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Warfist: Grünberger

February 6, 2019

Warfist: Grünberger

Emerging from hell thrashing mad is Warfist and dragging up from the depths with them is their upcoming full length titled Grünberger. Packed with ten tracks, Grünberger offers up mayhem in the form of blackened thrash. From track to track you are presented with once face melting offering after another, never for Warfist to cease the maelstrom of blackened metal until the end. A ripper from beginning to end, Grünberger gets you head banging and your fist pumping early on only to keep you bashing your brain against your skull until the record has concluded.

There is no time to rest and no filler to provide you with any reprieve as Warfist rampage onward from track to track gifting you with nothing but sinister thrashing mad blackened metal through and through. From the drop of the first gnarled note you realize that you are in for quite the flesh melting treat as you become accosted on all sides by furious riffs that are coupled with ever blasting drumming, bloodied vocals and rumbling bass lines. Through and through, Grünberger is a straight storm of blackened thrash that aims to twist your neck never to cease until your head is screwed on backward.

Stampeding forth from one ripping track to the next, this ever relentless onslaught of malevolence is pure debauchery and sinister mayhem. With each cut running around the three to four minute mark it gives Warfist enough time to really pack a massive punch and have you mash your brain against your skull as you continuously head bang as though you wish your head to fall off your neck. This is an engaging, malevolent, wicked and highly entertaining record that grips you with the hand of death from beginning to end. Each track is a well constructed offering of blistering and blood boiling blackened thrash metal that is as punishing as they are entertaining.

Only scorched earth follows this record as it burns everything in its path aiming to maim and crush bones beneath it. This is well constructed and well sewn together offering that provides you with nothing but ten wicked blackened thrash tracks that are hard to forget and hard to deny. Each track is as memorable and damning as the last making this to be a well rounded and overall very solid offering from these heathens.

Grünberger will be released February 27, 2019 through Godz Ov War Productions.

Check out the official video for Death by the Cleansing Fire below!

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