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ExitWounds: Visions

February 8, 2019

ExitWounds: Visions

Since their inception in 2018 it hasn’t taken ExitWounds long to gain recognition and kick their careers in to gear. ExitWounds comes out swinging early this year with their EP titled Visions which harbors six tracks within its title that feature crunching riffs, monstrous growls, hellish screams, great cleans, break neck break downs, massive bass lines and ever bone rattling drumming. Through this release you are greeted by six well put together and constructed offerings that will get your head banging before you know it.

As a whole, Visions is an incredibly infectious and memorable offering as each track is just as solid and well put together as the last. Each track here hits hard and rattles around in your brain for some time to come. From the musicianship to the great cleans that are present throughout to the clean production, Vision has it all here. The six tracks that are present here are as heavy as you would wish them to be and as memorable as you could imagine as they make an imprint on you from the first listen making you come back for more.

This is a solid effort through and through that presents you with one solid track right after another. Never are you hear the same thing twice and never are you to get bored of this EP as ExitWounds offers up plenty of variety through each of the six tracks that are present. When needed, each track is as heavy as an anvil especially when the neck breaking break downs hit, and when needed each offering throws in some melodious breaks here and there.

Overall, Visions is a great EP through and through. Everything within this release works well making this a cohesive and well rounded offering. You won’t get bored, or tired of this effort as it has you coming back for more and leaves each track rattling around your brain. Each track is infectious and highly memorable, and this is a great kick off for 2019 for ExitWounds.

Visions will be released February 22, 2019 through SharpTone Records.

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