present within this release are incredibly well executed and constructed, gifting you with an overall well rounded and cohesive effort from beginning to end.

Each genre that Usurper employs within this offering work in great concert together to create a sound that is all together anvil heavy and incredibly memorable. With each genre bringing something unique to the table you never run out of variety and diversity all throughout. With the memorable, catchy qualities of heavy metal, the chaotic nature of thrash, the flesh gnashing tendencies of death metal and the foreboding atmospheric qualities of black metal, Lords of the Permafrost has it all, making it out to be a very solid and all around great record.

Lords of the Permafrost will be released March 22, 2019 through Soulseller Records.

Check out the official lyric video for the title track below!

Chud: Dead

February 17, 2019

Chud: Dead

Industrial meets death metal just doesn’t cut it with Chud. Their sound can be best described as sonic warfare. Dead is filled with twelve tracks of pure sonic torture and punishment, never relenting until you have been left faceless and lifeless. From beginning to end, the life threatening journey marches forth toward your inevitable demise. Each cut off of this release is monstrous as they barrel toward you at either mach ten or a steady marching pace like death marching toward its next soul to claim.

Dead is a ruinous piece of work, one that brings nothing but devastation and malice along with it. The dozen tracks harbored within this offering are face eating efforts, ones that feast on your flesh and gnash at your bones until you are nothing left other than a pile of skin and empty veins. Each track is a twisted mass of metallic fury that brings a wicked amount of malevolence and terror to the table. Ever savage and ever terrorizing, Chud never ceases in their onslaught as they forever push forth to provide you with twisted, destructive metal.

From the drop of the first metallic note, Chud instills a great sense of dread, fear and terror within you, never to back down until the final note has rang through. Dead is pure devastating noise, and it all comes at you in monstrous waves. With some of the heaviest drums I have ever heard, spine crunching riffs, thundering bass lines and disgusting vocals, Chud offers up a relentless assault. You become under siege from the very get go, forever trapped in their vortex of nightmares and sonic torture.

This is a very solid release from beginning to end. Chud provides you with a great harmony of death and industrial metal to present you with an overall chaotic and damning listen. Dead through and through is terror and malevolence dosed out in short to mid length tracks that keep on terrorizing you until you finally break. Once the skull splitting begins, it never ceases.

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Chud Bandcamp

Perversor: Umbravorous

February 15, 2019

Perversor: Umbravorous

Hailing from Santiago, Chile is the ever perverse and wicked Perversor and ascending from the depths of hell with them is their newest offering Umbravorous. In sickening harmony, Perversor blend black metal and thrash together to create an overall spine bending, neck snapping sound that is hard to tear yourself away from. Within Umbravorousyou are treated to ten ripping tracks that are relentless from beginning to end. You aren’t eased in to this record with an intro or any kind of lead in as Perversor mash the proverbial pedal through the floor to greet you with nothing but flesh melting metal from the moment you press play.

Filled with malevolence and malignancy, Umbravorous is a record that stabs at your throat over and over again with each passing minute until you are given numerous new cuts to breathe through. Each offering is as ceaseless and terrorizing as the last, and from track to track you are never given even a second before the next comes steamrolling through your speakers. This maelstrom of a record is just that as it provides you with thirty-one total minutes of detrimental, psychotic blackened thrash for your contorted enjoyment.

With vicious riffs spearing you through the side and machine gun drumming cracking your chest while hellish vocals are rattled off from the abyss, you become under siege from the very get go. Umbravorous is a hellfire baptized release, one that consumes you and envelopes you in an ever spinning blaze of perdition and terror. Never does Perversor slow or skip a beat as they rattle off track after track of razor sharp torment, battering your soul and sanity with each passing second.

This ghoulish offering is a twisted mass of metal, one that is executed very well and sewn together with expertise, providing you with a cohesive and well rounded offering. As thrashing mad as this release is, it is equally malevolent and blackened as each genre shows their truly wicked strengths through each offering. Umbravorous is a chaotic and mangling release, one that is sure to twist your head from your shoulders.

Umbravorous will be released March 15, 2019 through Pulverised Records.

Eggs of Gomorrh: Outpregnate

February 14, 2019

Eggs of Gomorrh: Outpregnate

In a disgusting and twisted three headed assault charged by black, death and war metal, Eggs of Gomorrh are set to unleash their newest offering Outpregnate. This release is pure malevolence and chaos from beginning to end, never gifting you a moment of silence as they shred forth scorching the earth behind them. Outpregnate has an overall sound that is hard to turn away from, a sound that is apocalyptic, one that is terrorizing and menacing all the way through. Each track within this release is vein draining savagery that masticates on your flesh until it has been stripped from bone completely.

Each harsh and foul cut are short and razor sharp, aiming for the jugular from the get go, never to stop the cutting until you are left drained and nothing more than a mere husk. Outpregnate leaves a wreckage of pure carnage and evisceration behind it, leaving nothing alive only to then torch everything that may still remain. In pure wickedness and malignancy, Eggs of Gomorrh offer up a release that is filthy, cynical and down right consuming. From beginning to end you are gripped by the clammy hand of death never to be released until the last bone shredding note has passed through your speakers.

Stripped down, bleeding raw and down right insane, each track offers up a furious and malicious sound that is hard to deny. With wicked riffs that lash out, machine gun drumming that crack skulls and hellish vocals, Eggs of Gomorrh present you with an overall sound that is pure chaos and destruction. Menacing and terrorizing from beginning to end, this release is something to behold. Within its six short tracks you are greeted by nothing but pure madness and mangling metal that is sure to leave your neck snapped and your marrow sapped.

