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Laceration: Remnants

February 10, 2019

Laceration: Remnants

Hailing from the Bay Area is Laceration. Forming in 2006, the band soon after took a five year hiatus only to reconvene recently to begin working on a full length and to provide you with more skull shredding thrash violence. Remnants is a ten track compilation of Laceration’s earliest recordings that include and EP, a demo and the tracks from their split with Tinnitus. Laceration fills each track with pure thrash madness that is all about they heavy, discarding the fluff and filler. Each of the ten offerings within this compilation are razor sharp, raw and bludgeoning cuts of pure thrash venom.

From beginning to end Laceration twists and contorts your neck until your head pops off your shoulders. Each offering is just as bombastic and vile as the last as each one provides you with purely wicked and malevolent thrash. Without slowing, without bullshit, Laceration marches onward creating a razor sharp maelstrom of caustic metal that is not to be ignored. These tracks are venomous and malicious, each one as potent and killer as the last.

With riffs that cut to the bone, drumming that hammers through your skull, bass lines that shake foundation and gravel filled vocals, Laceration present to you pure and bleeding raw thrash that is hard to not bash your brains to. Each track gets your head banging and neck twisting to the point where you leave this listen with a bruised frontal lobe and whiplash. From the drop of the first note you quickly realize that you are in for quite the thrash treat as each and every cut here is just as superb as the last.

Remnantsrolls onward without so much as a blink of an eye as it rattles off track after track of pulverizing, corpse hoarding thrash metal. These tracks are razor sharp, pummeling and down right malevolent. This compilation is a great one, one that showcases a great EP, demo and great tracks off of a split with Tinnitus. Each track is a well performed offering of deadly thrash that is hard not to bang your head to. This will have to tide us over until the full length is here to destroy.

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