Demonic and ever unrelenting, Outpregnate gifts you with an all around outstanding and life threatening listen. Once the near two minute unsettling intro fades, Eggs of Gomorrh never ceases in their demonic onslaught as they pour the disease and malevolence on thick through the remaining five offerings. Outpregnate is a record to behold, one that will turn heads and subsequently rip them off.

Outpregnate will be released March 18, 2019 through Krucyator Productions.

Check out the official track Prayeggrh from the upcoming release below!

The pre-order can be found on Bandcamp and the Krucyator shop.

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Eggs of Gomorrh Facebook

Krucyator Official Website

Contagium: Impure, Crushing Death

February 13, 2019

Contagium: Impure, Crushing Death

In the vein and tradition of old-school death comes Contagium hailing from New Hampshire. Up from the depths they drag with them their debut demo Impure, Crushing Death. Riddled with disease and hordes of corpses, this demo offers up five sickening tracks that are gut wrenching and purely vile. From beginning to end you are provided with one track right after another of nothing but flesh masticating death metal for your sickening enjoyment. This demo has a bleeding raw dissonant sound to it making the final product that much more filthy and disgusting overall.

Contagium wastes little time getting you acquainted with their disgusting sound as they burst through the crypts with a charging onslaught from the get go, never to look back as they march forth through each murky offering. Each of the five tracks within this demo are as sordid and filthy as the last, ladling nothing but disease infected death upon you for fifteen straight minutes. No filler, and no gimmicks, this is straight and pure death that aims for the throat from beginning to end.

Wicked and ever flesh consuming, this offering trudges forth, presenting you with one malevolent and malignant cut right after the next never to end until the bleeding as finally stopped. Within its short run time you are presented with five well crafted tracks of sordid death and nothing but. The sound is ancient, sinister and addled with enough stagnant blood to make your own curdle. With nasty riffs paired with ever blasting drumming and dissonant zombie like vocals, each offering provides you with a purely sinister listen.

This demo is solid from beginning to end, and with it being a debut demo it of course is rough around the edges but stands true to the old-school death sound. From beginning to end your skull gets blasted and your brain scooped out maliciously from the ever charging death assault. Impure, Crushing Death is a promising start from a promising death metal band hailing from the eastern part of the U.S.

Check out the track Subjugated to Strangulation from the demo below!

Rotten Evisceration: Ancient Grave Ascension

February 11, 2019

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Rotten Evisceration: Ancient Grave Ascension

No strangers to death, disease and malevolence, Rotten Evisceration is back with their newest offering Ancient Grave Ascension. It had been seven years since their demo Raped and Headless, and yet here these death dealers are once again stacking up corpses and desecrating graves. Within this rotten release you come face to face with eight brutalizing tracks that gnash at your flesh and never cease the tearing until you are no more than a putrid husk of skin and bone. Each offering is just as bleeding raw and assaulting as the last as you become trapped in a vortex of disease ridden death.

There isn’t a moment of reprieve within this offering as you become assaulted from the drop of the first bloodied note. These eight tracks are perverse, disgusting, twisted masses of flesh and bone that come right out of the gate, knife brandished ready to take your life and bleed your veins dry. Ancient Grave Ascension is a gutting and ever charging release, one that doesn’t stop the cutting until the final note has rang through the crypts. Each track is just as foul vile as the last making this to be a grotesque and down right filthy offering.

Gore gets shoveled upon you in heaps, disease gets spread through you like wildfire as each track marches forth, descending upon you like the plague. There is not a single track here that doesn’t press its rusty blade down on your throat as each one is as furious and malicious as the last. With cutting riffs and machine gun drumming that cracks your skull along with unearthly vocals, Rotten Evisceration pours on the sickness and life threatening death metal in droves.

As short as this release is, it packs a massive punch with each passing minute. Clocking in at just over twenty-nine short minutes, Ancient Grave Ascension is a disgusting and vile ride from beginning to end. Never skimping on the filth and gore, Rotten Evisceration has created an effort that is as gruesome and nasty as it could get. These Peruvian death dealers are sinister and malevolent as they usher forth eight grave stomping tracks one right after another, never to relent until you have been lowered in to your own rotten tomb.

Laceration: Remnants

February 10, 2019

Laceration: Remnants

Hailing from the Bay Area is Laceration. Forming in 2006, the band soon after took a five year hiatus only to reconvene recently to begin working on a full length and to provide you with more skull shredding thrash violence. Remnants is a ten track compilation of Laceration’s earliest recordings that include and EP, a demo and the tracks from their split with Tinnitus. Laceration fills each track with pure thrash madness that is all about they heavy, discarding the fluff and filler. Each of the ten offerings within this compilation are razor sharp, raw and bludgeoning cuts of pure thrash venom.

From beginning to end Laceration twists and contorts your neck until your head pops off your shoulders. Each offering is just as bombastic and vile as the last as each one provides you with purely wicked and malevolent thrash. Without slowing, without bullshit, Laceration marches onward creating a razor sharp maelstrom of caustic metal that is not to be ignored. These tracks are venomous and malicious, each one as potent and killer as the last.

With riffs that cut to the bone, drumming that hammers through your skull, bass lines that shake foundation and gravel filled vocals, Laceration present to you pure and bleeding raw thrash that is hard to not bash your brains to. Each track gets your head banging and neck twisting to the point where you leave this listen with a bruised frontal lobe and whiplash. From the drop of the first note you quickly realize that you are in for quite the thrash treat as each and every cut here is just as superb as the last.

Remnantsrolls onward without so much as a blink of an eye as it rattles off track after track of pulverizing, corpse hoarding thrash metal. These tracks are razor sharp, pummeling and down right malevolent. This compilation is a great one, one that showcases a great EP, demo and great tracks off of a split with Tinnitus. Each track is a well performed offering of deadly thrash that is hard not to bang your head to. This will have to tide us over until the full length is here to destroy.

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